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⚾ | Revitalize the region with baseball Hanshin Tigers and Aki City, Kochi Prefecture, form a partnership agreement

Photo Koji Hyakukita, President of the baseball team, Shoji Hamada, Governor of Kochi Prefecture, and Ikuo Yokoyama, Mayor of Aki City

Regional revitalization through baseball The Hanshin Tigers and Aki City, Kochi Prefecture sign a partnership agreement

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The Hanshin Tigers have held spring training camps in Aki City, Kochi Prefecture since 1965.

The Hanshin Tigers signed a partnership agreement with Kochi Prefecture and Aki City to cooperate in regional revitalization through baseball. → Continue reading

 Sun Television

"Sun Television" is a TV station in Kobe that celebrates its 50th anniversary with beard and glasses familiar under the trademark "Oh! Sun". People on Sun TV will deliver such things in Hyogo prefecture.

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