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🇯🇵 | Takakeishō, Terunofuji win all 6 races, Sekiwake 4th win, Chiyo no Kuni undefeated

Photo Takakeishō shines with a rush = Ryogoku Kokugikan

Takakeishō, Terunofuji win all 6 races, Sekiwake 4th win, Chiyo no Kuni undefeated

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Former Ozeki Terunofuji Koyui slammed Kiribayama and won the same game.

Sumo Wrestling November 11th day (6th, Ryogoku Kokugikan) Takakeishō Ozeki, who is the only player in the upper ranks, calmly beats the brilliance of the flat curtain ... → Continue reading

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Koyui Teru

Kiribayama Tetsuo

Kiribayama Tetsuo(Kiriba Yamatetsuo, 19964/24[2] -) isMongoliaDornodSelegren Village[1]I'm fromMutsu RoomActive affiliationGrand SumoWrestler.. My real name isByanbuchurun ​​Hagwaslen(Mongolian languageCyrillicNotation:Бямбачулуун Лхагвас шрэн). Height 187 cm, weight 138 kg,Blood TypeIs type O[3].. Highest is eastFrontalFirst ( 2020September place).


Before getting started

In DornodsheepBorn to the father of a nomadic breeder[2].. From an early age, he naturally trained his legs, such as riding horses with the help of his father's work.[2].

In 2014, an acquaintance invited me to a sumo wrestler test in Japan, and I managed to go to Japan with a focus on interest. In the same way, we practiced in the Michinoku-beya with four people who visited Japan from Mongolia to take the test.[2].judoI had experience, but I had no experience of sumo. At that time, he was over 180 cm tall, but he weighed less than 70 kg. HoweverRikuoku MasterRecalls that he had the most sense of the five.[2].. However, at that time, Rikuoku's master had no intention of making wrestlers from other than Japan a disciple, and accepting five people from Mongolia in the form of a "test" was also due to a request from a supporter.[2].

From introduction to Michinoku-beya to promotion to Juryo

About a month after Mr. Rikuoku introduced the experience of five Mongolians to his room, he said, "I want to be a filial piety. I want to call my parents to Japan in the future." Decided to accept the said Hugwaslen as a disciple[2].. Hugwaslen 20152 month 28 dayNew disciple inspectionReceived and passed[1]Waiting for a box office visa[1]Stepped on the first bale at the place in May of the same year[4].. May 2015 Place For the first basho classmatesChiyo no UmiThere is[4].. New disciple attendsSumo schoolThen, although I have never experienced sumo,Hokutofuji (The name of Shikona at that time was Daiki),UraI was born in a student sumo wrestler, and I was proudly crossing over with a sumo wrestler who later went up to the Makuuchi.[5].

Introduction,First two stepsPass in one place each,Third stageIn November of the same year, when he was promoted to, he won all seven races and won the third stage. 2016In November placeMakushitaPromoted to. Left knee during training after May of the same yearMedial collateral ligamentSeverely injured in partial rupture[6]The following July, the place was closed for the first time and fell to the third stage, but returned to the Makushita at one place and settled in the Makushita after the November of the same year. 2017The place in September is just after the operation near the little finger of the left hand, but he is forced to participate.[7].. However, because he lost easily in the first sumo wrestling, he was closed after the second.[7].

2018In May, he won all seven races in the 5th position under the West Makushita, and achieved his first Makushita victory.[8].. Next July The place isTen carsI went up to the third piece under the West Makushita, but I lost in the last sumo and missed the promotion of Juryo.[2].. Became the first in the West Makushita 2019In January, although he lost against the Juryo wrestlers in the first sumo wrestler, he won the second to four consecutive wins and decided to win, making the Juryo promotion a certain situation.[9].. At the Banzuke organization meeting after the place, it was officially decided to promote the new Juryo at the place in March[10].. The birth of the new Juryo from the Michinoku-beya was in January 2008.Young fogIt was the first time in about 11 years since then.[10].. At the beginning of the introduction, from the masterSekitoriI was told not to go back to Mongolia until I was, but I was dressed to fulfill that promise.[11].

From promotion to Juryo to new opening

Since then, in 2019, he has reigned in 5 places and 9 cars, and except for the September place, he has won and performed well. December 12th winter tour Ukiha is old in September at the placeIzutsu roomTransferred from the roomYokozunaBecameCrane dragonI collided with him and practiced. It was said that Tsururyu had his chest out for the first time on the tour. "I was surprised. My eyes met and I said,'I'll put it out.' I thought it was dangerous." After training, I laughed that my thighs screamed[12].. New opening decided by January 12 place numbering announcement on December 24[13].. The new opening from the room is in May 2008White horsesince[14].. In Mongolia, the efforts in the Makuuchi are broadcast on TV, but the efforts of Juryo areChiakiOther than that, only the results will be announced, so at the new opening press conference, Kiribayama commented that he would be able to watch it on TV every day on the 15th. Behind the new opening was a meal lesson, and until then, two bowls of rice was the limit, but from November 2, the Yokozuna Tsururyu in the room told me to eat three, until I finished eating. It is said that Tsururyu was watching over. By the time he entered the place, he gained 2019 kg and reached about 11 kg.[15].. On June 12Togitsu style roomGo to practice and go to the flat curtainMasayo,Takarafuji,Toyoyama10 wins and 9 losses after taking sumo wrestling[16].. The place in January was 1 wins and 4 losses until Chunichi, but he won all the rest and recorded 4 wins and 11 losses. This place won the fighting award because it participated in the battle for victory[17].

September 2020 location, 9th dayNoble scenicInjured his left shoulder in the battle and was closed from the 10th day[18][19]However, he re-entered from the 13th day[20]After re-entering, he won 3 consecutive wins (9 wins, 4 losses, 2 breaks and a win).


He is good at four left, leaning and throwing. Especially good at throwing. By the time he played the new opening, he gained weight and became more powerful in the attack of pulling the front turn and putting his head on.[21].

At the time of the new opening, Tsururyu, who was the yokozuna of the room, advised that "it is a tough fight".[22].

Before September 2020, I researched and refined the video of the master's efforts.HangingShowed motivation[23].


  • On May 2019, 5, NWI Holdings, which had been supporting the master Rikuoku since he was active, presented a make-up mawashi with the design of the Italian jewelry brand "MIMI". This is the third dressing machine for Kiribayama[24].
  • On January 2020, 1, at Kiribayama, which will be newly opened at the first place,Nestle JapanPresented a make-up mawashi with an embroidered pattern of Kiribayama drinking coffee. It is said that Michinoku-beya has been installing the company's coffee machine since 2015. From the 8th to the 26th of the same month, Nestlé Harajuku will offer a "Michinoku-beya polyphenol-rich chanko nabe set" for a limited time. It will be offered at half price the day after Kiribayama wins[25][26].
  • He did not know the blood type when he lived in Mongolia, and it was revealed that he was the O type for the first time on February 2020, 2 when the association's blood donation was made for wrestlers and priests. 12 people who participated by the way[27]More than half of them failed the blood test, but they passed and donated blood.[3].
  • Before that, there were many likes and dislikes, but in 2019 when Tsururyu moved to the room, improvements were seen such as overcoming natto dislike.[28].

Main grades

As of the end of July 2020

Total results

  • Total results: 177 wins, 112 losses, 15 holidays (32 places)
  • Makuuchi results: 38 wins, 35 losses, 2 holidays (5 places)
  • Ten-car record: 45 wins and 30 losses (5 places)

Each stage win

  • Makushita victory: 1 time (November 2018 location)
  • Third stage victory: 1 time (May 2015 location)

Three awards, Venus

  • Third prize: 1 times
    • Fighting Award: Once (July 1 location)
  • Venus: None

Performance by location

Kiribayama Tetsuo
January place
First place (Tokyo
March place
Spring place (Osaka
May place
Summer place (Tokyo)
July place
Nagoya place (Aichi
September place
Autumn place (Tokyo)
November place
Kyushu Place (Fukuoka
xx(Former sumo)20th piece
West Ordinal 67nd XNUMXst
West third row 96th sheet
West Makushita 59th sheet
The east third stage 13th sheet
The east third stage 3th sheet
West Makushita 30th sheet
0 – 0 – 7
The east third stage 11th sheet
35th piece
20th piece
West Makushita 12th sheet
18th piece
10th piece
West Makushita 14th sheet
0 – 1 – 6 
West Makushita 49th sheet
West Makushita 21th sheet
16th piece
West Makushita 35th sheet
West Makushita 3th sheet
6th piece
West Makushita 12th sheet
/ Reiwa first year)
Nishimakushita first
Nishi Juyo 14th piece
Nishi Juyo 11th piece
Nishi Juyo 9th piece
Nishi Juyo 4th piece
Nishi Juyo 5th piece
(2nd year of Reiwa)
17th east front
West Front 8th
New coronavirus
Canceled due to expansion
West Front 3th
5th east front
9 – 4 – 2[31] 
East front
(3nd year of Reiwa)
The numbers in each column areWin-Loss-ClosedIs shown.    Win Retirement Closed Ten cars Makushita
Three awards : Daring=Fighting award,Especially= Distinguished Service Award,Skill= Skill Award Others:=Venus
Numbered class : Makuuchi - Ten cars - Makushita - Third stage - First two steps - Introduction
Makuuchi rank : Yokozuna - Ozeki - Sekiwaki - summary - Frontal("#Number" is the rank within each place)

Rename history

  • Kiribayama Tetsuo May 2015 Location-


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