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🥋 | <Wrestling> [Special feature] Wrestling clubs were founded at three high schools, all of them participated in national competitions and will retire next spring ...

Photo Director Kazuto Mimura, who made his first appearance in the national tournament in Kyoto, Hoshitaka, the fifth year of the foundation = October 5, Niigata Higashi Sports Center (photographed by Sachiko Hodaka)

<Wrestling> [Special feature] Wrestling clubs were created at three high schools, all of them participated in national competitions and will retire next spring ...

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An alumnus of Doshisha University, he started wrestling at university, but has a track record of 3rd place in the All Japan Student Championship.

There is a word "Meihakuraku" as the name of a famous leader.Zhou who excels in seeing and raising famous horses ... → Continue reading

 Japan Wrestling Association

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School corporation Doshisha

School corporation Doshisha(Gakkou Hojindosha,English: The Doshisha) IsDoshisha Kindergarten,Doshisha Elementary SchoolからDoshisha University-Doshisha Women's UniversityHas up to 9 school gardensSchool corporation.


Building spirit

Doshisha's founding spiritキ リ ス ト 教It is a spiritual "conscience".FounderNiijimaThe purpose of the school was to foster "people who manage their conscience with skill".He wanted to produce people who were "filled with the whole body of their conscience" by promoting "Tokuiku" based on Christianity in parallel so as not to be biased toward knowledge education.A monument that carved that thought in his handwritingDoshisha UniversityIt exists in various schools such as.This conscience monument is engraved with the words, "The whole body of the conscience is full and strong.

In addition, as an educational philosophy to concretely realize this "conscience" education, "Christianity" and ""Liberalism"Internationalism" is raised, and through these, we aim to produce a person who is "the conscience of a country."The Korea Research Center is prestigious about internationalism.Also on campus South KoreaThe poet Yun Dong-ju poetry monument is also famous.

Academic style and features

キ リ ス ト 教ProtestantA school corporationCongregational churchFollow the flow of (Union Church).But so-calledMission schoolIt is different in nature from and does not have the main purpose of Christian evangelism (education itself is not the means of evangelism).



1875,Six Meiji EducatorsIs one ofNiijimaWas founded byDoshisha English SchoolIs the predecessorSchool corporation.

Chronological Table

Schools in Doshisha and related schools


High school consistent school

primary school


Related schools

School in the past

Successive presidents

President before 1918

代PresidentTerm of officeRemarks
1Jo Niijima.jpgNiijima 187511 month - 18901Doshisha UniversityPredecessor ofDoshisha English SchoolFounder, school founder
NearKakuma Yamamoto (1828-1892) .jpgYamamoto 18901 month - 18923Aizu DomainInterrogator, military interrogator and cannon captain, civilian,KyotoFirst chairman of the meeting
Kyoto Chamber of CommerceChairman,NiijimaBrother-in-law
2Kozaki.JPGHiromichi Kozaki 18923 month - 18974Japan Union Christian ChurchChairman,United Church of Christ in JapanPresident
代Ichihara Morihiro.jpgMorihiro Ichihara 1894Korean bankFirst Governor,横 浜 市long
NearEisuke Nakamura.jpgEisuke Nakamura 18974 month - 18975House of Representatives,Kyoto City CouncilChairman,Kyoto RailwayCompany director,Kyoto lightCompany director
President of Fushimi Spinning Company, President of Heian Spinning Company
3Pastor Tokio Yokoi.jpgTokio Yokoi 18975 month - 18993Ministry of CommunicationsSecretariat,House of RepresentativesCongressman,Yokoi Kogususon
NearKotaro Shimomura.jpgKotaro Shimomura 18993 month - 18997Became a temporary honorary president due to the resignation of his predecessor
4Seito Saibara.jpgSeito Saibara 18997 month - 19023House of RepresentativesCongressman, pioneer of Japanese immigrants pioneering Texas, USA
5Kataoka Kenkichi.jpgKenkichi Kataoka 19023 month - 190310Freedom Civil Rights MovementPropeller,House of RepresentativesChair
6Kotaro Shimomura.jpgKotaro Shimomura 190310 month - 190611Chemical engineeringPioneer, Osaka Seimi Industry (currentlyOsaka Gas) President,Sumitomo ChemicalEstablishment
NearTakayoshi Matsuyama.jpgTakayoshi Matsuyama 190611 month - 19071Priest, Pioneer of hymn business in Japan
7Harada Tasuku.jpgHarada Tasuku 19071 month - 19191University of HawaiiDean of the Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Hawaii LLD,Edinburgh UniversityLLD,Amherst CollegeLLD
NearEisuke Nakamura.jpgEisuke Nakamura 19191 month - 19203Became a temporary president due to the resignation of his predecessor
8EbinaDanjo.jpgEbina Danjo 19204 month - 192811Christian thinker, a major figure in the world of speech
NearEisuke Nakamura.jpgEisuke Nakamura 192811 month - 192910Became a temporary president due to the resignation of his predecessor
9Gintaro Taikubara.jpgCarpenter Gintaro Hara 192911 month - 19343Agronomist,Kyushu Imperial UniversityThird president
NearEisuke Nakamura.jpgEisuke Nakamura 19343 month - 19343Became a temporary president due to the death of his predecessor
10Hachiro Yuasa 01.jpgYuasa Hachiro 19343 month - 193712Entomologist,International Christian UniversityFirst president
NearDoshisha-emblem.jpgTsugu Uetani 19381 month - 19387Doshisha Managing Director becomes temporary president due to resignation of his predecessor
11Doshisha-emblem.jpgMakino Toratsuji 19387 month - 19473Principal and Chairman of Tokyo Family School, Chairman of Kyoto Prefectural Council of Social Welfare, Chairman of Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education
Manchuria RailwaySocial Manager,Ministry of InteriorCommissioned, Osaka Prefecture Social Affairs Division commissioned
12Hachiro Yuasa 01.jpgYuasa Hachiro 19474 month - 19506
13Doshisha-emblem.jpgSetsuji Otsuka 19506 month - 196311Theologian
14Doshisha-emblem.jpgEtsuji Sumiya 1963 - 1975Criticism of modern newspapers, evening editionKyoto ShimbunPresident,Zhou EnlaiMeeting with the Prime Minister
15Doshisha-emblem.jpgNaozou Ueno 1975 - 1985Japan University Accreditation AssociationPresident
16Doshisha-emblem.jpgYoshinori Matsuyama 1985 - 2001psychologist
17Doshisha-emblem.jpgMinoru Otani 2001 - 2016Criminal law scholar,Bar examinationExaminer,Ministry of JusticeCivil Rights Commissioner, Former President
In addition, the position of president and the position of director are separated from the current generation.
The chairman is Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Theology, Doshisha UniversityShinya Nomoto.
18Doshisha-emblem.jpgEiji Hatta 2017 - IncumbentJapan High School Baseball FederationPresident


  • Doshisha Biwako Retreat Center
A facility created for the purpose of "Christian education and international exchange" to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Doshisha University.There are accommodation facilities and various exercise facilities, which can be used by people involved in the school corporation Doshisha and students for seminars and club activities.
  • Niijima Kaikan
NiijimaA hall in the garden of the house where I lived.There is a main building and an annex, which are used for alumni associations.

Relationship with society

Cultural property

The following cultural properties exist at Doshisha.

Important cultural property

Exists in DoshishaImportant cultural propertyThere are the following.

  • Building
    • Doshisha Chapel (Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus)
      • Number: 1575
      • Type 1: School building
      • Designated date: 19637/1
      • Age: 1886(19th year of Meiji)
      • Structural type: brick, building area 316.0m2, One-story, partly mezzanine and basement, thatched
      DC GreenDesigned by and completed in 1886.American gothicIron plate-roofed brick construction.American boardBuilt by donation.JapanInProtestantMade of brickChapelThe oldest surviving one.The construction was done by Yoshibei Mikami, who also undertook the final building.Stained glassIs beautifulTokutomi flowerIn his novel, "Black Eyes and Brown Eyes," it was described as the "five-colored rays" falling. 1963Designated as a national important cultural property, 1987から 1990Semi-demolition repair work was carried out until.It is still used as a chapel, and worship services are held every week.Also, on weekends, only Doshisha officialsweddingCan also be mentioned.The second generation of Doshisha's chapel (the first was made of wood).
    • Shoeikan (OriginalDoshisha Junior High School)
      Designed by DC Green 1884Completed in.American Gothic style tiled brick construction.Built with a donation from the American Board.Kyoto CityThe oldest existing brick building inside.It is a symmetrical building facing the east side. The Shinshoeikan, which was expanded as a classroom building for Doshisha Junior High School in 1951, was in contact with the front right side, so the symmetrical facade could not be seen for a long time, but the Shinshoeikan was removed at the end of 2012. There is.
    • Yushukan (Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus)
      • Number: 1575
      • Type 1: School building
      • Designated date: 19795/21
      • Age: 1887(20th year of Meiji)
      • Structural type: Brick, building area 352.3m2, Two-story, first basement floor, tiled roof (excluding interior)
      Completed as a bookstore in 1887.When it was completed, it was the largest school library building in Japan.The design is DC Green.Construction is by Yoshibei Mikami.The first university library. 1928,Emperor ShowaHowever, when he was in Tokyo at the coronation ceremony, the final building broke out.Since the Imperial Palace, which is the location of the coronation ceremony, is next to Doshisha Imadegawa Campus, the university authorities were guarding the campus during the coronation ceremony.However, the large wooden brazier in the room that was used as the station was heated and broke out.As a result, the then president, Ebina Danjo, directors, and auditors resigned from responsibility.Doshisha is said to have been accused of being a national thief.The unburned body of the final building was scheduled to be removed, but at that time it was next doorDoshisha Girls' SchoolWas involved in the construction ofKyoto Imperial UniversityProfessor of ArchitectureTakeda GoichiRecommended repair and preservation, and eventually preserved by making a 15 cm reinforced concrete wall inside the outer wall.
    • Harris Science Hall (Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus)
      • Number: 1575
      • Type 1: School building
      • Designated date: May 1979, 5
      • Age: 1890(23th year of Meiji)
      • Structural type: Brick, building area 587.0m2, With Tohoku corner laboratory, Tiled roof (excluding interiors other than stairs)
      アメリカ合衆国ConnecticutNew LondonIt was built with the donation of Jonathan N. Harris.The designer is ALEX N. HANSELL, a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects. 1890With the completion of, a brick building built in England. It was designated as an important cultural property on May 1979, 5.
    • Clarke Memorial Hall (Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus)
      • Number: 1575
      • Type 1: School building
      • Designated date: May 1979, 5
      • Age: 1894(27th year of Meiji)
      • Structural type: Brick, building area 389.4m2, Tiled roof, with southwest corner tower, copper plate thatched
      • Attachment: 1 volume of building specifications, 1 volume of architectural blueprints
      After Niijima's death, a movement aimed at building the Niijima Memorial Theological Museum was held, but donations were not easily collected.At that time, Mr. and Mrs. BW Clark made a donation for his son who died at a young age in the same year as Niijima.The Clarke Memorial Hall was built with the funds.ドイツ OfNeo-Gothic styleIt is a building based on the above, and is regarded as a symbol of Doshisha. When it opened in 1894, it was called the Clark Theological Museum and was used as the center of theological education and research. In May 1979, it was designated as an important cultural property along with the "blueprint" and "new construction specifications". 2003Complete renovation and restoration work has been carried out since January. 2007Completed in December.The green-blue copper plate roofing of the tower was removed from the iron plate roofing at the time of completion since the Taisho era.Dormer windowThe jewel decoration of the main building was replaced with the spire decoration at the time of construction, the chimney rain protection was re-installed, the bricks, the hut structure was reinforced, and the entire building was earthquake-resistant.

Nationally registered tangible cultural property

  • Building
    • Amherst House (Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus)
      • Registration number: 26-0200
      • Structure: Reinforced concrete construction 3 stories above ground, 1 story below ground, slate thatched roof, building area 343m2
      • Age: 1874(7th year of Meiji)
      • location:KyotoKyoto CityKamigyo WardImadegawa-doriKarasuma Higashiiri Sokokuji Monzencho 632
      • Date of entry in the original book: 200511/10
      • Date of public notice: 200512/5
      193111/29Cornerstone. 19323/20Completion.New England-Georgian style with a symmetrical look. 2005March 6Registered tangible cultural propertyRegistered in (building).It was used as a student dormitory (Amherst dormitory), but is currently undergoing conservation and renovation work.
    • Doshisha Keimeikan West Building (Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus)
      • Registration number: 26-0257
      • Structure: Brick and reinforced concrete 4-story building, slate thatched roof, building area 153m2, With corridor
      • Age: 1915(Taisho 4)
      • Location: 602-1 Genbucho, Karasuma Higashiiri, Imadegawa-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
      • Date of entry in the original book: 20077/31
      • Date of public notice: 20078/13
      1915Completed as Doshisha University Library (2nd generation university library).The design isWMVories. 197312 CurrentDoshisha UniversityWith the completion of the Imadegawa Library (3rd generation university library), the name was changed to "Keimeikan". 20077/31Registered in.
    • Doshisha Keimeikan Main Building (Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus)
      • Registration number: 26-0256
      • Structure: Brick and reinforced concrete 5-story building, slate thatched roof, building area 406m2
      • Age: 1920(Taisho 9)
      • Location: 602-1 Genbucho, Karasuma Higashiiri, Imadegawa-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
      • Date of entry in the original book: 20077/31
      • Date of Public Notice: 20078/13
      1920Completed as Doshisha University Library (2nd generation university library).The design isWMVories. 197312 CurrentDoshisha UniversityWith the completion of the Imadegawa Library (3rd generation university library), the name was changed to "Keimeikan". 20077/31Registered in.
    • Doshisha Friend Peace House (formerly Doshisha University Cloth Dormitory)
    • Doshisha Women's University James Building (Doshisha Women's University Imadegawa Campus)
    • Doshisha Women's University Glory Hall (Doshisha Women's University Imadegawa Campus)

Evaluation from the outside 

Ltd.Rating and Investment Information, Inc. From (R & I)Is getting.Of the Japanese school corporations, only two corporations (Doshisha University and Waseda University) maintain this rating.[6]


  • Rokuonin(Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus) 
  • Satsuma Clan Residence Ruins (Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus)
    The entire site of Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus is at the end of the Edo periodSatsuma DomainThe mansion was located. 1862ToKyoto CityNakagyo WardIt moved from and became the base of the defeat movement.
  • Konoeden Ruins (Doshisha University Shinmachi Campus)
    The area around Rinkoukan in Doshisha University Shinmachi CampusFive setsOne ofOfficial house OfKonoe FamilyThere was a mansion.It is still preserved in the basement of Rinkoukan.
  • Stone paving remains (Doshisha University Muromachi Campus)
    2002It was discovered in an archaeological excavation accompanying the construction of the Kanbaikan, Doshisha University Muromachi Campus.Earthenware from the middle of the 16th century was excavated from the stone paving.Uesugimoto Rakuchu Rakugai ZoufuAs a result, the area around Kanbaikan is the 12th Shogun.Yoshiharu AshikagaIt was presumed that the location of the rebuilt Muromachi Palace was.In addition, what was excavatedUesugimoto Rakuchu Rakugai ZoufuIt is presumed that this stone paving is the foundation of the shrine in the northeast corner of the Muromachi palace and the Tsukiji foundation to the south of it.At present, it is possible to see a part of the excavation at Kanbaikan.
  • Dinosaur footprints (Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus)
    Amherst House and Guest HouseCrossing corridorTo(I.e. OfFootprintThere is.This footprint isアメリカ合衆国 OfNew England,Connecticut OfValleyIt is written as "Footprints left behind in the sand of time".Recorded historyThe previous footprint is from "New World"AsiaTo the "Old World" of Doshisha and Amherst,AmericaとJapanIt has been given as a reminder of the long bond of.


Garbage generated on the premises of Doshisha University and in student dormitories can be collected in the city without the permission of Kyoto City.Incineration facilityThe general manager of the corporate division of Doshisha (also serving as the president of Doshisha Enterprise) and the president of the cleaning management company said that they were transported to 20161/19ToKyoto Prefectural PoliceWas arrested by[7].


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  • Doshisha Fifty Year History Compilation Committee "Doshisha XNUMX Years HistoryDoshisha Alumni Association, 1930
  • Doshisha Historical Materials Compilation Center "Doshisha 1965 Years Short History" School Corporation Doshisha, XNUMX

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