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🏃 | "Father is rampaging with a kitchen knife" 46-year-old SDF arrested on suspicion of threatening his son


"Father is rampaging with a kitchen knife" 46-year-old SDF arrested on suspicion of threatening his son

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The Public Relations Department of the Ground Self-Defense Force Shimamatsu station said, "If we can confirm the facts, we will take strict measures."

On the night of the 12th, a 10-year-old SDF man was arrested for threatening to show a kitchen knife to his teenage son at a house in Eniwa. ... → Continue reading

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Shimamatsu station

Shimamatsu station(JGSDF Camp Shimamatsu)HokkaidoEniwaLocated in Nishishimamatsu 308Japan Ground Self-Defense Force OfGarrison..The landmark is the huge red and white tower that rises inside the garrison.

Hokkaido supply officeMain office,Northern area rear support teamHeadquarters is locatedHokkaidoAtLogisticsIt forms the core.Station commanderIs also the director of the Hokkaido supply department.


Security forces

  • 1952(27)
    • December 12: New Shimamatsu station[1].
    • December 12: Hokkaido area supply yard main corps relocated from Naeho branch camp to Shimamatsu camp.
  • 1953(28)
    • February 2: Completed the movement and gathering of the Hokkaido Area Supply Depot Coordination Unit.
    • March 3: Shimamatsu Government Building opening ceremony.
    • May 5: Reorganized into Hokkaido area supply sho.

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force

  • 1954(Showa 29) July 7: Transferred to the Ground Self-Defense Force[2]..Renamed to the Ground Self-Defense Force Hokkaido Area Supply Office.
  • 1960(35) January 1: The Hokkaido Area Supply Office will be under the direct control of the Northern Army.
  • 1965(40) January 1: The 20nd High-Fire Direct Support Team was completed at Shimamatsu Camp.
  • 1998(10) April 3:Central supply officeDue to the consolidation ofHokkaido supply officeRenamed to.
  • 2000(12) March 3: Organized a northern rear support corps based on the northern weapon corps.1nd high-firing special course groupAbolished the 102nd high-firing direct support team,Northern area rear support teamReorganized into the 101st Direct Support Battalion 1st Direct Support Company.
  • 2019(31) March 3: The 26th Supply Battalion was newly established as a subordinate unit of the Northern Support Corps.

Garrison / organization

Northern Army subordinate unit

Unit under the direct control of the Minister of Defense

Nearest trunk traffic


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  1. ^ "Half Century of Disturbance 50 Years of the Ground Self-Defense Force" Asagumo Shinbunsha Editorial Bureau, Asagumo Shinbunsha, September 2000, 9, p. 15.ISBN 978-4750980157.
  2. ^ "Self-Defense Forces Law Enforcement Ordinance (Cabinet Order No. 29, June 6, 30)”. National Archives Digital Archive. 2017/1/28Browse.

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