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🥋 | [Boxing] Martial arts fans are increasing, Hiroto Kyoguchi's V3 game "Impact on the world" = 11 Osaka & World La ...

Photo Hiroto Kyoguchi appealed for the first time and was enthusiastic that he would influence the world at the press conference at the Foreign Correspondents' Association of Japan.

[Boxing] The number of martial arts fans has increased, and Hiroto Kyoguchi's V3 match "Influencing the World" = 11 Osaka & World La ...

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In the women's 63 kg class, the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics champion Tina Trstenjak (Slovenia) won the championship, and the powerhouses fought a fierce battle.

October 10th (Monday) WBA World Light Flyweight Super Champion Hiroto Kyoguchi (26 = Watanabe) will be in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo ... → Continue reading


We are deeply distributing a broader genre, from standing martial arts such as professional boxing, K-1 and kickboxing, mixed martial arts such as UFC and RIZIN, to Olympic games such as karate, judo and wrestling.

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