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🥋 | Former Boxing World Champion Shinsuke Yamanaka At the moment of “KO”, “I have no feeling left in my fist”

Photo (from left) Takushi Tanaka, Shinsuke Yamanaka, Miho Hamasaki

Former boxing world champion Shinsuke Yamanaka "KO" moment "I don't feel any fist left"

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In fact, DAZN (video distribution service specializing in Dazone sports) also broadcasts various world wars.

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Video distribution

Video distribution(How is it?)

インターネットSuch asnetworkso,Movie(Video)配 信To do.


DAZN(Dazone) is a sports specialist run by the DAZN Group.Flat-rate video distribution service.. In the summer of 2016Perform Group(At that time) started the service, and in 2019, it will shift to the current operating system.

サ ッ カ ー,baseball,Motor sports,rugby,basketball,American Football,Tennis,Golf,Fighting sports,volleyballAll or some of the games of various sports around the world, including the above, and related programs are distributed at the same time, and overlooked videos, qualifying, and digest programs are also distributed.なお、配信権の関係で同じ競技でもライブ配信を行っている国といない国があるIn addition, due to distribution rights, there are countries where live distribution is performed even in the same competition and countries where it is not.[Note 1].



Old in April 2019Perform GroupWith the business reorganization of the soccer information site "Goal.comAnd the sports news site "Sporting news, "DAZN Player" (formerly known as ePlayer), a sports video advertising network, and other B to C businesses (businesses for general consumers)DAZN GroupIndependent and changed company name[6][7]..これに伴い、日本法人も2019年11月1日でPerform Investment Japan株式会社からDAZN Japan Investment株式会社へ社名変更を行っているAlong with this, the Japanese corporation also changed its name from Perform Investment Japan Co., Ltd. to DAZN Japan Investment Co., Ltd. on November XNUMX, XNUMX.[1].

Main distribution programs

Below are some of the competitions delivered in Japan[8] And the program currently being distributed.

サ ッ カ ー


Motor sports



American Football



Fighting sports




Horse racing

e sports


  • Matchroom Sport sponsored tournaments (World Pool Masters, Champions of Champions, Mosconi Cup, Weber Cup, Fish Omania, etc.)

Original program

  • FOOTBALL FREAKS (September 2021-delivered every Thursday)
  • Atsuto Uchida's FOOTBALL TIME (October 2021-, delivered every Thursday)
  • Yabe stadium(November 2021-, Sunday 11: 23- live broadcast)[15]

Distribution right

Regarding distribution rights in Japan, on June 2016, 6V League OrganizationAgreed a five-year partner contract with V.Premier League for video distribution of all V.Premier League games and some V.Challenge League games.[16], From the 2018/19 seasonV.LEAGUEThe program organization will be reviewed due to the integration into, and as of the 2020/21 season, only V1 (excluding some games) will be distributed.

On January 2016, 7,J LeagueAbout pay broadcasting rights including J League video distribution2017 J LeagueConcluded a large contract totaling over 10 billion yen for 2,100 years[17][18].

2018May 2, Service will end on May 5st of the same yearSponavi Live(SoftbankIt was announced that DAZN will take over most of the content of)[19]..同日以降、スポナビライブが独占配信していたAfter the same day, Sportsnavi Live had exclusively distributedB LeagueLive distribution (but only for B1 games, which is the first division league) has started, and only some games have been distributed.Premier LeagueとLa LigaAll games have started to be distributed.

NPBWas broadcast from the beginning in 2018Yokohama DeNA BaystarsAnd Hiroshima Toyo Carp sponsored game[Note 2]In addition,Yomiuri GiantsAll games sponsored by official games of 11 teams other thanChunichi DragonsSome of the sponsored games are not broadcast)[20].. 2019年からは広島東洋カープとFrom XNUMX with Hiroshima Toyo CarpTokyo Yakult SwallowsWhile all games hosted by the official game are excluded[21], It was decided to deliver all the games hosted by the Yomiuri Giants official game, which was not broadcast until the previous year[22].. 2020年は2年ぶりに東京ヤクルトスワローズ公式戦主催全試合の配信が再開されることになったため、広島東洋カープを除く11球団の公式戦主催試合を配信することになったIn XNUMX, the distribution of all games hosted by the Tokyo Yakult Swallows official game will be resumed for the first time in two years, so the games hosted by the official games of XNUMX teams except Hiroshima Toyo Carp will be distributed.[10]..In addition, the Hanshin Tigers is delayed by about 5 minutes due to the rights with the official team service "Tora Tele" (this restriction applies to all Internet distribution other than "Tora Tele").なお、NPBが主催するIn addition, sponsored by NPBAll star gamesandJapan seriesIs not subject to distribution.

In addition, the broadcasting rights of the Pacific League whole team, Hanshin Tigers, and Chunichi Dragons have been taken over from Sportsnavi Live, and sublicenses have been granted from Sportsnavi Live Entertainment, the operating company of Sportsnavi Live, against DeNA and Hiroshima until 2018. , Broadcast rights against Yakult are contracted directly with the team[23], The broadcasting rights of the giant battle that started distribution from 2019Nippon TVOf the CS broadcasting stationNippon TelezitasIt is a distribution right license from[24].

January 2019Japan national football teamAlso participateCopa America 2019It was decided to relay on DAZN.日本のテレビ各局は時差の関係で放映を見送ったため、事実上の独占配信となるSince each Japanese TV station has postponed the broadcast due to the time difference, it will be virtually exclusive distribution.[25].

Had exclusive relay rights in Japan until the 2020-7 season on July 28, 2020UEFA Champions LeagueとUEFA Europa LeagueIt was reported that the relay contract in the Asian region would be terminated early, but on the 31st, it was announced that it would be delivered until the final for the 2019-2020 season.However, in the following 2020-2021 season, the season started without any statement, and in Japan, some games could only be watched in English only. (WOWOW later acquired relay rights from the final tournament)

Held in October 2020 and November 10, 11Japan Breeding Farms CupFrom (JBC)Tokyo OfOi RacecoursePart of the race broadcast of Tokyo City Horse Racing to be held at (Heavy prizeIt was announced that live distribution (including races) will be carried out.[Note 3][14].SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service OfSouth Kanto Region Horse Racing ChannelとTokyo Metropolitan TelevisionBroadcasting for (TOKYO MX) "Tokyo City Horse Racing Broadcast] In the form of simulcast[26].. In addition,Horse racingJapan includingPublic competitionThis is the first time that this service will be live-streamed.[14].

Long time agoMLB,Bicycle competition(UCI World Tour,UCI Europe Tour),UEFASponsored soccer tournament (UEFA Champions League,UEFA Europa League,UEFA Super Cup) Was also distributed, but due to the transfer of broadcasting rights to the same industry and the abandonment of the distribution rights themselves, distribution was terminated.[27][28][29].

As content other than sports broadcasts and preview / review programsLocal bureauAnd DAZN's team support program, sports thememovies,AnimeMay be delivered.前者では2019年11月11日からIn the former, from November XNUMX, XNUMXCBC TVOf productionSunday Dragons』And from November 11 of the same yearKanagawa(Tvk) and DAZN co-produced "BayStars Soul" etc.[30][31]..In the latter, in December 2018, the soccer-themed anime ``GIANT KILLING"[32], An anime based on baseball in March 2019major』First series[33], Started at the same time in September of the same yearRugby World Cup 2019The movie "THE BRIGHTON MIRACLE"[34] Etc. were delivered for a limited time. From November 2020, 11, "FOOTBALL PROGRAM YABECCHI STADIUM" was released as an original program.This program is terrestrial until September of the same yearTV AsahiWas broadcast on "Yabetchi FC-Japan Soccer Support Declaration-』It is a successor program[35].

Jewelry business

The DAZN Group is a holding company for multiple digital media companies.コンテンツの流通、加入、広告、スポンサーシップ、技術やプロダクション部門などが存在するContent distribution, subscription, advertising, sponsorship, technology and production departments, etc.[36]..これらの事業に加え、世界最大級のサッカーサイト「GOAL.com」、NBA日本公式サイト「NBA.co.jp」、全米プロIn addition to these businesses, the world's largest soccer site "GOAL.com", NBA Japan official site "NBA.co.jp", PGA ChampionshipGolfExpanded the official Japanese site "PGATOUR.COM" for the tour.記事と映像の通信社サービス「OMNISPORT」などを運営しているOperates news agency service "OMNISPORT" for articles and videos[37].

In October 2014Women's Tennis AssociationSigned a $ 10 million media agent contract with (WTA) for 5 years.This was the highest amount of broadcasting rights contract in the WTA and women's sports world.Along with this, a joint venture "WTA Media" has been established with WTA.女子テニスのメディアへの露出を増加させることを目的としているAiming to increase exposure of women's tennis to the media[38].

Viewing device

PC (personal computer),Smartphone,TabletNot only viewing through various mobile devices such astv setYou can also watchPanasonic,Sony,Android TVSuch asSmart tvOr useAmazon Fire TV,chromecast,Apple TV,Air StickSuch asDigital deviceOr, you can watch it by connecting a game machine connected to the Internet to a TV.


視聴分野別の会員区別はなく、会員はすべてのコンテンツを一律に視聴可能。視聴開始から30日目以降は月額課金が発生し、日本では1,925円(税込み)である(「DAZN for docomo」で申し込んだNTT DoCoMoAnd its cheap planahamoThe same price for contractors[Note 4])[39]..If you apply directly, you will be charged on a monthly basis based on the viewing start date.DAZN for docomoIs calculated on a monthly basis based on the first day of each month regardless of the viewing start date.

From the start of the service to December 2020, in principle, only individuals could make a viewing contract.for that reason,Sports bar,HotelAlthough it was not possible to make a contract with DAZN for some commercial facilities such as, it announced that it started a usage contract service for commercial facilities in December 2020.[40].

In the United States, the monthly viewing fee has been $ 2018 since its launch in September 9, but from March 9.99 it will be raised to $ 2019 and a contract plan with an annual viewing fee of $ 3 has been added.[41].

In more than 2020 countries and regions around the world, which started service on December 12, 1, the monthly viewing fee is set at £ 200 (about 1.99 yen) or less.[5].

Delivery competition

  • L / OD: Live delivery &on-demand配 ä¿¡
  • Live† : (English edition)(bein sportsLive distribution under a sublicense from (CS channel specializing in sports) jointly with Ethnic Channels Group of Canada.
CompetitionCompetitionオーストリアGermanyJapanスイスカナダイタリアThe United States of AmericaスペインBrazil
サ ッ カ ーFIFA Club World CupL / ODL / OD
UEFA Nations LeagueL / ODL / ODL / OD
UEFA Champions LeagueL / ODL / ODL / OD
UEFA Europa LeagueL / ODL / ODL / OD
UEFA Super CupL / ODL / ODL / OD
La Liga Santander[42]L / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD


Live†L / OD
Copa del ReyL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
Premier League[44]L / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
Football leagueL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
FA cup[45]L / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
League Ann[46]L / ODL / ODL / ODLive†L / ODL / OD
League DoL / OD
Coup de FranceL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
Jupiler Pro LeagueL / ODL / OD
Bundesligaハ イ ラ イ ト[47]ハ イ ラ イ トハ イ ラ イ ト
DFB PokalL / OD
Serie AL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD[48]L / OD
(3 games per section)[49]
L / OD
Serie BL / OD
Primera LigaL / ODL / ODL / OD
Serbian SuperligaL / ODL / ODL / OD
Chinese Soccer/Super LeagueL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
J LeagueL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
A leagueL / ODL / ODL / OD
Copa LibertadoresL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
Copa SudamericanaL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
MLS[50]L / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
basketballFIBA World CupL / OD
NBA[51]L / ODL / ODL / OD
NCAAL / ODL / OD[52]L / ODL / OD
Euro leagueL / ODL / OD
ULEB Euro CupL / OD
Liga ACBL / ODL / ODL / OD
American FootballNFLL / ODL / OD[53]L / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
NCAAL / OD[52]L / ODL / OD
baseballMLBL / OD[54]L / OD[55]L / ODLive
L / OD
Japan Baseball OrganizationL / OD[Note 5]
Ice hockeyNHLL / ODL / ODL / OD
Motor sportsFormula 1L / OD
Formula 2L / OD
Formula 3L / OD
World Rally ChampionshipL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
Road Race World ChampionshipL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
Superbike World ChampionshipL / ODL / OD
TennisATP World Tour 250 SeriesL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
Women's Tennis AssociationL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
Davis CupL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
Fed cupL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
rugbySix NationsL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
Heineken Champions CupL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
European Challenge CupL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD[56]
Japan Rugby Top LeagueL / OD
Premiership[57]L / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
Pro 14L / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
World Rugby Sevens Series[58]L / ODL / ODL / OD
Fighting sportsUFCL / OD[59]L / OD[59]L / OD
Bellator MMA[60]L / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
Golden Boy Promotions[61]L / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
Matchroom boxing[62]L / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
World Boxing Super SeriesL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD[63]L / ODL / OD
ビ リ ヤ ー ドsnookerL / ODL / ODL / OD
ダーツPDC Championship[64]L / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / ODL / OD
cricketICC Champions TrophyL / ODL / OD
England national team Home gamesL / OD
Pakistan national team Home gamesL / OD
Sri Lanka National Team Home gamesL / OD
West Indies Representative Home gamesL / OD
L / OD


Delivery trouble

  • 2017May 2, J1 league delivered by DAZN "Gamba OsakaversusVentforet KofuBattle "and J2 League"Ehime FCversusZuegen KanazawaThere is a problem that you can not watch 2 games[65].. It became impossible to watch the overlooked distribution of all J2 league games.As a result, DAZN held a briefing session, and CEO James Rushton and development manager Warren Leh apologized.
  • Trouble occurred even in the live distribution of all 2019 games of J11 League Section 30 on November 1, 33, when the championship and the remaining battle were in a good condition.[66]..その後、試合ごとに順次復旧したが、前半の中継がリアルタイムで視聴できない状態となったAfter that, it was restored sequentially for each match, but the first half of the broadcast could not be viewed in real time.[67].


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注 釈

  1. ^ For example, the German soccer leagueBundesligaWas broadcasting all games live in Japan in 2017, but in Germanyス カ イHas the right to broadcast, so from that time on, only the digest was distributed.[4](No delivery in Japan for 2018-2019 season).また、DAZNグループはNBA日本公式サイト「NBA.co.jp」の運営を行っているが、日本国内でのNBAの配信はIn addition, the DAZN Group operates the NBA Japan official website "NBA.co.jp", but the distribution of NBA in Japan isRakuten TVIs not distributed on DAZN because it is exclusively broadcasted by DAZN (when the service started, it was also broadcast on DAZN).
  2. ^ However, for games hosted by Hiroshima, due to the broadcasting rights of TV stations in HiroshimaHiroshimaI couldn't watch it inside.
  3. ^ 2020 yearsJBC 2 years old Yushun TheHokkaido OfMonbetsu Racetrack(Hokkaido horse racing), But we will also deliver the relevant race.
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  5. ^ In 2020, all games sponsored by Hiroshima Toyo Carp and some games sponsored by Chunichi Dragons will be excluded.


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  • Sponavi Live - Softbank GroupWith the sports-specialized video distribution service provided by, after migrating the distribution content to DAZN, the content distribution ended at the end of May 2018.

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