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⛷ | Skiing Sara Takanashi is “again” beautiful!"Take more selfies" on the latest shot

Photograph by Yu Ayaga (C) 

Skiing Sara Takanashi is "again" beautiful!"Take more selfies" on the latest shot

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In recent years, it has become a trendy Ulzzang-type (beautiful makeup that is popular in Korea), and its beauty is further refined.

Sara Takanashi, a female ski jumper who won the bronze medal at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, is in her own in on October 10th ... → Continue reading


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UlzzangIsBeautiful girl-handsome manIt is a slang term that refers to.SynonymousKorean"얼짱Is written in Japanese.

A coined word made by combining "Orgle" which means "face" and "Chan" which means "best".


In 2003, the most popular word on the Internet in South Korea was "Ulzzang"[1].

Korea portal siteNAVERNo. 2003 buzzword on the Internet in 1 selected by[1].

In the online community, it began to be used while introducing cute ordinary people as Ulzzang, and the number of cases where ordinary beautiful girls who attracted attention on the Internet entered the entertainment world increased, leading to the Ulzzang boom.[1].

The number of Ulzzang-related fan communities established on the Internet community site has reached thousands, and the number of members of the five most famous beauty fan cafes among them exceeded 5 in 2009.[1].


A new Korean internet coined word.

It is often used for beautiful women with cute and adorable facial features, not for beautiful women or beautiful women with beautiful facial features.

Current status

In addition to Ulzzang, it is often referred to as "Namol (남얼)" (Nam is a man's reading in Korean) for beautiful boys.

The word "namol" is not often used in Korea, but is often used in Japan.

Derived from "Ulzzang", many related coined words such as "Ulzzang fashion", "Ulzzang hair" and "Ulzzang camera" were created.

Recently, the new coined word "Hunnam Hung Nyo" has been used as a synonym, which means "Hung Hung Hada" and "Hung Hung Hada" which means "heartwarming peace, humanity, and warmth". It is a coined word made by combining "Namja" which means "man" and "yoja" which means "woman".

From "Ulzzang", the popularity has changed to a warm and popular face.


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