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⛷ | Rino Matsuike "I want to study the performance and jumps of high-level athletes and make use of them for myself" [Figure Skating 20 ...


Rino Matsuike "I want to study the performances and jumps of high-level athletes and make use of them for myself."

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I don't have a new jump, but I've been practicing to jump the triple accelerator since last year.

Figure skating is finally entering the 2020-2021 season.This season, at FOD, Figu ... → Continue reading

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Accelerator jump

Accelerator jump(Axel jump)Figure skatingInJumpOne of the types.名称はThe name isノルウェーFigure skaterAxel PaulsenDerived from.単にsimplyacceleratorAlso called.ISU (International Skating Union)It is the most difficult jump among the 6 types of jumps certified by.


If the direction of rotation in the air is counterclockwise, a jump that jumps forward with the outside of the left foot (or the right foot if clockwise).

In this jump, the center of gravity is moved from the state where the center of gravity is placed on the back outside of the right foot to the fore outside of the left foot. Therefore, it is the jump that is the easiest to obtain the rotational force and flight distance among the 6 types of jumps.However, the difficulty is the highest because it requires a forward takeoff and a backward icing, which requires half a turn more than other jumps.The basic score of the evaluation is also the highest, which is different from other jumps, but the range of addition / subtraction points (GOE) depending on the workmanship is also set large accordingly.

Axel jump in the short programダ ブ ルOrTripleIs an essential element.In the free program, only this jump must be entered at least once (regardless of the number of revolutions).

An accelerator jump (simply a half-turn jump) that is less than one and a half turns is called a three-jump (or waltz jump), and is often taught as an introduction to jumping in figure skating.In the new scoring system competition, it is regarded as a non-rotating accelerator, and it is described as "A" in the scoring table and the score is 1 points.

As of June 4, no player has decided on the quadruple accelerator at the ISU official competition.


1882Norway at the Great International Skating Tournament in ViennaAxel PaulsenIs said to have started when he jumped for the first time[1]..At this time, I went with skates for speed skating instead of figure skating. 1920In the same NorwegianSonia HennySucceeded in single accelerator (one and a half revolutions) for the first time as a female player.

1948 St. Moritz OlympicsIn americanDick ButtonSucceeded in double accelerator (two and a half revolutions) 1953Also in AmericaCarol HeissSucceeded in double accelerator for the first time as a female player.

1978In CanadaVern Taylor World championshipSucceeded in triple accelerator (3 and a half revolutions) with 1988ToNHK CupIn JapanIto MidoriSucceeded in triple accelerator for the first time as a female player.

2006To americanReina Inoue&John Baldwin組がTurin OlympicIn the pair competition SP, he succeeded in slow triple accelerator for the first time in the ISU official game.

2010In JapanMao Asada Vancouver OlympicsSo, he said that he succeeded in a total of three triple accelerators, which is the largest number for women in one tournament.Guinness World RecordsCertified by.

注 釈

  1. ^ James R. Hines, "Historical Dictionary of Figure Skating" p.103

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