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🥋 | Boxing boys launch training camp A sense of fulfillment in aggressive sparring

Photo: Boxing men's Tokyo Olympics representative Seon Okazawa (third from the left in the front row), Daisuke Narimatsu (fourth from the left) and others who launched the training camp = 3th, Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture

Boxing boys launch training camp A sense of fulfillment in aggressive sparring

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Lightweight Daisuke Narimatsu (Self-Defense Forces) said, "I am now able to gather and practice across prefectures.

On the 13th, the boxing men's Tokyo Olympics representative launched a training camp for about two weeks in Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture.At welterweight ... → Continue reading

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Narumatsu Daisuke

Daisuke Narimatsu(Narimatsu Daisuke, 198912/14 -) isJapanThe boyamateurboxingplayer. The class as of 2019 isLight welterweight[1].2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsLight weightParticipate in[2].2020 Tokyo OlympicsScheduled to participate in lightweight class.2018 Asian GamesBronze medalist.KumamotoI'm fromTokyo University of Agriculturegraduate.SDF physical education schoolBelongingSDF( 2019As of Novemberclass The1st class lieutenant[3]).


From the age of 5 to the 4th grade of elementary school, soccer, basketball in the 5th and 6th grade of elementary school, and in junior high school, the soft tennis club and various club activities[4], Kumamoto Prefectural Kumamoto Agricultural High SchoolI started boxing while I was in school[5].. By 2018All Japan ChampionshipでBantamweight, Light weight, and light welter weight, won a total of 3 times[5][6].. Especially 2010から 2015Achieved 6 consecutive victories[7].

2012Graduated from the Department of Economics, Tokyo University of Agriculture[8]Later, he became a Self-Defense Forces officer and belonged to the Self-Defense Forces Physical Training School.

2013と 2015 OfWorld championshipParticipated in, and each entered the best 16[7].

2015Asian Championship(Bangkok) Won a bronze medal in lightweight[9].

2016In April, in the Rio Olympics Asia / Oceania qualifying, he was ranked 4rd in the lightweight class, won the Olympic quota, and was selected to represent Japan.[5]..In the Rio Olympics, he defeated a Venezuelan player in the first round, but lost to an American player in the second round.[8].

2018 Asian Games(インドネシア) Won a bronze medal in the light welterweight division[6].

2019February, at its own schoolNamiki TsukiumiWithJapan Boxing Federationから2018 Amateur Category Best Player AwardReceived the award[10].. Up to the second round at the Asian Championships (Bangkok) 4kg class in April[11], September World Championships (Yekaterinburg) Up to 3rd round (best 16) in lightweight[12], In SeptemberTokyo Olympic Boxing CompetitionTest event (Ryogoku Kokugikan) Until the semi-finals in the 63 kg class[13], Each advanced. On November 11, he won the All Japan Championship 24kg class, which also served as the qualifying representative for the Tokyo Olympics, and won the right to participate in the Tokyo Olympics Asia / Oceania qualifying.[14].

2020On March 3, he lost to a Jordanian player in the second round, which was the first match in the Tokyo Olympics Asia / Oceania qualifying lightweight class.[15]..On March 3, the Japan Amateur Boxing Federation decided to allocate Narimatsu to the 20 kg class (light weight class) out of the three men who will participate in the host country frame of the Tokyo Olympics.[16].


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