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🏓 | Meiji University Table Tennis Club Jun Mizutani, Koki Niwa and others Venus defeats OB all-stars


Meiji University Table Tennis Club Jun Mizutani, Koki Niwa and others Venus defeats OB all-stars

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On October 10th, the prestigious Meiji University table tennis club, which has produced many Japanese national team players, held a "dream game" to commemorate the 18th anniversary of the founding of the club. Hayabusa (Kinoshita Group) participated.

"Dolly ..." commemorating the 10th anniversary of the founding on October 18th at the prestigious Meiji University table tennis club, which has produced many Japanese national team players. → Continue reading

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We will deliver the latest news such as table tennis information website column provided by TV TOKYO, competition and player information.

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90th anniversary of the founding


Svenson Co., Ltd.(UK: SVENSON CO., LTD.)wig, A German-born company that manufactures and sells hair care products. Since October 2015Keiji Kodama, The presidentYoshinori KodamaIs appointed.


Our main product for men, the hair weaving system of patent No. 3686998 technology (braiding method), is Svenson's original technology that weaves hair products into the hair part using only three special threads. (See patent document)

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Chairman'sKeiji KodamaAfter being selected as the Japan national team at the World Table Tennis Championships, he was the coach of the Japanese national team and nowMeiji UniversityHe is also the general manager and chairman of the table tennis club of the sports club.Seiya Kishikawa(卓球選手)が所属契約を2006年4月1日から2009年3月31日までの3年間結んでいた。 2016年1月1日よりTakaki NiwaConcluded a 5-year sponsorship contract with (table tennis player).

TV commercialTOKYO MXAnd the radio commercialNACK5,RCC radioEtc.

It is often erroneously written as "Svenson", but the correct name is "Svenson".


  • February 1984-Roland Mellinger, president of Svenson-Unternehmensbeteigungs-GMGH, a German company, established a Japanese corporation, "Svensson," in the German Cultural Center at 2 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Opened Akasaka Studio, the first store in the same location.
  • 1985 September-Keiji Kodama is appointed President and CEO Svenson.
  • October 1986-Opened second studio in Osaka.
  • June 1991-First "held meeting" where all employees meet together.
  • February 1993-Opened the first Nagoya studio in the Chubu region.
  • April 1993-Opened the first Sapporo studio in Hokkaido.
  • April 1997-Co., Ltd.Junko KoshinoFormed a business alliance with the design office (now JUNKO KOSHINO Co., Ltd.) and sells the mode wig "Jeu de Junko".
  • January 1998-Started volunteer activities with all employees participating. After that, held twice a year (January and July).
  • October 2000-Relocated the headquarters office from the German Cultural Center to the current Sankaidou building.
  • September 2001-Acquired Janet Co., Ltd.
  • April 2003-With the establishment of the women's division, full-scale sales of women's wigs will begin. Also started selling medical wigs. Promote tie-ups with hospitals.
  • July 2004-Opened Ginza Salon as the company's first women-only store.
  • April 2006-Mail-order shop "Hair dyeing specialty store Refine" opened. Launched the hair care product "Refine".
  • December 2006-RefineRakutenColoring category won first place for 160 consecutive weeks (until January 1).
  • January 2008-Leffine, a store that specializes in gray hair dyeing at an online shop, received the rookie award from Rakuten Ichiba "Shop of the Year 1".
  • April 2008-Renamed the mail-order shop "Refine, a specialty store for dyeing gray hair". Acquired Hairtech Japan. Established a company in Shanghai. Opened Ginza LUKUL.
  • October 2008-The first hospital store on the first floor of the Sagara Hospital in Kagoshima, opened the Sagara Hair Care Station.
  • June 2009-Developed a new service, "My Hair Solution," which eliminates thinning hair by cutting the hair rather than increasing the hair.
  • December 2009-Yamato Table Tennis Co., Ltd. joins the group.
  • July 2010-Expanded new hair growth menu "TI Scalp Control".
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  • October 2010-Developed the "HEART & HAT" series of hats for hair loss patients under the supervision of Junko Koshino.
  • September 2011-QOL STATION SHOP, a general online shopping site for female cancer patients, has been reopened as "PreSta for you", which is the current name.
  • November 2011-Launched the hair care product "Refine Head Spa Treatment Color".
  • August 2013-MY HAIR WILL, a store specializing in my hair solutions, opens in Yokohama.
  • July 2013-Launched the company's first cancer philosophy outpatient "medical cafe" at Shin-Yurigaoka Salon.
  • July 2014-Published "Mussel" community magazine that collects useful information for patients. Distributed to hospitals nationwide.
  • July 2015-Launch of "Hairline Premier" service.
  • January 2015-Launch of "Spot Hair," a new silicone tape product for alopecia areata and partial hair loss.
  • June 2015-The company's medical wigMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industry JIS Clear the inspection standard of the standard based on Q 1000 and declare self-conformity.
  • October 2015st, 10-Yoshinori Kodama is appointed President and Representative Director from Vice President, Keiji Kodama is appointed President and Representative Director from President.
  • October 2016, 1- Takaki NiwaConcluded a 5-year sponsorship contract with (table tennis player).
  • April 2017, 4-Established Svenson Sports Marketing, Inc.
  • April 2017, 4-Signed a contract with Takaki Niwa, a Japanese national table tennis player.
  • September 2017-Yamato table tennis company changed its name to VICTAS Corporation.
  • September 2017-OEM joins the group.
  • April 2018-Established Svenson Holdings Co., Ltd. with the transition to a holding company structure.
  • April 2018-Minton Co., Ltd. joins the group.
  • April 2018-Established Svenson Properties, Inc.
  • November 2019-Airy Co., Ltd. joins the group.
  • November 2019-Qualitate Logistics Co., Ltd. joins the group.


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