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🥋 | <Wrestling> [Record] Yuji Takada, who continued to win the fall at the world championships and was overwhelmingly strong ... Olympics & the world ...

Photo Yuji Takada, current managing director of the Japan Association, who accumulated white stars by sticking to winning the fall in the era when there was no technical fall

<Wrestling> [Record] Yuji Takada, who continued to win the fall at the world championships and was overwhelmingly strong ... Olympics & the world ...

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In terms of the number of gold medals, Osamu Watanabe, Masaaki Kaneko, and Hideaki Yanagida are three in the Olympics and World Championships (Olympic 3), followed by these three in the World Championships.

Yuji Takada (currently managing director of the Japan Association) has the highest number of medals in Japan for both the men's freestyle Olympics and the world championships. → Continue reading

 Japan Wrestling Association

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Osamu Watanabe

Osamu Watanabe(Watanabe Osamu, 194010/21 -) isHokkaidoWassamu TownFromJapan Ofwrestlingplayer.1964 Tokyo OlympicsWrestling freestyleFeatherweightGold medalist[1].


One of the strongest players in the history of Japanese wrestling.Born and raised in a stone dealer's house, he helped load and unload stones when he was a child.[2].Hokkaido Shibetsu High SchoolからChuo UniversityGo on to school.I started wrestling in high school[2].

1961 US Open Championship, World Championship, Asian Tournament, 1962 Japan-Soviet Battle, World Championship, Manchester International Tournament, 1963 Soviet Union / Eastern Europe Expedition and Undefeated Pleasure Continued to advance.

Its strength is described as "animal" and the accuracy of its technique is described as "Swiss watch".[2],1964 Tokyo OlympicsIt was said that there was no doubt that he would win the gold medal at.Watanabe wasn't overwhelmed by this pressure and didn't allow even one point in every match.[2]He won the gold medal by winning the fall and achieved the world's best achievement for the third consecutive year together with the world championship.The "3 consecutive wins" that Watanabe marked during this timeGuinness BookIt was also published in.

After the Tokyo OlympicsDentsuGet a job and be assigned to the newspaper and magazine office[2]. 1970Participated in the All Japan Adult Wrestling Championship and won one victory. After working for 1 years, he gave up his life at Dentsu and left the company when he was invited by an officer of a sporting goods company.[2]..However, the performance of this company was sluggish, and then he started an event company himself, but this also did not work and he lost his home and home (two daughters with his wife).[2].

In anticipation of a comeback 1987It will be the first time in 24 years for the All Japan Adult Wrestling Championship1988 Seoul OlympicsI bet that I would participate in the race, but I lost in the quarterfinals, and the record of consecutive wins stopped at "189".[2].

Watanabe's 189 consecutive victories have been evaluated by discounting many overseas games for which no detailed records remain, but he has won all the big tournaments such as the Olympics.

After that, he remarried and participated in Masters games until his 60s.[2]In 2003, he won the Masters Wrestling World Championship.During this time 1995 Of17rd House of Councilors ordinary electionToRefreshing new partyAs a candidate forProportional sectionI ran from.

2004, In the field of "sports promotion"Purple ribbonWas awarded.

2010,Mayor TomakomaiAnnounced candidacy for election[3]However, he later gave up running[4].

2013In February, Watanabe wrestled2020 Tokyo OlympicsRegarding being a candidate for the competition to be excluded from the competition, he said in an interview that "I was at the mercy of my life when I was active. I feel like I will be killed if I get out of the Olympic competition." Indicated[5].

As of 2017, he is instructing younger players while serving as a director of the All Japan Masters Wrestling Federation.[2].

Main battle record

Freestyle featherweight

All Japan Wrestling Championship

1960-Champion, 1961-Champion, 1962-Champion, 1963-Champion, 1964-Champion

World Wrestling Championships

1962-winner, 1963-winner

Summer olympic

1964 Tokyo Olympics -Win


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外部 リンク

gold medal

gold medalWhat is (kind medal)?FriMade ininsignia/ Emblem[1][2][3]Or goldPlatingInsignia/emblem[1][2][3].CompetitionAnd competition (Contest)ofWinTo the personRecognition, And many moreCommemorativeIt is often given for[3].

EnglishThen "gold medal"Good[4][Note 1],日本語But thisSound recording officialForeign words"Gold medalIs valid[2].Chinese language(ChineseAnd Japanese)gold medal(Japanese sound: Kinpai,pinyin : jīnpái<Din pie>)”[Note 2].

The second meaning is the first meaningOlympicFrom the place of awarding to the winner,SportsTo be number one in a competition[3].


Gold medal as a sports medal

OriginallyFriIt is made of disc and has a disk shape.victorySymbolizelaurelHas been given a pattern such asMedalIs called as follows. Also, on the upper part of the main body,firstWide strings and ribbons are attached to hang it on the wall. Also,Metaphor"Victory" "WinIs also used as a meaning. In group sportsChampionship flag,TrophyEtc. are given to the team, but a gold medal is given to each player.

Modern olympic gold medal

Modern olympicIngold medalIt is,Olympic medalsKind of. It is a medal awarded to the person who has achieved the highest grade. In social valueFri-Silver-copperThe first place award is represented in gold, as is the order and gold is the highest.

Until the 2003 editionOlympic charterIn “purity 92.5% or moreSilver(Sterling SilverOr britannia silver) medal surface with 6g or more goldPlatingWhat was done”[5](In other words, it must be vermeil) (Rule 70, Bylaw 2-2). This is to ensure that there is no economic disadvantage depending on the host country.[6]. However, this statement has been deleted from the 2004 version of the Charter, leaving only the statement that the medal and diploma form must be submitted to the IOC for approval in advance (Rule 59). There is.

1912HeldStockholm OlympicsUntil then, he had adopted a pure gold medal.

The design of the medal differs depending on the competition.1998 Nagano OlympicsThen in partlacquerA paint was used.2006 Turin OlympicsThen the shape isdonutThe shapes were different in form. However,Summer olympicFor the back side of2004 Athens OlympicsThe standard is unified with the opportunity, and the goddess of victoryNike ReliefIt was fixed to what was given as. This changeギリシャ International Olympic Committee (IOC) request.


Modern olympic gold medal

Gold medal of other sports competitions

Bite a gold medal

chew a gold medal

The player who wins the gold medal bites the medal that he holds.OrShow and chewgestureTo doperformanceThere is[7]. It has been around since the late 20th century[7]. There is no term for this act,日本語Then "Bite a gold medalOrNothing"Or"Gold medalThe fireThat".Fluctuation of expressionThere is also a word form that abbreviates "gold".English(*De facto internationalcommon language) Then, "chew a gold medal(Meaning: bite a gold medal)" is commonly used.

world's first

There are various opinions about who performed the performance of biting a gold medal, but the most influential of them is1988 Seoul Olympicstime,Swimming200 meters for menFreestyleWonオーストラリアRepresentative player Duncan John Armstrong (en), that person[7]. Although the details of the reason are unknown, one theory is that "I tried to check whether the gold medal is made of real gold"[7].. After that, gold medalists from various countries and regions came to do this, and it became a spectacle that was widely caught by people all over the world through news and magazine articles.

Japan's first

JapanThen,1996 Atlanta Olympics OfjudoBecame a men's 71kg class gold medalistKenzo NakamuraHowever, it is held immediately after the award ceremony, and among those based on reliable information, this is "Japan andJapaneseIs considered the first performance as[7].インターネットAbove, for a long time, he became a gold medalist in the men's 2 kg class that took place two days after Nakamura's match.Tadahiro NomuraWas considered the first in Japan and the first in Japan[7]Nomura himself denied this, "NakamuraSeniorWas imitated."[7].. Also, since Nakamura's performance can be confirmed from sports photos taken at the time, Nakamura is the first person to the best of Nomura's knowledge.[7].. In the story of the person concerned about Nakamura's photograph published in the sports paper, Nakamura's performance wasカ メ ラ マ ンWas in response to the request of[7].. That person thinks that Nakamura had no idea to "bite a medal."[7].. like thisHistory(A statement)It seems that it started from Nakamura, but while Nomura became a young hope without a name before the game, the world's attention gathered, but only Nomura's performance was taken up, so it was ``Tadahiro Nomura. It is thought that the misunderstanding that "was the first in Japan" was born.

Mass media overheating

Then reportMass mediaMore demands were made from players from the side, and the demands were further escalated to create an atmosphere that is "normally done", if not "naturally done". . However, not all players who perform this performance or the general public who sees it are happy.[8].. There are many athletes who reluctantly respond to requests while feeling uncomfortable, and many ordinary people who only feel uncomfortable.[8].. From the 2000s to the 2010s, Japan was a time when mass media demands escalated endlessly, and athletes rejected it and public voices (such as TV viewers) replied. After that, perhaps realizing that it was not supported by many ordinary people, the mass media made fewer requests.

Individual response

2006 Turin Olympics OfFigure skatingGold medalistShizuka ArakawaDidn't respond to the reporter's request, saying "I don't understand what you bite"[8].. There were many people who supported this response.[8].2012 London OlympicsMedalist held in Japan afterTriumphparadeThen,Commercial broadcastTV stationPopular program relentlessly urged players to chew medals and became the target of viewers' criticism[8].

Also, what is required/requested isathleteDoesn't stop there.Nobel Prize in Physiology or MedicineAward winnerShinya YamanakaDr. 201212/12(Local time,+1 UTC) When I was interviewed by the press after the award ceremony, he said, “It's heavier than I thought, and I really feel the weight of history.” A male reporter asked me, "If it's possible, I'd like you to bite me (That... 〇×△□)"[Note 3].. Yamanaka, on the other hand, interrupted the reporter's words with his own words and said with a smiling smile, "No, I can't do that. It's a precious thing."[8][9].. Each of JapanTV stationThis sceneprogramThen.Cut and airHowever,TV Asahi TheJapan timeAfter 13:8 am on the XNUMXth,ANN News"YouTubeOfficial channel[9] OfOnline deliveryNEWSMovieAs it was delivered including the remarks of the problem, it became a place for people in the world to know[8].. In the part of "I want you to bite"telopWas up to[8].. Many people in the Internet are displeased that this performance expulsion, which is often unpleasant, spread to non-athletes, as well as “Nobel Prize winners who should be paid the utmost respect”.TroutI was angry at the extremely rude act of "I was angry, the reporter who made the problem and the company I belonged to, and the TV Asahi blame that delivered this without being ashamed.[8].. There was a runaway attempt to identify the reporter in question and the company to which they belonged, but it was speculated that "the company to belong to must be TV Asahi".[8].


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注 釈

  1. ^ In English, that first sense. The second meaning isGeographyField of賞Refers to the "gold medal" where[4](* Separate section "Gold Medal (Royal Geographical Society)"checking).
  2. ^ In Chinese, that first sense.
  3. ^ I can't hear well because the words in the Yamanaka block the "○×△□" part.


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