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🥋 | Super famous boxing former world champion challenges bodybuilding 26 years after the death battle with Tatsuyoshi "Aim for the best if you do it"

Photo Yakushiji (left) and Jurassic Kizawa who decided to participate in the competition in bodybuilding

Former world champion in boxing challenges bodybuilding 26 years after the death battle with Tatsuyoshi "Aim for the best if you do it"

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On November 11, 28 undefeated (11KO) “treasure kid” Mori Musashi since his debut bet the WBO Asia Pacific Featherweight Championship and played against Takeshi Tameda (Ohashi Gym) at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.

Former boxing WBC world bantamweight champion Yasuei Yakushiji (52) challenges bodybuilding.Next summer in the Tokai area ... → Continue reading

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Takeshi Tameda

Takeshi Tameda(Good for you, 19938/29 -) isJapan OfProfessional boxer.NaganoUedaI'm from.First JapanFeatherweightYouth champion.Ohashi Boxing GymBelongs. Long time agoYonekura Boxing GymBelonged to[3].


I was doing karate in my hometown of Nagano.The reason I started boxing was because of my father's influence[4].

2011March 1Korakuen HallWith Hiroki YoshidaFeatherweightFighting the 4th round, KO wins 1 minute 1 seconds each and decorates the debut match with a white star[5]..In the "East Japan Rookie of the Year Tournament Final" held on November 11rd of the same year, he played against Joji Chinami and suffered the first professional black star after losing the decision.[6].

After that, he won 7 consecutive games with a draw. 2015At the "Svenson Excite Boxing" held at Korakuen Hall on August 8, he fought against Mark Bernardes in the eighth round of the featherweight division, winning 5 times 8 minutes 7 seconds TKO.[7]..この試合でIn this matchEast Japan Boxing AssociationReceived the August 2015 Monthly Award New Award from[8]..Also on the 27th of the same monthJBCBecame a featherweight Japanese rank for the first time in the latest ranking announced by[9].

And 2017Retsu Kosaka and Japanese featherweight at Korakuen Hall on August 8ndYouth throneBecame the first Japanese featherweight youth champion with a decisive battle and a TKO win after finishing 3 times.[10]..This match was the last match of Yonekura Gym players.[11].

2018Japan at the "12th Phoenix Battle" held at Korakuen Hall on December 3rdSuper bantamweightSecond placeYo Nanata MarutaFeatherweight 10th round, 5 times 2 minutes 16 seconds TKO lost[12].

After a successful recovery, 2019On July 7st, he played against Tale Atsumi, who was 1th in the Japanese super bantamweight division, at Korakuen Hall and won two 15-second TKOs.[13].

`` Held at Korakuen Hall on November 2019, 11First Step 30th Anniversary Featherweight Tournament』Participated in.Played against Korean KMB featherweight champion Lee Jae Woo, lost 3 times 1 minute 19 seconds TKO, and lost in the first match[14].

2020年11月28日、後楽園ホールでWboアジアパシフィックフェザー級王者のMusashi Moriに挑戦するも、11回1分39秒TKO負けを喫した[15].



  • Professional Boxing-29 races 21 wins 6 losses 2 draws (19KO)
12011/1/27victory1R 1:10KOHiroki Yoshida (Lions)Japanese flag JapanProfessional debut
22011/4/1victory1R 0:23TKOArata Yoshimoto (Koei Kogyo Odawara)Japanese flag Japan2011 eastern japanFeatherweightRookie King Qualifying
32011/5/13victory1R 1:21KOKatsuya Sato (Dream)Japanese flag Japan2011 East Japan Featherweight Rookie of the Year Qualifying
42011/8/2victory4RJudgment 3-0Takumi Takahashi (Manabe)Japanese flag Japan2011 East Japan Featherweight Rookie of the Year Qualifying
52011/9/28Draw4RJudgment 1-1Masayuki Ito(Wake)Japanese flag Japan2011 East Japan Featherweight Rookie of the Year Qualifying
62011/11/3敗北5RJudgment 0-2Joji Chinami (Katsumata)Japanese flag Japan2011 East Japan Featherweight Rookie of the Year Final
72012/7/4victory5R 2:56TKOKatsuya Sato (Dream)Japanese flag Japan
82012/12/3victory1R 1:32TKOSunpet / SomypetKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand
92013/4/22victory2R 2:43KOAdi Wigna ã‚¤ãƒ³ãƒ‰ãƒã‚·ã‚¢
102013/9/10victory2R 1:23KOPrakai Sirimongkol JimKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand
112014/1/28victory8RJudgment 3-0Hero Tito ã‚¤ãƒ³ãƒ‰ãƒã‚·ã‚¢
122014/5/27Draw3RInjuryJimmy PaipaPhilippines flag フィリピン
132014/10/14victory3R 1:48TKOHanaki Ginzo (Gifu Yokozeki)Japanese flag Japan
142015/3/17victory1R 2:20KOTakenori Ohashi(Kadoebi Boxing)Japanese flag Japan
152015/8/5victory7R 2:21TKOMark BernardesPhilippines flag フィリピン
162016/2/29victory2R 2:19TKONorndia SobancalKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand
172016/4/22敗北10RJudgment 0-3Simpiwe Vetyeka Republic of South Africa
182016/10/17敗北8R 0:52TKOReiya Abe(KG Yamato)Japanese flag Japan
192017/8/22victory5RJudgment 3-0Retsu Kosaka (real)Japanese flag JapanJapanFeatherweightYouth throneDecisive battle
202017/10/2victory2R 1:42KOAekawait ConfanKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand
212018/2/28victory5R 1:30KODelliya Clamur WongKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand
222018/5/25victory3R 1:18TKORevolving credit ã‚¤ãƒ³ãƒ‰ãƒã‚·ã‚¢
232018/8/17victory2R 1:33KOAliev Braider ã‚¤ãƒ³ãƒ‰ãƒã‚·ã‚¢
242018/12/3敗北5R 2:16TKOYo Nanata Maruta(Morioka)Japanese flag Japan
252019/3/31victory6R 1:42TKORenerio AlizaraPhilippines flag フィリピン
262019/7/1victory2R 0:40TKOAtsumi Tail (Atsumi)Republic of Korea flag South Korea
272019/9/17victory5R 2:08KOJoe TehonesPhilippines flag フィリピン
282019/11/19敗北3R 1:19TKOLee Jae WooRepublic of Korea flag South KoreaFirst Step Featherweight TournamentQualifying
292020/11/28敗北11R 1:39TKOMusashi Mori(Yakushiji Temple)Japanese flag JapanWboAsia Pacific Featherweight Title Match


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