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⛳ | Japanese women's breakthrough is unstoppable The driving force is working on golf with clear issues (Yutaka Hanekawa)

Photo 20-year-old rookie Chirei Iwai won his first victory in Japan (C) Nikkan Gendai

Japanese women's breakthrough is unstoppable The driving force is that they are working on golf with clear issues (Yutaka Hanekawa)

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And last week, 17-year-old Saki Baba won the "All-American Women's Amateur" to determine the world's number one amateur.

[Yutaka Hanekawa's Viewpoint Weekly Watch] Big news about young Japanese female athletes fly from the world every week... → Continue reading

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This is the website of the No. 1 evening newspaper "Nikkan Gendai".We will respond to everyone's "I want to know!" By slashing into the fact that the big media does not write in a hurry, hitting the article with the true intentions, anger, and questions of the masses from the reader's perspective.Popular serials such as columns for entertainers and athletes are also squeaky.

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amateur world number one

    US Women's Amateur Golf Championship

    US Women's Amateur Golf Championship (US Women's Amateur Golf Championship)米 国This is a golf tournament that is located at the highest peak of female amateur golfers.Held every yearNational Golf Association It is one of 13 championships hosted by the (USGA).Female amateur golfers of all nationalities are welcome to apply and there is no age limit. 1895, both men's competitionsNational Amateur Golf ChampionshipUS OpenThe first tournament of the United States Women's Amateur Championship was held one month after the event was held one after another, and the first tournament was held in 1.US Women's OpenIt is a tournament with a long history compared to.British Women's Amateur ChampionshipAlong with, it is considered to be the most prestigious tournament in women's amateur golf.often"National Women's AmateurIs abbreviated.

    Robert Cox Cup

    The winner will be awarded the Robert Cox Cup every year since 1896.The trophy isEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu EdinburghDonated by Robert Cox, a member of the British Parliament and golf course designer.This is the oldest trophy presented at USGA competitions.A 2-foot-high replica and an Etruscan silver case will be presented to the winner along with a gold medal.The original trophy is on permanent display at the USGA Museum Library.This Robert Cox Cup is the only USGA-sponsored tournament to be donated from abroad.

    There were 13 participants in the first tournament, and they competed in 18 holes.Men'sUnited States AmateurAs with the tournament, players must be members of USGA clubs to apply for participation, which continued until 1979.Thousands of athletes are currently applying for participation, and the USGA is conducting a preliminary qualifying round called the Sectional Qualification to reduce the number of contestants to a more manageable number.In the main race, two rounds of stroke play will be performed, and the top 2 players will play a match play tournament to determine the winner.The match play match will be played on 64 holes (18 holes in the final match).

    1956 years,IndianapolisAnn Gregory was the first African-American to win the tournament.

    There is no age limit for participation applications, but the handicap index must be 3.4 or less.Passed the preliminary qualifying at the age of 2001 in 13 and entered the finals, and won the championship at the age of 2005 in 17. The 2006 winner is 14 years oldLaura BaughI broke the youngest record I had. In 2007, both of them passed the preliminary qualifying at the age of 12 and advanced to the final match play.In addition, the two played in the third round of match play.Thompson won the match, but lost in the next quarter-finals.

    As the tournament became dominated by teenagers and college players aiming to become tournament pros, the USGA newly established it in 1987, setting the entry age to 25 and over.This provided a place for older amateurs to fight.The handicap limit for application is 9.4 or less.

    The USGA won the tournament's most notable champion six timesGlenna Collett-BearIt is evaluated as.Patty Berg,Babe Zaharias,Louise Suggs,Beth DanielMany of the top pros, including, have won this tournament.

    The two who fought in the match play finals will be eligible for the US Women's Open finals.The winner will be qualified for the US Women's Open finals and at the age of 2 will be qualified for the US Women's Senior Open finals (50 year for professionals and 1 for amateurs). Year).

    Tournament method

    The tournament will proceed to a match play tournament with 2 players after two days of stroke play, similar to the men's United States Amateur Championship.There will be 64 holes until the semi-finals and 18 holes in the final.The next year for the winner and runner-upUS Women's OpenIs given the right to participate.

    Successive winners

    American players unless otherwise stated

    • 1895:Lucy Burns-Brown
    • 1896:Beatrix Hoyt
    • 1897: Beatrix Hoyt
    • 1898: Beatrix Hoyt
    • 1901:Genevieve Hecker
    • 1902: Genevieve Hecker
    • 1909:Scottish flag Dorothy Campbell
    • 1910:Scottish flag Dorothy Campbell
    • 1911:Margaret Curtis
    • 1912: Margaret Curtis
    • 1916:Alexa Stirling
    • 1919: Alexa Stirling
    • 1920: Alexa Stirling
    • 1922:Glenna Collett
    • 1925: Glenna Collett
    • 1928: Glenna Collett
    • 1929: Glenna Collett
    • 1930: Glenna Collett
    • 1931: Helen Hicks
    • 1932: Virginia Van Wee
    • 1933: Virginia Van Wee
    • 1934: Virginia Van Wee
    • 1935: Glenna Collett Bear
    • 1936:England flag Pamela Burton
    • 1938: Patty Berg
    • 1939: Betty Jameson
    • 1940: Betty Jameson
    • 1946:Babe Zaharias
    • 1947:Louise Suggs
    • 1952:Jackie Pung
    • 1956:Canadian flag Marlene Stewart
    • 1957:Joan Ganderson
    • 1960: Joan Ganderson
    • 1962: Joan Ganderson
    • 1966: Joan Ganderson
    • 1968: Joan Ganderson
    • 1969:French flag Catherine Lacoste
    • 1980:Julie Inkster
    • 1981: Juli Inkster
    • 1982: Juli Inkster
    • 1985:Japanese flag Hattori Michiko
    • 1986: Kay Coccalil
    • 1987: Kay Coccalil
    • 1990: Pat Hurst
    • 1994: Wendy Ward
    • 1995: Kelly Kune
    • 1996: Kelly Kune
    • 1997:Italian flag Silvia Caballeri
    • 1998:Republic of Korea flag Grace Park
    • 2003:Kingdom of Thailand flag Virada Garlic Chives Pompon
    • 2004: Jane Park
    • 2005: Morgan Pressel
    • 2006: Kimberly Kim
    • 2007:Colombia flag Maria Jose Uribe
    • 2008: Amanda Blumenhurst
    • 2009: Jennifer Song
    • 2010: Danielle Kang
    • 2011: Danielle Kang
    • 2012:New Zealand flag Lydia Ko
    • 2013: Emma Tally
    • 2014: Kristen Gillman
    • 2015: Hannah O'Sullivan
    • 2016:Republic of Korea flag Song Jung Eun
    • 2017: Sophia Schubert
    • 2018: Kristen Gillman
    • 2019:Australian flag Gabriella Ruffels
    • 2020: Rose Chan
    • 2021: Jensen Castle
    • 2022:Japanese flag Saki Baba

    Future venue

    yearEditionCourseLocationDatesPast holding results
    2023123rdAugust 7–13
    2024124thAugust 5–111946
    2026126thAugust 3–9
    2028128thAugust 7–131906, 1975, 1997
    2029129thAuckland Hills CCTBD1929

    Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is also slated to host in 2032 and 2041.
    Atlanta Athletic Club is slated to host in 2035.
    Oakmont Country Club is slated to host in 2046.


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