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⛳ | "I want to take a protest after graduating from university." "Calligraphy is on par with my sister."

What kind of player is Shibuko Sister?Potential is Pikaichi (photographed by ALBA)

"I want to take a protest after graduating from university." "Calligraphy is on par with my older sister."

If you write the contents roughly
While working hard with his friends, he improved his skills and grew to become a regular team player.

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Regular player

    Team competition

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      Team competition(Dantaisen) is a competitionIndividual competitionHowever, there are multiple members in oneOUR TEAMIt is a form of fighting.The match itself is, and the outcome of the individual match is decided by the team.

      Team-to-team competition is a group competition and is not called a team competition, but it is possible to conduct a group competition as a team competition (in each country).Club teamCompetitive matches with a group of 5 teams, etc.However, there are few examples).also,OlympicEven if it is a collection of individual competitions, it is not called a team competition if the overall victory is not announced or commended.


      One team is composed of several people, and the team-to-team battle is performed individually by each member.

      There are many patterns in the number of members, but in kendo and judo, "5 people per team" is common, but in competitions with few female players such as women's judo, there are cases where "3 people per team".

      Format and winning / losing conditions

      There are the following types of match formats.

      Team battle with one-on-one confrontation

      • Star-taking battle format

      A format in which one team of X people simply plays X games with each other according to the decided order and decides the win or loss by the overall victory or defeat difference.If the competition itself has a tie as a rule, and if X is an even number regardless of whether or not there is a draw, a draw may occur for the entire competition. The representatives may settle each other.In addition, if the team's leading, next, and middle-ranking teams win, the victory or defeat will be clear at that point, so there are cases where the subsequent games are omitted or until the correct number of stars is obtained (in this case, 1- Even 4 and 1-3 will not overturn the game).Most of the time, the main force is brought to the deputy general and the general, but rather than crushing each other, there are times when we make a strategic order considering taking a white star to the opponent who can definitely win, so we will bargain before the battle. Is also the fun of the star-taking battle.Nothing like this bargaining is peculiar to modern competition, and it is already "HistoryIt has been seen since the time when it was written inThe case of Sun BinSuch).

      • Winning battle format

      One team of X people, or X and Y people (X ≠ Y) as a handicap, the winner maintains the right to play against the next opponent, and the victory or defeat is decided by defeating all the opponents format.In the winning battle format, for example, if the winning battle is 1-3 of Lee, Ro, Ha VS Kou, Otsu, and Hei, if Kou wins in the match between A and Kou, Kou will play against R.The winners of A and B will play against B or Ha, and the side where all the players are defeated first will lose. There is no difference in the value of one win, and there is no final draw except in special cases.If the opponent's general loses, the game ends, so the winner may be able to save his strength.On the other hand, since the game continues until the opponent's general is soiled, it is the real thrill of a come-from-behind victory that the last general beats everyone at the last minute.Therefore, except for the draw, a maximum of 3X-1 times (when X = Y) is required.

      In addition, there is no rule that these formats will be played first by the weakest.It is common to see tactics that bring mid-level players and second-tier players to the front to gain momentum.

      Team battles where multiple players play against each other

      Player name

      Pioneer → Mid-level → General or
      Three generals → Deputy generals → Generals
      Leading edge → Next edge → Mid-level → Deputy general → General
      First sword → Next sword → Five generals → Mid-level → Three generals → Deputy general → General

      Major competitions

      Ball skills

      Table tennis
      Tennis-Soft tennis
      With singlesDoublesThere is also a team formation that combines.

      Fighting sports

      OnceGrand Sumo OfEast-West systemIs a battle between the east and the west, and is the only team battle in the history of sumo wrestlers (aside from the winning sumo wrestlers).CurrentMakuuchi highest victoryWrestler OfChampionship flagIs a remnant of the flag given to win the overall record during the East-West system.
      High school wrestlingThe format of the match held at the tournament.In the school competition, one team will play a match in 1 classes of "51kg class, 55kg class, 61kg class, 65kg class, 71kg class, 80kg class, 125kg class" and decide the victory or defeat.
      LegionIn rare cases, team battles are held at the climax of the conflict.the 1980s Of新 日本 プ ロ レ スWith the New Japanese ArmyRestoration Army,UWFA typical example is a winning battle between corps.There is a higher possibility that multiple vs. multiple team battles will occur due to the elements of the tag match than in other competitions.
      Since 2011, team competitions have been held at "".

      Mind sports

      For professionals, there is no team tournament as an official tournament, but for amateurs, there is a team tournament for each workplace or school.
      With a professional shogi playerShogi softwarebyShogi Den-o BattleIt is,2013から2015Was held in a 5v5 team battle format.


      Figure skating
      Competition karuta
      Fighting games

      Main competition

      Team battle in fiction

      "Kinnikuman''Wrestling Star Wars''Prince of Tennis''Hikaru no Go"SakiThere are many works depicting team battles. Although "The Prince of Tennis" is a tennis manga, there are no individual matches except for school matches.


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