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⚾ | Lotte Martin is injured and takes turns. He runs through the first base and falls, he cannot walk himself and goes down the bench with an expression of agony.

Photo Leonys Martin of Lotte carrying on his back and hanging on the bench [Photo: Hirohisa Miyawaki]

Lotte Martin injured and changed to run through first base and fell, unable to walk on his own and went down the bench with an expression of agony

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Martin's hit ball, which was shot by Martin on the first and third bases without death, became a ground ball and ran through the first base base hard to escape the double play, but then fell.

I hurt my left foot when I ran through the first base with a double play of a grounder ■ Seibu – Lotte (21st, MetLife) Lotte… → Continue reading


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No death first, third base


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