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🏉 | [Six Nations Round 4] Coming soon!Ireland vs Italy

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[Six Nations Round 4] Coming soon!Ireland vs Italy

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After this, from 10:24 on October 23th, the Six Nations Round 30 Ireland Men's (4-person) vs Italy Men's (15-person) match will be held at Aviva Stadium (Dublin).

After this, from 10/24 23:30, Six Nations Round 4 Ireland National Team Men (15 players) ... → Continue reading


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Aviva Co., Ltd.(Aviva Co., Ltd.)computerA company that had developed classrooms such as "Aviva" nationwide.Currently, Link Academy Co., Ltd., which was established by integrating with Daiei Education System Co., Ltd. (Link and motivationIt is a wholly owned subsidiary), and "Aviva" continues to operate nationwide as a school brand for computer classrooms.


2011(HeiseiAs of June 23, 6 directly managed stores nationwideFranchiseIndustry leader with 282 bases.It was centered around the station.

For the former operating company era before 2005,Aviva JapanSee.

2005(17)May 4ToIndustrial Revitalization OrganizationFrom Aviva Japan Co., Ltd., which went bankrupt with the support ofBenesse CorporationTo Aviva Co., Ltd., a transfer company in which (currently Benesse Holdings) has a 95% or more stakeTransfer all of the businessBecame a member of the Benesse Group.Aviva Japan has been liquidated.

BenesseWholly owned subsidiaryAs a result, it improved profitability and returned to the black, but it did not show any synergistic effect with business expansion or Benesse and other businesses.2010(22)3ToBenesse Holdings Co., Ltd.Will buy all Aviva sharesSleepro Group Inc.Transferred to[1].. In August 2010, merged with Aviva Co., Ltd. and changed its trade name to Aviva Co., Ltd.further2011(23)May 6IsLink and Motivation Co., Ltd.All shares have been transferred to[2].. In 2013 (Heisei 25), Aviva Co., Ltd.Daiei Education System Co., Ltd.And became (a wholly owned subsidiary of Link and Motivation), "Aviva" continues to operate nationwide as a school brand for computer classrooms.

September 2012, 9, due to double price display violationFreebie display methodReceived a measure order from the Consumer Affairs Agency as a violation[3].

In the commercial that was broadcast during the old operating company era,Kato teaDisguised as an old womanRiho MakiseWas out with.

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