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⚾ | The gap with Tatsunori Hara that started from the draft ?! Professional baseball player's pocketbook Komada's draft series


The gap with Tatsunori Hara that started from the draft ?! Professional baseball player's pocketbook Komada's draft series

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He also talks about the circumstances of professional baseball players.

The special time just before the draft, which is about to reach the fateful draft 2020! Tatsunori Hara in the 1980 draft ... → Continue reading

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Professional baseball player

Professional baseball player(Professional) is for the purpose of profitbaseballteam(Professional baseballContracting with a team or a professional baseball team) and participating in a series of games during the year's season to earn rewardsbaseball playerThat is.

Japanese professional baseball player

"Professional baseball" in this sectionJapan Baseball Organization(NPB) only,Independent LeagueEtc. are not included.

Differences from adult baseball players

JapanNow, ordinary adults play as playersAdult baseballIs developing. The term "worker baseball" refers to baseball played by all members of society including professional baseball in a broad sense, but generally refers to baseball played by amateur members of society. In a more narrow sense,Japan Baseball FederationA baseball game in which a team belongs to. Also, although there are many teams organized within the company, it exists only as one of the club activities within the company,EntertainmentIt is not operated for the purpose.

Basically, Japanese adult baseball players who join a company with the expectation that they will play an active part in various tournament competitions will be able to receive rewards only from baseball with little work related to the company's main business There is (the formerShidax Baseball ClubHowever, the professional baseball team is called the "baseball club," which bears the name of the company, and differs greatly from professional baseball teams in that it is not an independent company that specializes in baseball.

In addition, a member of a professional baseball player will not be immediately dismissed even if he/she retires from active duty due to aging, breakdown, or other reasons, and can continue to work at the company. On the contrary, if the abandoned part, that is, the baseball club itself has disappeared due to poor management of the company, etc., it is an employee of the company, so it is a job of another company and staying in a club team with the permission of the company[Annotation 1]Only by that, there is no way to continue playing baseball. In contrast, players belonging to professional baseball teamsOut-of-force notificationIf so, you can sign a player contract with another team on your own. But if no team raises their handscoachLeaders,Baseball commentator,Sports castor,talentIf there is no such way, it will be completely unemployed (#After retirement).Japan Baseball Organization(NPB) A professional baseball player belonging to a member team is at willVoluntary retirementIf you do, you cannot enter into a contract with another baseball team unless you have the consent of the last team you belong to.

This difference in treatment is also the difference between professional baseball players and adult baseball players, and although it is not completely unpaid,amateurThis is also one of the reasons why. On the contrary, it is not allowed to sign as an amateur player who does not get a reward in a Japanese professional baseball team.

Professional baseball player's day

One day is hard and there is almost no rest during the season (3 days from Tuesday to Thursday is a series of battles with Team A, 3 days from Friday to Sunday is a series of battles with another Team B. 3 days at a time is called a "competition card") , The restraint time is long.To give an example

  • Schedule for night games (starting at 18:XNUMX)
    • 10 o'clock-getting up
    • 11 o'clock-morning (lunch) meal
    • PM-Home team player at home (Single assignmentIn the case ofHotelMatches will be held from the dormitory (some players live)baseball GroundMove to. The visitor team players move from the lodging hotel. If the visitor is close to their hometown, they will move as well as the home.
    • 14 o'clock-Start practice for the home team as a whole (warm-up will be done by that time, and many players will voluntarily practice early departure)
    • 16 o'clock-Complete home team practice / Start visitor team practice (warm-up, meetings, snacks will be given by then)
    • Around 16:30-Home team meetings and snacks
    • Around 17:30-practice of visitor team completed
    • 18pm-Playball (no starting pitching planpitcherSuch,One armyBut some players go home at this point)
    • After the match (9 matchesinningAbout 3 and a half hours. Long time againextra innings(Up to 12 innings) If it develops, it will take more than 4 hours.) Some athletes voluntarily practice their stay. In addition, the players of the visitor team have moved to the hotel.
    • Midnight-Have dinner for yourself (Visit Hotel etc. for visitor teams), then go to bed

Has become[1].Day gameIn the case of, it will be advanced by the amount of time (13 hours if the game starts at 5:XNUMX), so if the game ends at midnight, it will be even harder because you will get up early in the morning and start practicing.Monday is the day when there are no matches and if we become visitors we will move to the location of our opponent's home base.


When competing in a visitor, athletes travel using transportation. If you are closebusOr, when moving by yourself or moving a long distance,ShinkansenOrairplaneTake a bus from the nearest station to the venue. To avoid confusion, they often move in two groups (eg Shinkansen and airplane).[Annotation 2].. Although long-distance travel uses airplanes, some athletes and staff dislike airplanes, and those athletes use transportation such as the Shinkansen as much as possible. Also, there is no plan to pitchStarting pitcherIs exempt from the expedition and may make adjustments at the farm of the second army.


Professional baseball playersSelf-employed personHas a business contract with a team company. Therefore, the team companyContract employeeis not[2].. The rewards for NPB players are the same as in other major domestic leagues such as Major League BaseballProfessional sportsCompared with PaymentAnnual salary system.. All of the 2016 NPB membersControlled player registrationplayer(Training playerThe average annual salary of (excluding) is 3,712 million yen.[3].

Until the early 1980s, the average annual salary was less than 1,000 million yen[3], Transferred in the middle of 1987Hiromitsu OchiaiBreaks 1 million yen annually for the first time in the world[4]The annual salary gradually increased, and in 1993FAWhen the system was introduced, the annual salary soared[5].

Players with an annual salary of 1 million yen or more1 million yen playerIs sometimes regarded as the status of a first-class player[6].. The number of Japanese players with 1 million yen players in NPB was 2014 in the 61 season.[7][Annotation 3]However, in the 2017 season 76 people[8]Is increasing.

NPB playersContract renewalIn general, a single-year contract that renews the contract every year in the form of 1993Then offOryxWas enrolled inTsutomu SakaiHas signed the first multi-year contract in Japan's world history of three years[Annotation 4].. After that, transfer of other teams due to FA declaration became common, and there are more cases where multi-year contracts are signed for both FA transfer and remaining to prevent outflow of other teams (both Japanese and foreign players). It became so. As an example,

  • Toshiya Sugiuchi[9] --In the off-season of 2011,Softbankから巨人When he transferred to, he signed a "4-year contract, total of 20 billion yen".
  • Takeya Nakamura[10] --In the off-season of 2013,SeibuWhen concluding an extension contract (for remaining) with, he signed a "4-year contract, total of 20 billion yen".
  • Rick Vandenhark[11] --In June 2016,SoftbankWhen concluding an extension contract (for remaining) with, he signed a "three-year contract, total of 3 billion yen".In the case of foreign players, there are quite a few cases where an extension contract (for remaining) is signed during the season.[Annotation 5].

The rewards of professional baseball players vary greatly depending on the performance of each player,Results-orientedSometimes regarded as a typical model of[12].. Regular salary increaseBonusSystem is not established, but depending on the gradeVolumeSome players have contracts to pay. However, regarding the reduction of annual salaryBaseball agreementThere is a limit in Article 92, and in principle, players with annual salary of 1 million yen or more will not be reduced by 40%, and players with less than 1 million yen will not be reduced by more than 25%.Out-of-force notificationIt is necessary to obtain the player's consent within the same period as, and if the player does not agree, the team will stillFree contractAnd must)[13].

Active period

As with all professional athletes, the period in which professional baseball players can remain active is not long. It is said that the average retirement age of professional baseball players is about 29.[14][15]Most of the players retire before reaching the age of 40. Also, the average number of active years of athletes is about 9 years[14][16], About 20 years at the longest.

On the other hand, exceptionally long-term players (Franchise player,Journeyman) Also, the longest active record isYamamoto MasaIn 32 years, the longest record of one army official battle participation actual workKimiyasu Kudo-Satoshi Nakajima・It is 29 years of Masaru Yamamoto. By the way, as of October 2015, 10, at the age of participating in official games as a player, the oldest record was Masa Yamamoto 7 years 50 month, the youngest record was prewar (no provision for protection of young workers)Michio Nishizawa16 years old.Labor Standards Act-Child Welfare ActThe youngest record below dropped out of high school and entered professionalKenji Furusawa16 years and 4 months old.

After retirement

RetirementAfter that, coaches such as directors and coaches,scorer,Batting pitcher,Bullpen catcher, Staying in the ball world as a team member,Baseball commentatorIt is possible that

However, because baseball-related posts are limited for retired players that occur every year, many people can not get a job related to baseball, so many players will be employed in a field different from baseball. When the NPB conducted a survey of players who left the group from 2007 to 2014, an average of about 2 to 3% of players chose non-baseball-related roads, and there are a considerable number of unclear[17][Annotation 6].. Examples of successful non-baseball jobs include:Parent companyTake care ofMovie actorBecameNobuo Yana,Eiji Bando,Kazutomo Miyamoto,Punch sato,Kazumasa Nagashima,Kanamura Yoshiaki,Tsutomu IwamotoUtilizing that character liketalentWho was established asMengiki Emoto,Atsushi Misawa,Eiichiro Takahashi,Hiroo Ishii,Kenju Yamamotolike政治家Became active, turned to other sports and played an active roleShoji Ozaki(Professional golfer),Giant baba(Professional wrestler),Takao Miyamoto(Bicycle racer),Long dragon(Professional bowler) Is mentioned. Also,onionFarmerSucceeded asHirofumi Kono,UdonOpened a udon shop after training in manufacturingTsuyoshi Gojo[18]There are also examples of success as a businessman.

However, while there are such successful cases, former athletes who can not live as expected after retirementsuicideOr[Annotation 7],crimeThere are also cases where they are involved[Annotation 8].

Tomoya SatozakiSays, "Professional baseball players do whatever they want with the people involved in the team." "A player who only plays baseball after getting married to an older woman who has more ability to live around. It is said that there are a considerable number of former players who can not do anything when they retire.[19].

For this reason, professional baseball OBs are increasingly motivated to assist each other in reemployment as self-help efforts. As an example,Japan Professional Baseball OB Club ThePasonaWe are engaged in job hunting support activities for professional baseball OBs in collaboration with[20].. Also, on the NPB side as wellSecond carrierAre strengthening support for. In 2013 with the Japan Baseball OrganizationJapan Student Baseball AssociationBy agreeing with the agreement, it became possible for a professional baseball OB to teach high school and college baseball by undergoing a student baseball qualification recovery training.[21]Therefore, it can be said that the frontage of the second carrier has widened. By 2016, more than 850 people have used this system to recover their student baseball qualifications[22].

NPB 2007Since then, we have conducted an attitude survey on young professional baseball players every year about the second career, but the percentage of players who responded "I feel uneasy after retirement" has remained around 7%.[23].. In addition, regarding the desired career path after retirement, a large number of players replied as high school baseball coaches.[23].

Major League Player

アメリカ合衆国-カナダ OfMajor league baseball(MLB) in JapanEnglishMeans MLB playerMajor Leaguer(Major Leaguer)” is sometimes used as it is as Katakana.

Due to its strong competition principle, the major league is said to be in a more severe environment than Japanese professional baseball, and if the results are not accompanied, the contract will not be renewed immediately.Free contractIn the middle of the seasonMinor leagueIf a substitute player enters in the trade while the grade is not demoted and the grade does not improveOut-of-force notificationAthletes are always in a tough position[24].. In addition, there is a big difference in the treatment of players between the minor leagues and the major leagues, and the minor league is referred to as the difference in salary of both.Hamburger・League, Major Leaguesteak・Sometimes called "league"[25].

However, not only is it a tough side for athletes, but if they are considered to be essential players for the team because they continue to perform well for many years and are evaluated for their extraordinary talents, their annual salary becomes uncertain.[Annotation 9], Hundreds of millions during the acquisition battle accompanying the transfer of such a star playerDollarA large amount of money (tens of billions of yen) moves, "American dreamCan be said to be successful[26].Alex Rodriguez The 2007In 10 monthNew York YankeesIn addition to a large-scale contract for 10 years totaling 2 million dollars, including the volume of 7,500 million dollars,Giancarlo StantonOff in 2014Miami MarlinsHas signed a super-large contract with a total amount of 3 million dollars + 2,500-year contract with the highest total amount in North American professional sports history[27][28].. In order to bring out even better conditions on the players side, it is necessary to negotiate contracts with the team.Agent(Agent) may be placed.

Participation in international competitions

Until thenOlympicincludingInternational Baseball Federation(IBAF: currentWorld Baseball Softball Federation(WBSC)) The international competitions under its jurisdiction were only for amateurs, but in 1997, IBAF was banned from participating in those competitions in response to the flow of professional bans in other competitions.

The first applied tournament was the following 199833rd IBAF World Cup.. Same yearAsian GamesThen. South KoreaWon the first gold medal by organizing as an all-pro.2000 Sydney OlympicsBecame the first Olympic Games in which professional baseball players participated, and won the gold medal for the first time as the United States became the official event (in the open competition era1988 Seoul OlympicsI have won a gold medal inキ ュ ー バThe non-participation by the boycott was large).

Japan first dispatched a professional in 1999Asian Baseball ChampionshipAlso, in the final qualifying for the Sydney Olympics Asian region, I challenged with a mixture of professional amateurs. The first tournament that I organized with all professionals was in 2003Asian Baseball ChampionshipIt is also the final qualifying for the Athens Olympic Asian region, and has won the championship for the first time in eight years. Since then, he has participated as an all-pro for the Olympic Games and its qualifying, but for other international competitions (IBAF World Cup,Asian GamesEtc.) are played in mixed or all-ama amateurs depending on the time of the event.

However, no major leaguers (40 roster-registered athletes) participated in these tournaments, and in the case of the United States, they consisted of 3A class players (However, roasters are also limited to tournaments that do not overlap the season outside the United States. The Korean national team of the 1998 Asian Games mentioned above was at that time.Los Angeles DodgersI belonged toPark ParkWas included). In the background, many of these international competitions are held during the MLB season (and when the playoff battle after August is in the midst of the season), so the season has to be interrupted or the teams have to lack control In addition, because there are many issues such as compensation when injured at the tournament, each team and athletes may be passive. This problem is said to be one of the factors that led to the exclusion of baseball from the Olympic games.

Professional players including major leaguers will participate from 2006World Baseball Classic(WBC) is being conducted, including the United States,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIn addition to participating in the race after forming a national team with only major leaguers, Japan, Korea,ベネズエラThe countries with major leaguers are all-professional teams including domestic players. The tournament is being held before the start of the season (in the major professional baseball leagues in the Northern Hemisphere such as MLB), with the MLB organization playing a central role, with the cooperation of IBAF.

In 2011, as WBC became the IBAF-approved world's most deciding match, the World Cup, which was mainly amateur, was progressively eliminated, and in the middle year of WBC, it became professional.Premier 12Was founded. Of this premiere 121th competitionWas held in November 2015,World seriesMLB did not allow 40 roster-registered players to participate due to the timing of the event, which was just after the event.Therefore, in the final match on November 40, which was held after the announcement of the 11-person roster frame by the MLB Players Association,US representativeWas unable to play because three players entered this roaster, and the match lost to Korea 3-0.

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