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⚾ | Karatsu Commercial Hayato Sakamoto Nomination for Giants Training [Saga Prefecture]


Karatsu Commercial Hayato Sakamoto Nomination for Giants Training [Saga Prefecture]

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It has the same surname and same name as the giant shortstop Hayato Sakamoto.

At the professional baseball / draft meeting held on the 26th, catcher Hayato Sakamoto of Karatsu Commercial High School was nominated for 6th place by a giant ... → Continue reading

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Hayato Sakamoto

The same name

The same nameWhat is (Dosei Domei)?Full name(Name) must have the same reading and the same notation.


Since there can be the same surname and the same name, the surname and first name cannot always be the key to identify an individual.When people with the same surname and the same name are present in the same place, it is not only confusing, but sometimes it is serious to make a mistake.Medical errorEtc. may be invited.In Japan, the kanji notation is the same, but the reading may be different. (Example:(I.e.(Kawano, Kono) and Sachiko (Sachiko, Yukiko), etc.In celebritiesShowaOf the diplomats of the previous termShunichi Kase(skein Shunichi,skein Toshikazu) And the singer'sShoko Yasuda(Yasuda Sachiko,Saori YukiSister) and radio personalityShoko Yasuda(Yasuda Evidence), Of the actressKayama Miko(Kayama Yoshiko) and the poetKayama Miko(Koyama There are examples such as Yoshiko).

There are quite a few cases of the same surname or the same name, but the probability of having both the same surname and first name is low.There are many same surnames and same names found in JapanLast name(mainly(I.e.,Tanaka,SatoEtc.) and became popular at that timeFirst nameIt seems that there are many combinations of.In addition, the same surname and the same name may have different genders (for example, the former for a celebrity).baseball playeractress OfKaoru Hirata,maleBoat riderAnd women政治家 OfKazumi Ota,maleBicycle racerAnd womensinger OfMasami InoueSuch).Originally a different surname, but due to marriage or adoptionChanged nameIn some cases, the same surname and the same name may occur.Setsuko, Princess Chichibu, Princess ChichibuWas Setsuko Matsudaira before her marriage,Chichibu PalaceThe Empress Dowager (mother of Chichibu Palace) at the time of her marriageEmpress Sadaaki, The name is Setsuko) and the same name (the emperor / royal family does not have a surname, but the reading is different), so with SetsukoRenameare doing.In a strange exampleHeian periodTo a celebrity of "GenshinThere are two people.One personMonkGenshin, The other is an aristocratMinamoto NomakotoBut the monks at that timePriestThen, the surname disappears and it is almost the same as the same surname.

In Japan, if a close relative has a person with the same surname and the same name,Government officeInFamily registerMake a note internally so as not to make a mistake in handling.If you find it inconvenient in your daily life, you can easily change your name.When candidates with the same surname and the same name run for election, the town name of the place of residence is often enclosed in parentheses after the name.Such an example is historicallyVillageIt can be said that this is not a rare case in an area where the whole name is the same.

If there is a relative or neighbor with the same surname and the same name and it causes confusion, one of them willName change notificationIf you submit, the name change tends to be accepted.In addition, when a woman changes her surname to a man's surname when she gets married, she wants to avoid confusion due to having the same surname and the same name in the neighborhood, but the party who is the target of the same surname wants to continue the name. Assuming a case of refusing to submitCommon-law marriageCases and selective for that reasonFamily name by coupleThere are voices requesting the introduction of the system.

South Korea(Korea)ChugokuIn Japan, there are far fewer types of surnames and given names than in Japan, so there are a large number of people with the same surname and given name.Therefore, when calling a person's name, it is common to call it by the full name, not just the surname or first name as in Japan.

In Europe and Americaキ リ ス ト 教There are relatively many names with the same surname (same first name and last name) because there are many names associated with them, there are not so many main types of names originally, and they are often given the same name as their parents or relatives.For this reason, Jr. (junior) andmiddle name, II (The Second, II) and III (The Third, III) and distinguish nicknames (MacArthur is the GHQ Brigadier General himself and the nephew of the Ambassador to Japan is Douglas, Roosevelt is the President The grandson of a businessman, the son of Brigadier General of the Army, and the same surname of Theodore).Even in the Arab regionIslamThere are many names derived from, such as successive names such as father and grandfather.TribeThey have a habit of distinguishing names afterwards, but they often have the same name, namely their own name, the names of successive ancestors, tribal names and village names.AmericaThen, when another person who had the same name as a person who needs attention as a terrorist tried to board an airplane, he was judged to be the same person and refused to board.


There is no official data on the same surname and same name in Japan,Hiroshi MoriokaIn a survey conducted byMinoru TanakaEstimated more than 3000 people, in 1986Meiji LifeIn the survey conducted by Hiroshi Morioka, "Kazuko Sato" was the top, but Hiroshi Morioka sees that the number of people with the same surname has decreased due to the increase in strange names.[2].

The most common same surname and same name in the United StatesJames smith(James Smith)[3].. Established in 1969, there is a group of about 2000 members called Jim Smith Society, and the qualification for membership is that the first and last name is Jim Smith, and there are also female members.[4].

2005, a businessmanMartha StewartThere is a record of 164 people with the same surname and the same name as himself collected by (Martha Stewart) in the planning of a TV program.Guinness World RecordsCertified as[2].

In Japan, there is an organization called "General Incorporated Association Hirokazu Tanaka no Kai", which collects the same surname and same name.Hirokazu Tanaka MovementIs being deployed. 1994,Professional baseball draft conferenceKintetsu BuffaloesReceived the 1st place nomination fromHirokazu TanakaPeople with the same surname and the same name who knew that there wasHirokazu TanakaThe beginning of things that I started looking for[2].. In 2011, 71 Hirokazu Tanaka (67 people who met the requirements) gathered to aim for the Guinness World Records by how many people with the same surname and same name gathered at the same time, but the standard of 50 people informed in advance by Guinness is It did not become a Guinness record due to the discovery of the aforementioned Martha Stewart record during the review of the record of what was exceeded.[5].

In China, there are 2007 people with the same surname and the same name, with the most "Zhang Wei" in 29 statistics.[6].

Items that require attention to the same surname and same name

In both cases, only how to read the name is printed on the card.RomajiBecause it will be printed inOhte ShigenobuIf you look only at the kanji, you may be confused with things that do not look like the same surname and the same name, such as "" and "Shigenotake Okuma."For that purpose, we are presenting and submitting identity verification documents, but around June 2012,Aum ShinrikyoThe name of a real person whose former believer has the same surname and same namePseudonymIt has been revealed that it was used as and spoofed.

Same surname and same name on family register

同一Family registerThe same name as the name already inBornSometimes I can't name it.For example, a daughter born to her mother "Hiroko" cannot be named "Yoko". "Hiroko", "Hiroko", "Hiroko", etc. are accepted, but this is because there is no concept of reading kana or reading in the family register, and the identity of the characters themselves becomes a problem.Of course, there are no restrictions between same surnames with different family registers, even if they have a blood relationship, so it is possible to give a newborn baby the same name as his grandfather, for example."Principle of prohibiting third-generation family register" even if unmarried mother (father) is still in the family register of the parent[7]As a result, the person who became the mother (father) due to the birth (cognition) of the child organizes a family register independent of the family register of the parent, so name the newborn baby the same name as the siblings / parents of the person who became the mother (father) Is possible.

However, there are the following exceptions, and the same name may exist in the same family register.

  • A person with the same name at birthDeath,divorce,婚姻EtcRemovalDone (for example, the same name as the father who died without seeing his son, the second daughter with the same name as the eldest daughter who died in the newborn period, the older brother who married and has his own family register and the younger brother with the same name who is older)
  • Same family register due to reasons other than birth, such as marriage (for example, "Kaoru" and his wife) and adopted child (adopted father "Shinichi" and adopted child "Shinichi")

Elections with the same surname and same name

1971 Nakaminato mayoral election

19717/18Of votesIbarakiNakaminato CityIn the mayoral election, four people, including leading candidate A and B with the same surname and same name, ran. B was admitted to a hospital in Mito City on the day of his candidacy, and was offered a candidacy for the mayoral election by a person whose name was unknown by telephone, and he was notified of his candidacy without reply.The election was held in response to the recall of the former mayor, and since A was running for the support of the recall faction, the police interviewed that it may be a hindrance to the former mayor faction. It was done, but the candidacy was established[8]..In the election, the candidate was identified by writing the address in front of the candidate, so the number of split votes was small, and A, who lives in Nakaminato City, was elected with a big difference from other candidates. became.

2020 House of Representatives Shizuoka 4th district by-election

20204/26Of votesHouse of RepresentativesShizuoka Prefecture 4th WardBy-elections from the beginning of the yearConstitutional Democratic PartyIndependent Ken Tanaka recommended by the four opposition parties had announced his candidacy, but in the same year4/1,A party protecting the people from NHKOf another personKen TanakaAnnounced to support.The election will be held with the same surname and the same name.Public office election lawAccording to the regulations ofBallotIf you enter anything other than the candidate's name in, it will be invalid, but Shizuoka PrefectureElection Management CommitteePosts the age in addition to the candidate name etc. on the polling place bulletin board.It was decided to add the age to the ballot to distinguish individuals, and if the age was not written, it would be divided according to the number of votes obtained.Eventually, there were four candidates for the election, and both of the two Ken Tanaka were defeated.The number of votes for the same surname and the same name was 4, but it did not affect the majority of the elections and did not cause any turmoil.[9][10]..In addition, Tanaka, who was supported by the party that protects the people from NHK, did not post election bulletins or posters, and did not carry out any election campaigns.


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