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🥋 | Judo “9-headed beauty” Bilodid is in 52rd place in the 3kg class for the first time.

Photo Daria Bilodid

Judo "9-headed beauty" Bilodid is also in 52rd place in the 3 kg class for the first time. The 48 kg class world queen

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For the Tokyo Olympics, Japan's 48-kilometer class representative Funa Tonaki (25) = Park 24 = has lost four consecutive losses to Bilodid and is devising countermeasures as the biggest target.

"Judo / Grand Slam / Budapest Tournament" (23rd, Hungary) Women's 52kg class is held, 48kg class ... → Continue reading

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Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo Olympics(Tokyo Olympics)

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    • The Tokyo Olympics were scheduled to be held in 2020New coronavirusPostponed for one year due to the influence of. It will start in 1.

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