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⚾ | Director Taka and Kudo "My responsibility" Moinelo's rough backfire, consecutive wins stop

Photo Softbank / Director Koyasu Kudo [Photo: Kazuto Fujiura]

Director Taka and Kudo "My responsibility" Moinelo's rough backfire, consecutive wins stop

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If the result is like this, I took turns and sent Moinero-kun, so I think it's my responsibility, "he said.

Lotte lost, so the magic to win is 3 ■ Seibu 4-1 Softbank (24th, PayPay Dome) So ... → Continue reading


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Liván Moinelo

This name isSpanish speaking name conventionsI am following.First surname(PaternalLast name) IsMoinelo,Second surname(MaternalLast name) IsPita.

Livan Moinero Pita(Liván Moinelo Pita, 199512/8 -) isCubaPinar del RioFromProfessional baseball player(pitcher). Left-handed left-handed.Vegueros de Pinar del RioBelongs.NPBFukuoka Softbank HawksHas been dispatched to.

Nickname isテ ィ ト(Spanish"Bo-chan")[2].


Since childhoodGrass baseballI was playing with it, but in earnestbaseballI started when I was 12 years old, and when I was 16 years oldキ ュ ー バPlay in the U-23 national league[2].

2013, At the age of 17Vegueros de Pinar del RioBelonged to and started a career as a professional baseball player[2].

2015XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,2015 Caribbean SeriesVegueros de Pinar del Rio, to which he belongs, will win his first victory.キューバ代表としては55年振りの優勝となったIt was the first victory in XNUMX years for the Cuba national team.[3]..For teammatesFrederich Cepeda,Yurieski Gugliel,Roel SantosBesides, later became a teammate at SoftbankAlfredo DespineThere was.同年19歳でAt the age of XNUMX in the same yearPremier12 Cuba National TeamEnter[2].

2017Held in2017 World Baseball ClassicAtWBC / Cuba National TeamElected to.

Softbank era

August 2017, 5,Fukuoka Softbank HawksToTraining playerDispatch as[4], Joined the group on May 5Oscar ColasWe had a press conference with[5].Uniform number The143.

Held on the 29th of the same monthOrix Second ArmyIn a practice game with, the first actual pitching in Japan[6]..二軍戦、三軍戦において5試合に登板、9回2/3を投げ、14奪三振を奪うなど結果を残し、6月16日に年俸2,000万円(金額は推定)でHe pitched in XNUMX games in the XNUMXnd and XNUMXrd army battles, pitched XNUMX/XNUMX XNUMX times, and struck out XNUMX strikeouts, with an annual salary of XNUMX million yen (estimated amount) on June XNUMX.Controlled player registrationAnd the uniform number is35Was changed to[7][8]..同月27日の対Pair on the XNUMXth of the same monthHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersBattle (Fukuoka Yahoo Auctions! Dome), Pitched as 9rd in the top of the 3th inning, and achieved the first pitch in the official game of the XNUMXst Army.[9].. 7月2日には、中継ぎ登板3戦目にして初勝利を記録On July XNUMXnd, he recorded his first victory in the third round of pitching.[10]..While joining the team in the middle of the season, he pitched in 34 games, pitched 35/2 3 times, 4 wins and 3 losses, 15 holds, 1 save, and an ERA of 2.52.Closer-Dennis SafateCentered onYui Mori-Sho Iwasaki,leftone point OfShinya KayaTogether, he played a winning formula and contributed to the league victory.チームは6回までにリードした展開では、76勝3敗、勝率.962という驚異的な数字を残したIn the development that the team led by the sixth inning, it left an amazing number of XNUMX wins and XNUMX losses and a winning percentage of .XNUMX.[11].Post seasonIt is,Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesWithClimax series final stageIn, pitched in 3 games, all showed good throws with no runs,Japan seriesAdvance to.Yokohama DeNA BaystarsIn the Japan Series with, he became a defeated pitcher with 5 goals in the 3th round, but in the 2nd, 3rd and 6th rounds, he was a good pitcher with no goals and contributed to the team's first recapture in Japan in 2 years.

2018, When the opening match against Orix on March 3st[12], Same as last yearOne point relief,Set upperIt is appointed as a part of the middle pitcher team.Although his ERA fell to 4.53 from the previous year, he threw 49/45 2 times in 3 games and recorded 5 wins, 1 loss and 13 holds.ポストシーズンのPostseasonClimax seriesInSaitama Seibu LionsHe pitched in two games on the final stage with.Hiroshima Toyo CarpWithJapan seriesThen, he pitched in relief in four games and contributed to the team's consecutive victory in Japan.

2019, Continued good throws with 14 earned run for 0 consecutive games since the opening.However, on April 4th (against Rakuten / Rakuten Seimei Park), he became the only defeated pitcher of the season.[13]..In the entire regular season, the ERA improved by more than 3 points from the previous year, the strikeout rate (13.04) also improved, and the strikeout number (86) was 13th in the league despite being a relief pitcher.In the postseason, he pitched in a total of 9 games[14]..He contributed to the team's third straight victory in Japan with 9 goal and 1 holds in the 5th inning.

2020,Trend of new coronaDue to the influence of other Cubans[15]The opening game (June 6th, vs.Lotte・ Fukuoka PayPay Dome) marked the first hold.Throughout the season "8 times Moinero 9 timesYui MoriIt was appointed almost fixedly and contributed greatly to the team's first league victory in three years.Strikeout rate(14.44) and batting average (.164) recorded a career high and the first title (.Best relay pitcher) Was also acquired.With LotteClimax seriesThen, in the first round, he pitched in the scene of tying in the 1th inning and kept it to a trio, and there was a winning point behind it, soWinning pitcherIt became.In the second round, he pitched up to eight times in the scene of seven innings and two deaths, which was only once in the regular season, but in response to expectations, a total of four batters were retired.Starting lineupHigashihama GiantWas the relief pitcher who contributed the most to the victory because he had dropped out up to four times.[16]As a winning pitcher in this match, the teamJapan seriesI decided to advance.This was done this seasonClimax seriesAll matches[17]He left a rare record of becoming a winning pitcher.With the giantJapan seriesThen, in all of the 1st, 3rd, and 4th rounds, he pitched in the 8th inning, no hits, no runs, 8 strikeouts.[18]Contributed to the team's fourth straight victory.

Characteristics as a player

  • Fastest 158km / h[19] OfstraightAnd the changing ball is sharpslider, Make a big turncurve,Change upIs a weapon[8][9].
  • The registration is "left-handed", but it is "double-handed" as if he entered the right at bat in the batting practice of the interleague game.According to him, he actually entered the right at bat during the Cuban National League era.


  • The two cousins ​​are former Cuban national team players, and the two uncles are also former professional baseball players.家族は両親に、兄2人、恋人との間には長女が誕生しているThe family has parents, two older brothers, and an eldest daughter with a lover.[2].
  • He has been a teammate for the Cuba national team for a long time, but he is also a big senior in his home country who became a teammate at Softbank from 2017.Alfredo DespineSupports Moinelo on and off the ground and takes care of him by taking him to a meal or inviting him to his home to cook.モイネロは、「デスパイネのおかげもあって、楽しめているよ。日本で4年目と経験もあって、なんでも教えてくれる。打者目線でも色々と教えてくれる存在」とコメントしているMoinelo commented, "I'm enjoying it thanks to Despaigne. I've been in Japan for four years and I've been able to teach you anything. I can teach you a lot from the batter's perspective."[20].

Detailed information

Pitcher results by year


Every time











A person




2017Softbank34000043115. 57114135.22111412361015102.520.98
201849000051013. 83319045.23162401571023234.531.20
201960000031434. 75024559.13742516863013101.521.04
202050000023138. 40019348.026125327700991.691.06
NPB: 419300001486100. 636769188.211512885112565060522.481.08
  • At the end of the 2020 season
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league

Defensive results by year

Every time






2017Softbank342310. 833
2018492810. 909
total19373020. 949
  • At the end of the 2020 season



Record of milestone
  • 100 Holds: November 2020, 11, 3nd round against Chiba Lotte Marines (ZOZO Marine Stadium), 8th inning, pitched / completed, 1st no goal * 33rd person in history
Other records

Uniform number

  • 143 (2017-March 6, the same year)
  • 35 (July 2017, 6 -)

Appearance song


Representative history


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