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⚾ | Autumn High School Baseball Tokai Tournament Mie wins semi-final with Chukyo University Chukyo


Autumn high school baseball Tokai tournament Mie wins semi-final with Chukyo University Chukyo

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Mie High School will face Chukyo University Chukyo High School in the semi-finals on the 31st.

Autumn high school baseball Tokai tournament leading to Spring Senbatsu Koshien.Mie High School, which won the Mie Prefectural Tournament, will fight the first match on the 25th ... → Continue reading

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We will tell you a wide range of information such as incidents and accidents that occurred in Furusato Mie, delicious dishes that have reached the season and topics that make you feel at ease.
Mie's events are on Mie TV♪

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Chukyo High School

Chukyo High School(School school)


South Korea

Mie Junior High School/High School

Mie Junior High School/High School(Miechu school, school school)MieMatsusaka CityLocated in Kubo TownprivateJunior high school-high school.


Since April 20, when the new school building was completed, students enrolled in Mie Junior and Senior High School's integrated middle and high school education and students enrolling in Mie High School from other junior high schools have been studying in different school buildings.Special classrooms and gymnasiums are available for students who receive integrated middle and high school education.


Installation Department

  • Full-time course-regular course
    • Higher Education Course
      • Advancement selection course
      • Higher Education Course
    • Special advance course
    • 6 year course


  • Full-time course-Commerce, Music

Educational policy

Building spirit

  • "Academic and Sports Serious Hall of Fame"
    • "obey the rule"
    • "do my best"
    • "Make teamwork"
    • "Respect for the other person"

School lesson

  • "Serious taste"

school event

  • First term sports competition (June)
  • Midori Festival (September)
  • Ekiden (February)
  • Late Sports Tournament (March)

Student organization activities, club activities, etc.

Student council activities

  • ISO14001 acquisition / cancellation
    • 2001In (13), the Student Organization led the way and became the first Japanese high school to acquire ISO14001.

Club activities, etc. (junior high school)

Sports Department

  • Baseball club
  • Soccer club
  • Volleyball club
  • basket Club
  • Soft tennis club
  • Table Tennis Department
  • Kendo club
  • Ekiden team (not a formal club. Organized mainly by third graders after summer)

Ministry of Culture

Club activities (high school)

Sports Department

Below, italicized club activities are designated as strengthening clubs (established in 2006).

  • Athletics part
  • Swimming club
  • Rigid Baseball Club
  • Softball baseball club
  • Soft tennis club
  • basket Club
  • Men's volleyball club
  • Women's volleyball club
  • Women's softball club
  • Soccer club
  • Cycling club
  • Table Tennis Department
  • Kendo club
  • Archery 
  • Rigid tennis club
  • Sumo club
  • Wonder Vogel part
  • Support section
  • Archery club
  • Rugby club
  • Golf club
  • Handball club
  • Nippon Kempo Club
  • Men's softball club

Ministry of Culture

  • Shogi club
  • English club
  • Theater department
  • Science and Technology Department
  • Calligraphy club
  • Art department
  • Photo Club
  • Brass band club
  • chorus club
  • Gardening club
  • Library
  • Broadcasting department
  • Go section
  • Baton twirling club
  • Literature / Illustration Department
  • Local Research Department
  • Railway Research Department
  • Tea ceremony club
  • Flower arrangement
  • Human rights circle
  • Oral Department
  • Guitar mandolin club
  • Kotobe
  • Dressmaking and handicraft club
  • Cooking department
  • dance···Spring Japanese High School Dance Club ChampionshipAt the Central Japan Tournament 2017second place.

Abandoned part

  • Gymnastics
  • Ski club
  • Judo section

National High School Baseball Championship participation history

  • 41- 48th competition(First appearance in the championship, advancement to the second round, defeat. 2-2 Heian, Kyoto representative)
  • 43- 50th competition(Advance / defeat in quarterfinals. 1-5 Kokoku / Osaka representative)
  • 44- 51th competition(Loss in the first round. 1-7 Koryo / Hiroshima representative)
  • 48- 55th competition(Loss in the first round. 1-13 Naruto, Tokushima representative)
  • 50- 57th competition(Advance / defeat in the 3rd round. 3-7 Tokai University Sagami / Kanagawa representative)
  • 51- 58th competition(2nd round (first round) defeated. 0-4 Yanagawa Sho / Fukuoka representative)
  • 4 - 74th competition(Advance / defeat in the 3rd round. 0-3 Nishi-Nippon Junior College, Fukuoka representative)
  • 7 - 77th competition(Loss in the second round (first round). 2-1 Shimonoseki Sho, Yamaguchi representative)
  • 18 - 88th competition(Loss in the first round. 1-4 Kumamoto Technical High School, Kumamoto Representative)
  • 21 - 91th competition(Advance / defeat in the 2nd round. 3-8 Miyakonojo / Miyazaki representative)
  • 25 - 95th competition(2nd round (first round) defeated. 7-9 Saibi / Ehime representative)
  • 26 - 96th competition(Advance to the championship finals, runner-up. 3-4 Osaka Toin, Osaka representative)

Selected high school baseball tournament participation history

  • 41- 38th competition(First appearance in Senbatsu, defeated in the second round (first round). 2-3 Ube Sho, Chugoku district representative)
  • 42- 39th competition(2nd round (first round) defeated. 0-5 City Wakayama Sho, Kinki district representative)
  • 44- 41th competition(Advance to the Senbatsu finals, first victory. 12-0 Horikoshi, Tokyo representative. Kazuo Nakata, who will later become the director, will participate as a player)
  • 45- 42th competition(Advance / defeat in quarterfinals. 1-4 Minoshima / Kinki area representative)
  • 46- 43th competition(Loss in the first round. 1-2 Kinki University Junior High School representative)
  • 2 - 62th competition(Advance / defeat in quarterfinals. 3-4 Hokuyo / Kinki area representative)
  • 3 - 63th competition(Loss in the first round. 1-2 Tenri / Kinki area representative)
  • 4 - 64th competition(Advance / defeat in quarterfinals. 2-3 Teikyo / Tokyo representative)
  • 7 - 67th competition(Loss in the first round. 1-0 Seiryo / Hokushin'etsu area representative)
  • 22 - 82th competition(Advance / defeat in the second round. 2x-2 Teikyo / Tokyo representative)
  • 24 - 84th competition(Advance / defeat in the second round. 2-0 Urawa Gakuin / Kanto area representative)
  • 26 - 86th competition(Loss in the first round. 1-2 Chiben Gakuen / Kinki area representative)
  • 30 - 90th competition(Advance / defeat in the semi-finals. 2-3 Osaka Toin / Kinki area representative)

Famous people


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Other sports




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