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🥋 | Violet, Spobra beauty body appearance has a big response "Breast clean" "Six pack"


Violet, big response to the beautiful body of Spobra "Breast clean" "Six pack"

If you write the contents roughly
In addition, comments were also seen in English such as "Wonder woman," "Fiercely Beautiful," and "Simply gorgeous," and some surprised voices said, "Slightly six packs."

An image of the model Sumire training in spobra and spats is released on Instagram.Admiring the beautiful body ... → Continue reading


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Sean Waltman

Sean Waltman(Sean Michael Waltman, 19727/13 -) isアメリカ合衆国 OfProfessional wrestler.MinnesotaMinneapolisI'm from

X pack(X-Pac),Six(Syxx),1-2-3 Kid(The 1-2-3 Kid),Six pack(Syxx Pac) Such asRing nameKnown in.


Boris MalenkoTrained at Marenko Dojo 1990ToLightning Kid(The Ligntning Kid) With the ring nameDean MarenkoDebut against[1]..In the indie group, at the local Minnesota PWAJerry LynnConflict with. 1991January,Universal Pro WrestlingFirst visit to Japan.メキシコ OfLucha LibreAmong the group, which was mainly based on the above, it attracted a lot of attention with its highly original style such as shooting diving and neal kicks from the top rope to opponents outside the venue.

1993ToWWFJoined,Razor RamonTaking advantage of winning 3 counts from1-2-3 KidRenamed to.But the role at that time wasJobberIn most cases.

1996ToWCWTransferred to.nWoJoin the ring nameSix(There is a theory that the ring name Six is ​​derived from being the sixth member of nWo, and there is a theory that it is derived from the number obtained by adding or multiplying the previous ring name 6-1-2).Active on the lightweight front, but missed due to injuryEric BischoffWill be dismissed.

1998Returned to WWF.Ring nameX package,Triple HSecond ledDXJoined. 1999Triple H withdrawsVince McMahonBeing a corporate leader, he is effectively a leader.afterwards,CainA friendship story was unfolded to regain the humanity of Kane, who was a destructive machine that had no heart until then, but Kane's first love partnerToriIt developed into a love-hate drama of looting and betraying. 2000Injured and will be absent for a long time 2001Return toAlbert,Justin CredibleWithX factorFormed.However, he was injured again and the unit disappeared. 2002Returned as a new member of nWo reunited at WWF.However, he was dismissed in the same year because he refused the book.By the way, he had it at that timeWWF Light Heavyweight ChampionshipDisappeared when the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, which became under WWF control with the acquisition of WCW, was renamed to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, becoming the last WWF Light Heavyweight Championship.

After that, due to rights, the ring nameSix packRenamed toTNAContract with.However, he left the group because he was a writer.Laterpack(Pac) AndXFormer China who was engaged in private during the battle with an indie group under the ring name ofJohnny RollerAccompanying新 日本 プ ロ レ スAppeared inMasahiro ChonoIt was thought that it would be a conflict, but since the engagement was canceled after that, it was eventually put into storage. 2004Because Russo left TNA 2005Returned to TNA.

Now leaving TNA, MexicoAAA,NWAMember organization,Chikara,JCWI am participating in an American indie group such as.

2012XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,RAWIn the 1000th anniversary broadcastBilly Gunn&Road dogg OfNew Age OutlawsWith, on April 1998, 4WCWAppeared on a combat jeep that raided the venue.The first DX member to appearSean Michaels,Triple HWe met with each other for the first time in a while and performed a microphone performance.

2019, D-as Generation XWWE Hall of FameWelcomed to[2], Next 2020Was also inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as nWo[3].


  • . A member of Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Scott Hall,Kevin NashIs still in the relationship of a close friend even after leaving the group.Therefore, at the behest of Triple H, who was appointed as the general manager of the WWE talent development department, he is also working around indie groups to find human resources (Weekly wrestlingFrom the column by Fumihiko Saito)
  • Monday Night WarsA person who was enrolled in both the two major heel units nWo and DX that swept the WCW and WWF of the era.Michaels also has experience in both sides, but when he was enrolled in nWo, Waltman was the only one who was enrolled as an active wrestler in both sides by participating as a second and manager. 2015 OfWrestlemaniaTriple Hvs at 31StingIn the battle, former DX members appeared to rescue Triple H and former nWo members to rescue Sting, but Waltman participated as a DX member under the name of X Pack.

signature move

Six factor
A finisher that has been used since returning to WWF.A sit-out facebuster that grabs the opponent's head from the front with both hands, jumps and lands with open legs, and hits the opponent on the mat with that flow. In the WWF eraX factorIt was the technical name.
Six kick
WWF and WCW era finishers.Super kick. In the WWF era1-2-3 kickIt was the technical name.
Buzz killer
Finisher in the WCW era.Cross face chicken wing
Bronco Buster
Start running with a run-up toward the opponent leaning under the corner, jump in the form of throwing both feet forward, grab the top rope of the corner where the opponent is, grab the opponent's head with both feet and pinch the opponent Land on your body, raise and lower your hips repeatedly, and then set up a hip drop.
Spinning heel kick
When a kicking foot is caught, a half-twist is applied to rotate forward, and the other foot kicks the chest plate to escape.
Tornado DDT
Diving leg drop


  • WCW Cruiserweight Championship: 1 time
  • GWF Light Heavyweight Championship: 2 times
  • BUBF Caribbean Throne: 1 time
  • GLCW Heavyweight Championship: 1 time
  • JCW Tag Team Championship: 1 time (w / Joey Janella)
  • LPW Hall of Fame
  • MEWF Light Heavyweight Championship: Once
  • PWA Iron Horse TV Championship: Once
  • PWA Light Heavyweight Championship: 2 times
  • PWA Tag Team Championship: 1 time (w / Jerry Lynn)
  • SEWA Light Heavyweight Championship: 1 time
  • XPW / TV Championship: Once

Admission song

  • Make Some Noise
  • What'chu Lookin'At (Uncle Cracker)
  • Break it down


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