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🏓 | Tomokazu Harimoto Loses to Rio Olympics Kim Ma Long. To the 3rd place deciding match <Table Tennis Men's World Cup>


Tomokazu Harimoto loses to Rio Olympics gold and Ma Long. To the 3rd place deciding match <Table Tennis Men's World Cup>

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In the third game, Harimoto, who skillfully returns the bodywork, surpassed Ma Long's thorough middle attack and took it 3-11, and in the fourth game, Ma Long moved and swung the fore, from tabletop play. Harimoto who took the initiative is 6-4 and also takes here.

Men's World Cup <November 11-13 / Weihai, China> On November 15, the final day of the tournament, the men's singles semifinals ... → Continue reading

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Horse dragon

Ma Long(Maryu,Simple: Ma Long,Traditional: Horse dragon,pinyin: Mǎ Lóng Ma Rong, 1988May 10 -) isChugoku-LiaoningAnshan CityFromTable tennisplayer[2].

2012London OlympicsMen's Team Gold Medal, 2016Rio de Janeiro OlympicsMen's Singles and Men's Team Gold Medal, 2015/2017/2019World championshipMen's singles three consecutive victories,World CupHe is a world champion who has set numerous records, including winning the men's singles twice.

2013ToWorld Table Tennis Hall of FameEntered[3].. As of November 2019ITTF World RankingIs in 4th place[4].


Until the London Olympics

LiaoningAnshan CityI'm from2004As early asAsian Junior ChampionshipWon the championship.In the same year,Kobe CityMade inWorld Junior ChampionshipHe won the men's singles and started to attract attention as soon as possible.2005Since then, he has also participated in senior competitions.2006ToWorld Championship Bremen TournamentWas selected as a member of.While participating for the first timeWang Liqin,Ma Lin,Wang Hao,Chen QiAnd won the championship in the group.

2009 OfWorld championshipIn the Yokohama tournament men's singles, in the semi-finalsWang HaoLost 1-4[5], The following doublesForgivenessAlthough I advanced to the final with a pair withChen Qi-Wang HaoLost to the pair 1-4 and did not reach the first individual victory[6]..However, from November of the same yearLucknowHeld atAsian ChampionshipThen, men's singles and men's doubles (ForgivenessPair) ・ Mixed doubles (Lee Xiao XiaPair) ・ Conquered all four men's teams[7].

2010 OfAsian GamesWon the men's singles.Also, for the first time in April of the same yearITTF World RankingIt became the first place.

2011, Challenged with a pair with Xu XinWorld championshipAt the Rotterdam tournament, he won his first men's doubles victory.[8].

London OlympicsAlthough the number of participants in the singles was reduced from 3 to 2 in each country, we couldn't get the right to participate.Zhang Jie-Wang HaoAt the same time, he contributed to winning the gold medal in the men's team.

To win the world championship for the third consecutive time

2013ToZhang Jie,Lee Xiao Xiaと と も にWorld Table Tennis Hall of FameEnter[3],Also2014 OfWorld championshipTokyoIn the tournament, he won all the games without losing one game and contributed to the seventh straight victory for men in China.

2015Made inWorld championshipIn the men's singles, in the finalFang BoDefeated 4-2 to win the world championship singles for the first time[9].

2016 OfWorld championshipKuala LumpurWon a gold medal in the tournament men's team.Rio de Janeiro OlympicsI missed it in LondonMen's SinglesUnofficially decided to represent China.Japan in the semifinalsJun Mizutani, In the final of ChinaZhang JieHe won the gold medal for the first time in the Olympic singles.In the team competition, he won all singles games and won his second gold medal in the team.At this time, he also achieved the fourth Chinese player, "Omanuki" (to win all three world championships of the Olympics, World Championships, and World Cup).

2017 OfWorld championshipDusseldorfIn the tournament, in the finalSakaki HigashiDefeated and achieved the second straight victory in singles.However, in June, he was the general manager of the China national team for many years.Liu Guo LiangTo protest after the decision to retireSakaki Higashi-ForgivenessWithChengduMade inITTF World TourBoycotted the China Open[10]..In response to this, ChinaNational Sports BureauBlame the horses,International Table Tennis FederationHe also said that he "damaged the image of table tennis" and "considered all sanctions", and there was concern that he would be disqualified from participating in the World Cup in October of the same year.[11].. On October 10, the International Table Tennis Federation announced that it would impose a $ 31 fine on three boycotted horses.[12]..In the semi-finals of the World CupTimo BollLost to 3rd place.

Due to a knee injury2018From the second halfITTF World TourAlthough he had been abstaining from international competitions such as the World Cup and the Men's World Cup, he returned to the international competition from the World Tour Qatar Open in March 2019 and won the men's singles at the same competition.[13]..In the same yearWorld championshipBudapestIn the tournament, Sweden's finals were amid the turmoil in which players who were considered to be champions were defeated one after another.Matthias FalkDefeated 4-1,World table tennis championshipIn men's singlesVictor Varna,Shorin BuildingAfter that, he won the third consecutive title, the third in history.

Play style

The racket is a shake hand,ScapulaWith the forehand drive released from the batting method as a weapon, both hand drives can be hit repeatedly even from the apse.Moreover, the foam is very stable and the shaft does not shake.The technology is generally high, and since it also has advanced technology such as backhand backhand service and hand-held batting method, there are no weaknesses such as this in every aspect.

The service is mainly forehand horizontal rotation service, but it is difficult to receive because the rotation is very cut and the trajectory is low.[14].As a measure against Chiquita, we often use services aimed at the backside line of the other party and speed long services.In the past, he used to use the backhand service a lot, but in games after 2018, he often uses the forehand service differently depending on whether he is in the normal position or in the lead.In particular, the latter forehand service not only increases the power of the service compared to the normal forehand service, but also makes a great return after the service because the right leg is lowered when the ball is raised and then the weight is put on the left leg. Fast[Original research?].

In addition, the receive is mainly Tsuttsuki and stop, and almost no Chiquita or flick is used.[15]..Play simple with almost no changes in tactics during the match[16].

Of particular note is the tactics of being led,Don't let your opponent bangIt is to take the initiative in the rally by receiving the service.Previously, the opponent's side line side was hit by Tsuttsuki and stop receive to block the opponent's bang, but after 2018, in addition to this, the above-mentioned forehand service can be hit at a fast tempo to give the opponent time to think. The tactical play is more diverse and threatening than in the mid-2010s, when he won the singles at the international tournament, as he has taken the initiative in the rally by not even giving it or developing from the opponent's middle aiming receive.[Original research?].

Japan once in the Asian continent qualifying for the London OlympicsTakaki NiwaWhen he was defeated, mental fragility was pointed out as one of the issues.[17]..However, after winning the gold medal at the world championship singles championship in 2015, he overcame this as well.2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsHe won the championship in the singles of the world championship, and became the so-called Omanuki who has won all the singles of the three major tournaments of the Olympics, the world championship, and the World Cup.He also won two singles in team competitions and contributed to the gold medal.


  • Zhang Jike of the same age has been a friend and rival since he was a junior, and since there was a face-to-face meeting between Ma Long and Zhang Jike in the finals of various domestic and international competitions, the Chinese media called it "Shinryu Daegu". War) ".In total, Ma Long has won with 12 wins and 6 losses.[18].
  • There are rackets of development models such as Ma Long Carbon, Ma Long Carbon 2, Ma Long 5, and Ma Long 7.The racket used is different.

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