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⚾ | Yakult and Cook return to Japan without the opportunity to pitch this season "I hope I can play in Japan again next season"

Photo Yakult announces that Matt Koch has returned home

Yakult returns to Japan without a chance to pitch this season "I hope I can play in Japan again next season"

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Cook, a new helper, was expected as a starting pitcher, but in March, due to poor upper body condition, the pitching of the 3st army was delayed to August.

This season, the first year of his arrival in Japan, he pitched in 1 games with 7 wins and 0 losses, an ERA of 3 on the 7.88rd, and pitcher Matt Koch now. → Continue reading


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Starting rotation

Starting rotationWhat is (Sempatsu Rotation)?baseball,In particularProfessional baseballWhen playing league games inpitcherTheStarting pitcherIt is the order in which they are appointed as. Sometimes referred to as the "starter rote" or simply "rote".


A humanIt is said that the act of throwing an object is totally unreasonable considering the body structure. The shoulders and arms of the pitcher are twisted more than necessary, which puts a strain on the shoulder plate on the shoulders and the elbows tend to stretch the medial ligaments, which adversely affects the ulnar nerve. This is because it takes damage. Since more than 100 games are played in a professional baseball league over a long period of about half a year, it is virtually impossible to pitch all the matches. For this reason, each team prepares several pitchers as starting pitchers and uses these pitchers in turn. This is the starting rotation.

Pitchers with a certain level or higher will be centered around the elbow due to the load from the pitching at the start.CapillariesCuts out. It takes 4 days or more to play[Source required], It is necessary to allow one pitcher to pitch more than 1 days. In the case of professional baseball leagues where more than 4 consecutive games are organized, the rotation is generally composed of around 5 players, and rotation is often appointed in order from the best pitchers in the team. The pitching pitch of the starting pitcher is expressed in the form of "Medium ○ day". "Day".

When a pitching pitcher's starting pitching game is canceled due to rain, etc., it is called "slide pitching" to disrupt the starting pitcher of the canceled game and start the pitching pitch in the latest game such as the next day. It is called "flying" that the rotation is not broken and the player does not participate until the next scheduled pitching game even if it is involved. In addition to this, the rotation is broken and the starting pitcher is pushed forward to start the game.ReliefPitching is referred to as “scramble pitching”, and this is especially the case at the end of the season, when there is a direct confrontation with the team that is close to the player's own team, when the pitcher originally scheduled to start has an accident, or when the pitcher is in the main class. It can be seen in scenes in which the starting pitchers of the are involved in the title battle for various results.

In recent years, in MLB, a tactic called an opener for starting a rescue pitcher has started to spread, in order to compensate for the rest of the pitcher who belongs to the starting pitcher and the lack of the starting pitcher. Most of the starting relief pitchers throw a short inning once or twice, and the second player often puts a long relief pitcher.

Japanese professional baseball

OnceNippon Professional Baseball (NPB)Then, there were some pitchers who pitched continuously on the 0th day of the middle and many pitches on the 1st day of the middle, including relief pitching, but in recent years, the 5th day is the mainstream instead of the 6th day.If there are few pitchers, or if you want to pitch a good pitcher against a strong team, etc.Post seasonThen, it can be seen occasionally in the middle 3 days.

For NPB, see below.America-Major LeagueUnlike (MLB), most of the weekly schedules are set to be 1 games on Tuesday-Sunday, and there are not many cases with 6 games a week until July, and there are not many cases until 7.Sep-pa Exchange BattleEven with exceptional schedules such as 5 games a week, there are almost no long-term competitions, and it is easy to maintain a fixed pitching interval. Also, according to the rules of NPB,Player registrationSince it is stipulated that 29 out of the 25 players who will be entered will enter the bench, it is common to remove the starting pitcher who is not scheduled to pitch from the bench while registered as a player (a player who has left the bench, Commonly called "Agari"). For this reason, it is common for each team to prepare 6 players as the starting rotation and apply 6 pitchers to each of the 6 rounds of the week.

However, it is not easy to secure a good starting pitcher after 5 players in a team formation, so it is common to have a rotation with 5 players. In this case, the ace-class pitcher will be pitched in the middle 4/5 days, and the other pitchers will be pitched in the middle 5/6 days. In such a combination, if consecutive battles etc. overlap, there will be a game in which none of the pitchers in the rotation will be able to pitch at intervals of 4 days or more in the middle, and in that match pitchers not in rotation will be pitched Often. In that situation, the "rotational valley" is called, and the starting pitcher is called "valley pitcher". In addition, even if you can not prepare more than 6 pitchers of satisfactory ability, in order to avoid wrinkling to some pitchers, in addition to the lower pitchers of inferior ability There are also cases. In the latter half of the 6s, there are cases in which a “bulpen pen day” is set up in which only bullpen pitchers can survive, and pitchers who pitch only short innings called “openers” and “short starters” are pitched.

In extreme cases, it is possible to build a rote for 10 days in the middle by taking advantage of the minimum interval of 10 days until the player registration is deleted and re-registered.Fukuoka Softbank Hawks The2014年From the dawn of the All-Star, only the three main-class players turned in 3 days, the remaining 6 slots were registered on the starting pitching day, and the pitch was deleted the next day. This has the advantage of being able to fully utilize the 3 benched athletes and adjusting the pitching date depending on the compatibility etc.[1].

Climax seriesIs a preliminary day between 2 and the first stage (up to 3 games) of the two-game win system, and the next final stage (1 wins including 1 win of the 4st place team advantage, up to 6 games). Only provided. This also has the implication that it makes it difficult for the ace pitcher who started in the 2011st stage 1st round to make the starting pitch to the 1st stage 1st round (1rd middle day). However, in some cases, there were two days in reserve between the first stage and the final stage, and in that case, there were also cases where pitching was completed in four days.2010 Pacific League CSThen at that timeChiba Lotte MarinesWas the ace ofYoshihisa Naruseが、1stステージ第1戦に先発(7.0回、2失点)した後、中4日で最終ステージ第1戦、更に中4日で第6戦にも先発、この2試合でいずれも完投勝利を記録(第1戦は1失点完投、第6戦は完封)し、最終ステージのMVPを受賞した[2].

Active as a double pitcher and fielderOtani Xiangping TheHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersIt was incorporated into the starting rotation in the middle 6 days of the era. On the day before and the day after the start, even fielders and DH will not participate in the game.Los Angeles Angels of AnaheimIn the middle 6-10 days, he started 10 games at an interval, but when he left the team due to an injury in mid-June 2018, he has been unified as a fielder.


Second World WarIn the previous NPB, there were few games in the season and there were many pitcher-dominated games, so the method of starting two or three pitchers by turns in each team was adopted, and in principle, the starting pitcher of the winning game is complete. It was Therefore, the number of pitches in the season was very large, sometimes exceeding 2.

After the end of the war, the number of starting pitchers increased proportionally as the number of games increased, but the ace-class pitchers also pitched for relief depending on the situation, so the number of pitches in the season remained large. Especially in the 1961 leagueBest defense rateMetKazuhisa InaoHiroshi GondoAre both 400 times or more (2018年Even now, he has recorded the highest number of pitches in both leagues.Gondo, Gondo, rain, Gondo, rain, rain, Gondo, rain, GondoThe pitching schedule was so crowded that even the buzzword "" was born.

However, based on the lesson that many players, including Inao and Gondo, have broken down due to overuse and have shortened their lives,1960 eraFrom the latter half, the professional pitchers for rescue began to be prepared,1975年,Hiroshima Toyo Carpdirected byJoe Roots Tokiba Yoshiro,Kojiro Ikeya,Kaji SaekiStarting with the introduction of the starting rotation with1980年Around that time, starting rotations were established in each team.1980 eraThere are many teams that rotate in the middle of the 5th, and if the starting pitcher decides that it is doing well, it was also made to let the starting pitcher throw a long time, but the pitcher used to throw more than 300 times in the season. Is gone.

In such a situation, the rotation on the middle 6th had a failureChouji Murata,Guo TaiyuanWas adopted by1990 eraEnter and rapidly spread. On the other hand, in consideration of the fatigue of the starting pitcher on the next pitching, the number of starting pitchers with a large number of pitches has been changed to the intermediate pitcher, so the number of pitches in the season has further decreased. To adjust the rotation on the middle 6th day, for example, in the case of Guo, sweating lightly the next day, running on the second day, running on the second day, catching balls on the third and fourth days -They were throwing 2 balls and on the 3th day, they were sweating to prepare for the next day's pitching. In addition, MurataTommy John surgeryTaking into consideration the condition of the right elbow that received the train, he was starting on a Sunday-only rotation.

4月1日から9月30日まで中5日で投げ続けると単純計算した場合、登板回数は30 - 31、中4日で36 - 37である。シーズン最多勝利のプロ野球記録はVictor StarhinInao has recorded 42 wins each, but it can be said that it is impossible to break the record in the present age when it is essential to open at least four days in the middle.

Major League

In MLB after 1980, the rotation of 5 starting pitchers has been set down around 100 pitches, and the rotation has been established to run on the schedule of the middle 4 days. Also, in case of an emergency, the starter on the middle 3 days is also held.

In early baseball, it was common for only one pitcher to pitch during all games of a team's season, and there was no concept of rotation or continuous pitching. After that, it became unrealistic for one pitcher to pitch in all games due to changes in rules, etc.1920 eraSince then, the method of starting four pitchers by turns has become established. However, around this time, the starter pitched many times for relief pitching, and strict starter rotation was not set up.Second World WarLater, when the number of pitchers specializing in relief increased, the number of times the starting pitcher pitched for relief decreased, but the pitching of the starting pitcher was not always necessary because the compatibility with the opponent team and the situation of position competition were taken into consideration. The intervals were not constant.

From the 1960s, it became common for four pitchers to start in the middle three days, and the prototype of rotation began. From here to the 4s, the number of pitcher-dominated games was relatively large, and most of the winning games were won by ace-class pitchers, so the starting pitcher's season pitches were often over 3. It was From the mid-1970s, the method of starting five pitchers in the middle four days began to be adopted, and since the 300s, the method of pitching pitchers also started to be adopted at regular intervals, so the number of starting pitchers to complete pitch decreased. As a result, the starting pitcher's season throws have dropped significantly.

Amateur baseball

  • Adult baseballIn many cases, tournaments are concentrated in a certain period of time, and it is not a long-span battle like professional baseball, so it is common to pitch two or three starting pitchers in order. Is. However, when there is an absolute ace like in old professional baseball (and at the same time when the pitcher and other pitchers are too different in level), the ace will start first and the other pitcher will turn to the reliever. There are many.
  • College baseballIn many league games, there are two games and three games in a row, that is, there are two or three games in a week, so it is enough to have at least two starting pitchers, and the word "starting rotation" is used. I can't.
  • high school baseballSince the tournament is a tournament, the game schedule will be severe as the finals approach, but due to the large difference in power between the first pitcher and the second and lower pitchers, and the small number of people who can enter the bench, 1 to 3 people I often turn with a pitcher. As a result, over-throwing an ace is often regarded as a problem. in recent years,Koshien in the summer of 2006WonWaseda Business OfYuki SaitoPlayed the first round, the second round, the third round, the quarterfinals, the semifinals, the finals (1 extra draws), and the final rematch seven games, 2 times, all by himself (exactly once as a relief pitcher It was changed, but Saito re-pitched the pitcher could not get one out) and became a topic. Therefore, there are some teams who have learned professionally even in high school baseball and survived the game with many pitchers, but the gap between private powerhouses that can secure multiple excellent pitchers and weak schools that can not do it, public schools will open further. There are difficulties.


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8(Hachigatsu) isGregorian calendarYearsThe ninth ofMonthThere are 31 days.

in Japan,Lunar month septemberTheHazukiCalled (Hazuki), and nowadaysNew yearAlso used as an alias for August. There are various theories about the origin of Hazuki.Thu Ofleaf Autumn leavesIt is famous for the theory that it is the “falling moon” and the “falling moon”. In addition, there is a theory called "Hoharizuki" that rice ears spread.GeeseFrom the south, the theory that "Hatsukitsuki" will come for the first timetyphoonThere is a theory such as "Haebuki," where many come. There is also another name for "Tsukimizuki".

The English name August is the Roman emperorAugustusDerived from. Augustus1th century BCWas being operated by mistakeJulian calendarThe name of August was changed from "Sextilis", which means "sixth month," to my own name. A common wisdom is that he increased the number of days in August from 8 days to 6 days and reduced that amount from days in February to 30 days in February. This is an 8th century scholarJohannes de Sacro BoscoThis myth is currently denied because several documents have been discovered that indicate that February was short and August was long before the name was changed in August.Julian calendarSee).

In the case of a leap year, August is that year2Same asDay of the weekBegins with.


Aki Kazezuki (Autumn Fugetsu), Karikizuki (Garden next month), Kangetsu (Moonmoon), Kenyuugetsu (Kenritsuki), Kozometsuki (Kizometsuki), Sogetsu (Sogetsu), Chikushuun (Takeharu), Chushu (mid-autumn), Tsukimitsuki (Tsukimitsuki), Tsubame Salizuki (Tsubame last month), Hazuki (Hazuki), Benisomezuki (Komozentsuki)

September annual events

Sports held in September

July theme song


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2021年 8(Hazuki
365 Day
Each month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12



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