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⛷ | Selfish priority !? Mai Asada, independent from the office Was "Happy" a bright red lie?


Selfish priority !? Mai Asada, independent from the office "Happy" was a bright red lie?

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He was particularly deeply involved, such as serving as a commentator for an information program in his hometown of Nagoya, but in this situation he continues to be unable to support him.

Former figure skater and current talent Mai Asada quit her agency IMG TOKYO at the end of August, Germany ... → Continue reading

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Information program

Information program(Johobangumi) is for the purpose of providing some information.TV programKind of, andWide showAnother name for.


JapanIn the first half of the 1990s, the name "information program" was used to refer to "living information program" and "morning information program" that combines news and wide shows. Since the department that produces the wide show produces the information program in the morning,News agencyIt has been treated as a different genre from the "report" produced by the news department. Therefore, there were times when the name "news" could not be used in programs. However, since the wide show has been widely reported since 1999, since 2000News programIn the program structure of, the software news handled in the wide show is now included. This allows the evening news program to be called a pattern called "information program".TBS video problemsIn order to avoid the dirty image of the wide show, it came to be called "information program".[1].

Therefore, the name "information program" is used in brief, but the information program is categorized into several categories as follows.


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