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⚾ | Oh 5-0 So (1st) Yamamoto won the 7th win with no runs in the 4th inning

Photo ORIX Yamamoto = Kyocera Dome, who started the Softbank game and scored the fourth victory with seven goals

Oh 5-0 Seo (1st) Yamamoto's 7th victory with 4 goals

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In the 2th inning, Tadashi Yoshida scored 3 points with XNUMX timely hits. In the XNUMXth inning, Tadashi Yoshida doubled in the XNUMXth time and in the XNUMXth, Ogi's squeeze added points.

In Orix, Yamamoto won the 7th victory with a good throw without any goals in the 4th inning.In the 2th inning, Tadashi Yoshida scored 3 points with a XNUMX-point timely hit, and in the XNUMXth inning, Tadashi Yoshida ... → Continue reading

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2 points timely

Tadashi Yoshida

The original notation is "𠮷Tamasa"is. The title given to this article isTechnical limitationsorArticle name restrictionsIs inaccurate due to.

Tadashi Yoshida(Yes, but1921May 1 - 1998May 6) IsIbarakiHitachi CityNational folk song from作曲家.. After death in July 1998National Honor AwardAward.Rank TheXNUMXth place.

The number of life-long compositions exceeds 2400. The urban and sad melodyUrban folk songIs calledMood songからYouth song,Rhythm songWidely worked on. Also,Koji Tsuruta,Koichi Miura,Frank Nagai,Kazuko Matsuo,Yukio Hashi,Hiroshi Wada and Mahina StarsRaised many singers,Second World WarHe was one of the composers who represented the history of Japanese songs.



Popular song

な ど

The student

Many others

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Minerva Shobo<Minerva Japan Evaluation Biography>, 2010

Departure melody

I was born in Hitachi city, Ibaraki prefectureJRJoban LineAt each station of2005May 10(Hitachi Station)May 11From (other than Hitachi Station)Departure melodyIs using Yoshida's representative song.

  • Uphill (common to all stations, butOgitsu StationJuo StationIs different tone): Always dream (Sayuri Yoshinaga, Yukio Hashi)
  • Going down
    • Oji station: Mexican Rock of Love (Yukio Hashi)
    • Hitachitaga Station: Magician of the park (Frank Nagai)
    • Hitachi Station: Cold morning (Sayuri Yoshinaga)
    • Ogitsu Station: Let's bloom tomorrow Let's bloom (Sayuri Yoshinaga, Akira Mita)
    • Juo Station: Young Port (Akira Mita)



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