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⚾ | [Draft name scene] Former Yakult director Mitsuru Manaka "wrong lottery" is whitened behind the scenes!This year's featured players will also be revealed


[Draft name scene] Former Yakult director Mitsuru Manaka "wrong lottery" behind the scenes!This year's featured players will also be revealed

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Kanemoto-san couldn't do the guts pose even though he pulled it, isn't it?

Mitsuru Manaka who led Yakult to the league title in 2015.At the draft meeting that year, with Hanshin Director Tomoaki Kanemoto (at that time) ... → Continue reading

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Guts pose

Guts pose(English : fist pump) Is one of the poses of joy. It is expressed by holding a fist and holding both hands or one hand, and is often seen when winning sports or when achieving good results. The word "guts pose"Japanglish.


The pose itself has been around for a long time, but the word "guts pose" was used for the first time. 197211/30Issued toBowlingmagazine""(Gakken) Named the pose when he took the strike "Guts pose" (1972)[1]). It is said that in the 1960s, at a bowling alley in a U.S. military base, people used to say "nice guts" during a strike.[2][3].. 『Tamori Club(1995),Refreshing(2013) and other surveys conducted by TV shows that professional bowler Taro Iwagami is the first person to do it in Japan from existing footage.[1]. This is a pose like pulling a fist at the chest.

In addition, 19744/11, In TokyoNichidai AuditoriumAtProfessional boxerGuts Ishimatsu boxingWBC worldLight weightWhen the throne is taken (the kingRodolfo Gonzalez8 round KO win), showing his joy of victory with both hands raised,Hideki Kashiwa(at that time·Sports report) The guts pose became widely known by the reporter as "guts pose". For this reason, April 4 is called “Guts pose day”.[1].

Early 21th centuryHarvest,urban legendWith the boom, it was generalized that "the origin of Guts pose is Guts Ishimatsu." However, since the case of the above-mentioned bowling magazine has been verified, there is a theory that this case is incorrect. However, the case of bowling magazines has not been proved to have a causal relationship with the word "guts pose," which is generally prevailing at present, so this bowling magazine theory cannot be said to be correct.

Was fighting the Daifuku WarMasayoshi Ohira(The then secretary general) 1978 OfLDP PresidentAt the time of the election, he traveled around the country in anticipation of the first primary election. Ohira, who is not good at flashy behavior, tries to leave without hesitation when he finishes his talk and bows. I felt that this was bad, and the party manager, general manager of the party headquarters whispered, "Secretary-general, do some poses." When Ohira looks back, he makes a guts pose. "Oh, oo" Ohira suddenly took this pose, so the venue became a roaring applause.[4].

Guts pose rules and unwritten rules

In addition, somemartial arts,SportsThen the guts pose may be regarded as a problem.

Since the Bushido spirit that values ​​politeness is the underlying martial art,OneIf you do a guts pose after takingAll Japan Kendo FederationArticle 24 of the detailed rules for match referees stipulates that this is an inappropriate act.HitLater, it will be judged that it will show off excess power and effectiveness more than necessary”, and one of them may be canceled according to Article 27 of the bylaws.[5]. 20048/11TV program "Trivia Fountain-Wonderful Waste Knowledge-』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) Introduced the actual kendo game, one of which was canceled due to a guts pose[5].RemnantThis is not the case after the end of the competition and the end of the competition.
2013To eradicate scandalsAll Japan Judo FederationBecame chairmanShoji MuneokaInaugural interview 20148/16 OfMainichi NewspapersIt was published in the article, but was introduced there, "At the greetings of various competitions, we asked to refrain from guts poses in consideration of losers." Muneoka said, "Japan judo is highly evaluated in Europe such as France on the educational side. It is not only strong as a martial arts, but because it has good manners, dignity and intelligence, children can be used in the dojo. I would like to let you do that."
2009March placeChiakiIn the championship decision match ofWhite PengOf Yokozuna who won theMorning blue dragonWhen he made a guts pose on the ring immediately after winning,Yokozuna Deliberation CommitteeIt is regarded as a problem from etc. at a later dateJapan Sumo AssociationFrom the belonging roomTakasago MasterReceived strict attention through.
It is said that you should not make a fancy guts pose after hitting a home run (Unwritten rules of baseballSee).Japan High School Baseball FederationTeaches high school baseball to refrain from gut poses because it is considered part of education.
Table tennis
When a guts pose was made by looking at the opponent's eyes during the match, it was judged by the referee as a violation of manners.yellow cardMay be issued.


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