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⛷ | First snowfall at Mt. Teine in Sapporo, snow at Nakayama Pass and Ishikita Pass


First snowfall at Mt. Teine in Sapporo, snow at Nakayama Pass and Ishikita Pass

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Due to the cold air in the sky, it became very cold in Hokkaido from the night of the 14th, and it snowed on the mountain passes such as Ishikita Pass and Nakayama Pass.

In Hokkaido on the 15th, strong cold air as strong as mid-November flowed into the sky, and the first snowfall was observed at Mt. Teine in Sapporo. 11 ... → Continue reading

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Ishikita Pass

National highway No. 39 sign

Ishikita Pass(Sekihokutoge) isHokkaido OfKamikawa-gunKamikawa TownKitami(OldRubeshibe Town) BorderNational Route 39 OfPass.


AsahikawaIt is the shortest route connecting Kitami City.Of the old country nameIshikari countryKitamiNamed by taking each letter from[1],CurrentlyKamikawa jurisdictionOkhotsk jurisdictionIt is the boundary of.

On the Kamikawa sideIshikari RiverIn the water systemSea of ​​JapanPour into, and the Kitami city sideTokoro RiverIn the water systemSea of ​​OkhotskPour into.

Although the altitude is 1,050m[2], The environment is 3,000m class when viewed from the vegetation environment, and it is a pass with severe driving conditions.[3]..At the top, it can snow even in mid-June[4]..The 19.2km extension from the top of the pass to the Kamikawa side has 100mm of rainfall and traffic restrictions (Traffic regulation) Is the section to be[5]In addition, the extension from the top of the pass to the Kitami side is 9.9km and the Kamikawa side (SounkyoThe extension of 6.9km (in the vicinity) is a special traffic regulation section where traffic can be regulated in advance when danger is predicted.[5].

In recent years,Asahikawa Monbetsu ExpresswayDue to the progress of the development of the Okhotsk area, the traffic access to the Okhotsk area is changing.[6].


Ishikita Pass Observatory
ObservatoryFromMt. TaisetsuzanYou can also see the mountains of Akan and the mountains of Akan[7].
Itmuca Mine
Located under the pass on the Kitami side, it was once the best in the OrientmercuryA mine site boasting a large amount of production.Currently, the Itomuka Mining Plant handles a wide variety of waste.[8].
Chaya on the pass (closed)
Open from April to October. 2007(19) Burned down in August, but the next day 2008(20) Rebuilt in May and resumed business.After that, sales dropped sharply due to a decrease in traffic volume due to the extension of the Asahikawa Monbetsu Expressway. 2016Closed with the degree (28), 2017(29) From MarchRoad Station Onneyu OnsenMoved to.The site is 2018(30) Scheduled to be vacant lot[9][10].

Works in which Ishikita Pass appears

  • Junichi Nagasaka "Ishikita Pass" (Lyrics: Takaharu Takagi, Composition: Mayumi Kuwayama)
In 2012Hiromasa ShimizuIs the cover.


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