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⚾ | [Koshien] Director Takamatsu Sho and Nagao "Nowadays, Showa baseball.

Photo Takamatsu Commercial, Director Kenji Nagao (East Sports Web)

[Koshien] Manager Takamatsu Sho and Nagao "Baseball in the Showa era.

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Shogo Asano, who is the captain of Takamatsu Merchant and boasts a total of 66 shots in high school, is also a candidate for first place in this fall's draft.

The XNUMXth National High School Baseball Championship (Koshien) was the first rest day of the tournament on the XNUMXth. The quarterfinals on the XNUMXth are close... → Continue reading

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    1st pick in this fall's draft

      High school total 66 shots


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