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⚽ | Shoya Nakajima assists in first appearance Portugal 1st division, 1-0 victory

Photo Nakajima of Porto competing against Gil Vicente (right) = Porto (joint)

Shoya Nakajima assists in first appearance Portugal 1st division, 1-0 victory

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Gil Vicente's Kanya Fujimoto participated in the second half 40 minutes.

Shoya Nakajima of Porto started the game against Gil Vicente at home on the 1th in the Portuguese first division soccer league, and this season Lee ... → Continue reading

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Hiroya Fujimoto

Kanya Fujimoto(Fujimoto Kanya, 19997/1 -) isYamanashiFromsoccer player.Portuguese League 1st Division-Gil VicenteBelongs. Position isMidfielder.


2018 years,Tokyo VerdyPromoted from youth to top team[1].. August 2, the opening gameJeff United Ichihara/ChibaSelected as the opening starting lineup in the war[2].. March 5, Section 18Fagiano Okayama FCAlthough he scored his first goal as a professional player in the match, it was canceled in the rain in 62 minutes.[3]..The remaining 28 minutes took place on June 6th and scored over 27 days.[4].

August 2020, 8,Portuguese League 1st Division OfGil VicenteTimed transfer to was announced[5][6].. Aug. 10,CD Santa ClaraHe made his first appearance after transferring from the middle of the game.[7]

Affiliation club

Youth career
Professional career

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
2018Tokyo V35J2253-00253
ポルトガルLeague matchLeague cupPortugal CupTotal period
2020-21Gil Vicente20Primera

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40 minutes in the second half



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