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🏓 | Maharu Yoshimura is serious about measuring grip strength !? Willingness to join the T-League opening in November


Maharu Yoshimura is serious about measuring grip strength !? Willingness to join the T-League opening in November

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Maharu Yoshimura (2016 = Aichi Daihatsu), a silver medal of the 27 Rio Olympics group, will appear at the "MARUNOUCHI SPORTS FES 16 LIVE" event held in Tokyo on the 2020th.

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Yoshimura Maharu

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: For face photoImage providedplease.(2018/2)

Maharu Yoshimura(Maharu Yoshimura,1993May 8 -) isIbarakiNaka-gunTokai villageFromJapan OfTable tennisplayer.rightshakeBoth sidesBack softDrive type.ITTFWorld rankingThe highest rank is 15st.RankIs 9 steps.Ryukyu AstidaBelongs.


My father is Japanese, my mother is Filipino, and my name is Maharu.TagalogIs a word that means "love"[1].. Brother'sKazuhiro Yoshimura, Is also a table tennis player, Kazuhiro2014 OfAll Japan Table Tennis ChampionshipsWon the junior division of2017He has achieved results such as second place in the general division singles of the same tournament.

I started to be interested in table tennis when I was a kindergarten child, and started when I entered elementary school.Since Yoshimura's father was a former table tennis player and taught the Tokai club specializing in the junior generation in his hometown Tokai village, Yoshimura was also trained severely under his father's guidance.

Elementary school is Tokai Village Shirakata Elementary School, junior high schoolMiyagiTagajo City OfShukochu Secondary SchoolGoing to junior high school in the third yearYamaguchi Yamaguchi City OfNoda Gakuen Junior High SchoolAfter that, I went on to Noda Gakuen High School.

Became a third year high school student2011When it comes to FebruaryJapan Top 12 Table Tennis TournamentParticipated inKazuhiro ZhangTo advance to the final by defeating in the semi-final, in the finalJun MizutaniAlthough he lost before, he won the runner-up and won the Asian Junior Table Tennis Championship Men's Singles for the first time as a Japanese player.World Junior Table Tennis ChampionshipsThen, the breakthrough such as achieving good results in the men's singles / men's doubles 3rd place was outstanding.

2012Kohei Morimoto in the quarterfinals at the All Japan Table Tennis Championships held in January, in the semifinalsKenta MatsudairaAfter defeating and deciding to advance to the final, he played against Mizutani, who lost in the Japan Top 12 of the previous year, and the match was evenly entwined up to 3-3 in the final game.However, due to an edge and a serve miss, the flow tilted to Mizutani and the match point was held at 10-7, and although he was cornered to the brink, Yoshimura who took a time-out there was in a situation where there was no time left, and Midortosu had never been released. With haste from the service, he called in the flow again and took 5 games in a row, won the game count 4-3 and became the second all-Japan champion as a high school student.[2].

From October 2012Aichi Institute of TechnologyI went on to school.

2012 years,51nd World Table Tennis Championships Team MatchDortmundCompetition,201352th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchParisHe was elected to represent Japan in the tournament.

2015, Won the first Pro Tour tournament at the Spanish Open.

201553th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchSuzhouWon the mixed doubles silver medal for the first time in 38 years at the tournament[3].

2015 years, Horse dragon,Forgiveness,Sakaki HigashiAt the Japan Open, which was a very high-level tournament with three of the world's four strongest players participating, at the time of the tournament in the first roundWorld rankingSecond placeZheng Rong, 2th in the world ranking at the time of the tournament in the second roundTang PengAnd in the quarter-finals, Japan's ace Mizutani, who was 5th in the world ranking at the time of the tournament, was 16th in the world ranking at the time of the tournament.AzusaIn the semi-finals, he defeated three strong players in the world rankings in a row, and won a dramatic victory over the Chinese player who won the world ranking No. 10 Ma Long at the time of the tournament.ForgivenessDespite losing to, Yoshimura, who was ranked 6th in the world ranking at the time of the tournament, cut in to the runner-up while six Chinese players and the world's top players participated, leaving an exceptional result.

After the 2015 Japan Open, the world ranking has risen to 20th, which is the highest in the world rankingYuto Muramatsu, Overtaking Matsudaira, Mizutani,Takaki NiwaIt was the third Japanese after. On September 3, 2015, he maintained the 9th place in the world ranking in September 18 and the third place among domestic players.2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsDecided to be the third representative of[4][5].

2016In World Table Tennis, he was selected as a member of the team competition and won a silver medal. At the Qatar Open in March, Venus defeated the Chinese pair Ma Long (3st in the world) / Xu Xin (1rd in the world) in a doubles with Niwa in anticipation of the Olympics, and in AugustRio de Janeiro OlympicsContributed to winning the silver medal in the first Japanese men's group[6].. Announced that he got married in September[7].. The eldest daughter was born in April 2017. June 454th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchThen, the bronze medal in the men's doubles teamed up with Koki Niwa,Kazumi IshikawaIn the mixed doubles teamed up with the 1969 Munich GamesNobuhiko Hasegawa&Yasuko KonnoWon the world championship since the group[8].

He played for the Russian League UMMC in the 2017/18 season.

2019 years55th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchWas not originally scheduled to participate,Tomokazu HarimotoWas injured and hurriedly participated in a mixed doubles with Kasumi Ishikawa.Although he lost in the final, he won a silver medal and became a medal in mixed doubles for the third consecutive tournament.[9][10].

T League1st seasonTT SaitamaBelonged to and transferred to Ryukyu Asteeda from the 2nd season[11].


Men's Doubles Winner (Pair)
Men's Singles Runner-up
  • 51 times
Men's Singles Winner / Men's Doubles Runner-up (Pair)
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Spain Junior & Cadet Open
Junior Men's Doubles Winner (Masami Yoshidapair)
  • World Junior Table Tennis Championships (2011)
Group runner-up / Men's singles 3rd place / Men's doubles 3rd place (Koki Niwa pair)
  • National High School Comprehensive Sports Tournament Table Tennis Tournament (2011)
Table tennis / Men's singles 3rd place / Men's doubles championship (Yunobu Daimu pair)
  • Asian Junior Table Tennis Championships (2011)
Men's Singles Winner / Men's Doubles Runner-up (Pair)
  • All Japan Table Tennis Championships (2012)
Men's Singles Winner
Men's Singles Runner-up
  • Spanish Open (2015)
Men's Singles Winner
  • World Table Championship Individual Battle (2015)
Mixed doubles runner-up (Kazumi Ishikawapair)
  • Croatia Open (2015)
Men's Singles Winner
  • Japan Open Ogimura Cup (2015)
Men's Singles Runner-up
Group silver medal
  • All Japan Table Tennis Championships (2017)
Mixed doubles runner-up (Kasumi Ishikawa pair)
  • Japan Top 12 Table Tennis Tournament (2017)
Men's Singles Runner-up
Men's team 3rd place / Men's doubles 3rd place (Koki Niwa pair)
Men's Doubles 3rd place (Koki Niwa pair) / Mixed doubles championship (Kasumi Ishikawa pair)
  • China Open (2017)
Men's Doubles Winner (Hitoshi Uedapair)
  • Bulgaria Open (2017)
Men's Doubles Winner (Jin Ueda Pair)
Mixed doubles runner-up (Kasumi Ishikawa pair)
  • (2019)
Men's team 3rd place / Men's doubles 3rd place (Junsuke Togamipair)


* Highest grade



Mixed doubles

Team competition

ITTF World Ranking




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  • --Like Maharu Yoshimura, his father is Japanese and his mother is a Filipino player, and he participated in the 2017 World Championship as a representative of the Philippines.

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