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🥋 | Super featherweight, Shinsei Otani From juvenile training school to rookie king-Joichiro Tatsuyoshi's book that changed his life

Photo Otani (center), who was selected as the best player award in the West Japan Rookie of the Year match.On the left is Ryuto Matsue, a light flyweight who won the skill award, and on the right is Shoto Yano, a welterweight who won the fighting spirit award.

Super Featherweight, Shinsei Otani From Juvenile Training School to Rookie of the Year - The book of Joichiro Tatsuyoshi who changed his life

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Instead of going to high school, he spent a year and a half at a juvenile training school from the age of 18.

The West Japan Rookie of the Year boxing match was held on September 9th, and this year's West Japan Rookie of the Year was decided.Best Player Award (MV… → Continue reading

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