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🇯🇵 | Takakeishō 8 consecutive wins, Terunofuji is the first black star, 1 loss is 3 people

Photo Takakeisho (back) defeats Hokutofuji by withdrawal = Ryogoku Kokugikan

Takakeishō 8 consecutive wins, Terunofuji is the first black star, 1 loss is 3 people

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In Juryo, four people including Midori Fuji lined up at the top with two losses.

Sumo Wrestling November Place 11th day (8th, Ryogoku Kokugikan) 15 Yokozuna 2 While Ozeki is closed, Takakeishō Ozeki withdraws Hokutofuji ... → Continue reading

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Ten cars

Ten cars(Juryo) isGrand Sumo OfNumberingUpper class. The official name isTenth sheet(Jumaime). There are 6 higher ranks (Makuuchi-Ten cars-Makushita-Third stage-First two steps-Introduction), The second class from the top.

Name / origin

This position did not exist in the Edo period, and the position under the Makuuchi was "Makushita". 1888(Meiji21) Spring place,SalaryWith the introduction of the systemMakushitaWithin the top 10 ofWrestlerIt was founded by paying salaries to each location. For this reason, the official name"XNUMXth piece"Juryo used to beWinAt the awards ceremony, etc., the name "tenth piece" was used. However, in order to avoid the hassle of expressing it as "XNUMXth and XNUMXnd", for example, at that timeannual salaryBy the way"Juryo"It is generally called by the name of, and the announcement in the hall of this placeJapan Sumo AssociationOfficial homepage, victory or defeat in the hallElectronic bulletin board, NHKrelay OftelopEtc. are all unified as "Juryo".


More than a dozen wrestlers are truly professional wrestlersSekitoriTreated as.

The notation on the ranking of Juryo is written in the second row from the top together with the Makushita because it originated from the upper part of the Makushita, but the Juryo is written in thicker and larger letters, and the status display of the Juryo is one person at a time. "Frontal" is written.

Of the ten-car promotion, the first ten-car promotion is called the new ten-car, and the second and subsequent ten-car promotion is called the return ten-car or re-ten-car.


Promotion to Juryo is considered to be a proof of becoming a full-fledged sumo wrestler, and is below the MakushitaWrestler trainerYou can get a high salary unlike (as of 2019)Basic salaryIs the moon110 million yenThe annual income is 1711 yen[1]AndSekitori TheWrestler prizeIn addition, you are allowed to live in a private room free from the group life of a large room, and the order of meals and baths is prioritized, and in publicCrestHakamaIs allowed to dress up in everyday lifesuiteThey are given great preferential treatment in all aspects, such as being taken care of by Juryo, and it is said that the treatment is as different as heaven and earth in Juryo and Makushita. That is why when Sekitori of sumo wrestling, including yokozuna, retires, he is asked "what I was most happy about in my life as a sumo wrestler" and almost everyone answered "when I became ten."

On the other hand, since the new Juryo wrestlers need various preparations such as new personal belongings, the wrestlers who have been promoted to Juryo at the ranking organization meeting will be notified of the promotion decision immediately (including re-promotion). Wrestled. However, this is just a "notice" that takes into consideration the wrestlers themselves and the preparation of the room, and the official treatment of XNUMX cars will be after the announcement of the new numbering.[Note 1].

Shared seats at this placeCushion(Makuuchi wrestlers are personal cushions).

When retiring, the wrestlers who served 30 places in total (25 or more places according to the previous regulations) (even if they have not experienced Makuuchi)ElderlyEligible to name. Qualify at 20 or more places in Sekitori only when inheriting a room. At the time of the announcement of the place numbering in May 2020, the top ten elderly peopleOtaki(Former Juryo 4 ・Dairyu) Only.


Book placeThen, efforts will be made every day for 15 days.

As a general rule, the efforts of this place are ten cars, but if the number of wrestlers in the Makuuchi is odd due to holidays, etc., the wrestlers in the Makuuchi, and if the number of wrestlers in Sekitori as a whole becomes an odd number, There is a match. When there are many holidays, multiple advance efforts are carried out, and especially at the end of the game, so-called "relegation games" are often held. In honor of this, the leading sumo wrestlerGod of poverty・ Sometimes called "Sekiri"[Note 2].


As the name suggests, the capacity was 10 people in total, 20 people each in the east and west. Since the Taisho era, more people have come up and down. As of January 2018, the capacity is 1 sheets and 14 people (capacity is 28 people 2004After January location). The largest number of people (number of sheets) in history 1958There are 1 sheets and 11 people from January to November.


The winning prize is 200 million yen.

In addition to the fact that the abilities of the wrestlers are competing with each other, there are also cases where a match with the Makuuchi wrestlers is organized, so there are extremely few total wrestlersNorthern Katsuaki FujiWon the first all-win victory in 43 years since himselfSwordThe prize money presented in praise ofKitanofuji AwardWas also called. In the past, he has won 9 wins and 6 losses.

Promotion / fall requirements

Not limited to Juryo, the relationship between grades and the position of the next place is not constant, as it is commonly called "Banzuke is a creature", but as a guide for Sekitori, the points for winning and losing (wins and negatives)・ The numbering goes up and down by the same number as the difference in the total number of holidays. The main judgment factor for the number of people to replace Juryo and Makushita is Juryo wrestler Hoshitori, but the current internal rules give priority to promotion to Juryo if all wins are made within the 15th Makushita.

Previous sumoSince it was thought that it would take two places to pass under the Makushita if all the wins were continued, it is possible to promote Juryo in a minimum of six places, including one place each for the outside of the ranking, the beginning of the story, the second stage of the beginning, and the third stage. Was said for a long time. In fact, the shortest record from the first bale to the promotion of Juryo is 2 places (Keisuke Itai-Tosayutaka Yuya-Tsuneyuki Ryu Takayuki-Flame Peng Akira). However, from around 2010, as the number of wrestlers decreased, the position of promotion began to rise by that amount, and in September 2011, after being promoted to Juryo once, it fell to the outside of the ranking due to a breakdown.Hideaki HokutokuniRe-promoted Juryo in 5 places from the previous sumo[Note 3].. In addition, there is no case of promotion to Juryo in 5 places from the first bale (former sumo), but in the case of Jokoryu and Enho, the 5th place is the 15th in the eastern Makushita and the 14th in the western Makushita, respectively. If he won all seven races, he would be promoted to ten cars in five places.

Attached to the curtainIn the case of, it is possible to promote 10 cars in one place by winning all 15 races for both the 7th and 1th cards. However, he was the only 15th player to win all 7 races.Keisho Shimoda(May 2006 place), there were few fallen wrestlers from Juryo, and Juryo could not be promoted, and the next place was the first place under the West Makushita.[Note 4].. In the era of the 60th rating of the old system,Wajima Daishi-Suehiro Nagaoka-Takeshi Masashi-Tetsuji MasayamaFour of them have been promoted to Juryo in two places.

OzekiExperienced peopleSekiwakiAfter the fall to the following, if it is confirmed that it will fall to XNUMX cars from the Makuuchi, in most cases it will retire customarily, but in recent years Ozeki experienced people will fall to XNUMX cars or less while active. The number of cases is increasing. Detail isOzeki # Fall / Ozeki special returnchecking ...


Number of reigning places

  • As of January 2020
RankingJuryo reignFour-pronged nameHighest rank
1 bit55 placesKenji Oshiosummary
Hachiya ToshiyukiFrontal 6
3 bit54 placesTochiisami YoshiharuFrontal 7
4 bit51 placesDaimonji KenjiFrontal 5
Asanobori ToshimitsuFrontal 2
6 bit50 placesKazuo OhryukawaFrontal 1
7 bit48 placesHidetoshi KitasakuraFrontal 9
8 bit47 placesYoshinobu OotsuFrontal 4
Hakuryu HiroshiJuryo 1
10 bit46 placesOiteyama HirokuniFrontal 6
  • Hironoura (laterKajinosuke Ryogoku) IsShunjuen IncidentFrom the third piece under the eastern Makushita to the west due to the influence ofFrontalHe was selected as the 7th card and has never fallen to XNUMX cars until his retirement. For this reason,ShowaSince then, he has a rare record of being the only wrestler in Makuuchi who has no reign of Juryo.

Number of wins

After Showa

All wins

Since the number of Juryo is small, it is often a melee battle for victory. In the Makuuchi, there is no example of winning with 10 wins and 5 losses in the past, and even with 11 wins and 4 losses, there are only 3 cases in the past, but in Juryo, 10 wins and 5 losses and 11 wins and 4 losses are the best results for the winner. Often. In July 2001, a victory with 7 wins and 9 losses was recorded, and the board of directors considered no victory because the results were too low. Therefore, Juryo is known as an extremely difficult position to achieve all 6 wins.LaterAs you can see, there are some people who have won all 1 cars before Sekitori's one-place 15-day system was established, but this is relatively easy to achieve because the number of efforts is smaller than at present. There is also an element of being. As of the end of May 2018, there are five wrestlers who have won all 5 races, and all the wrestlers who have won all the wins have been promoted to Ozeki or higher.

Consecutive wins

Due to the small number of Juryo, there are more cases where the Juryo winning wrestler is promoted to the next place in the Makuuchi than when the Juryo is deferred. As a result, the number of consecutive championships in Juryo was in the middle to lower ranks at the time of the first victory. ・ The level of victory was low. It also depends on chance, such as many people. Since the victory system was introduced in June 1, the following 1909 wrestlers have won consecutive championships in Juryo. The bold letters in the first place are the cases where this place was a new ten cars.

There is no one in the past who has won all the wins in two places in a row. In addition, among those who have achieved consecutive victories since the establishment of the 2-place 1-day system in Sekitori, the one who has achieved the all-win victory in either the 15st place or the 1nd placeTochinoshin TsuyoshiThere is only one person.

As mentioned above, there is a small number of Juryo, and if you win, you will often be promoted to Makuuchi rather than deferring Juryo. Regardless of the number of cards), there is a high possibility that they will be promoted in the Makuuchi area, so it is considered impossible to win two consecutive wins now that the one-place 1-day system has been established.

Four-pronged name1st place2st place
Akutsu RiverJanuary 8West Juryo 9All 5 winsJanuary 8East Juryo 17 wins 2 losses
Hatase RiverShowa 2 year 5 monthEast Juryo 8All 6 winsShowa 2 year 10 monthEast Juryo 19 wins 2 losses
WakashimaShowa 3 year 5 monthEast Juryo 79 wins 2 lossesShowa 3 year 10 monthEast Juryo 7[Note 5]10 wins 1 losses
Shimizu RiverShowa 4 year 3 monthEast Juryo 1210 wins 1 lossesShowa 4 year 5 monthWest Juryo 1All 11 wins
SurugaumiShowa 17 year 1 monthWest Juryo 1413 wins 2 lossesShowa 17 year 5 monthWest Juryo 114 wins 1 losses
ChiyonoyamaShowa 19 year 11 monthWest Juryo 138 wins 2 lossesShowa 20 year 6 monthEast Juryo 26 wins 1 losses
KuninobShowa 22 year 11 monthEast Juryo 1010 wins 1 lossesShowa 23 year 5 monthWest Juryo 19 wins 2 losses
King KongShowa 45 year 5 monthEast Juryo 1112 wins 3 lossesShowa 45 year 7 monthWest Juryo 312 wins 3 losses
BanryuyamaShowa 49 year 11 monthEast Juryo 1110 wins 5 lossesShowa 50 year 1 monthEast Juryo 211 wins 4 losses
Mt. WashuShowa 53 year 5 monthEast Juryo 611 wins 4 lossesShowa 53 year 7 monthEast Juryo 110 wins 5 losses
PhoenixShowa 58 year 9 monthEast Juryo 913 wins 2 lossesShowa 58 year 11 monthWest Juryo 111 wins 4 losses
KonishikiShowa 59 year 3 monthWest Juryo 1013 wins 2 lossesShowa 59 year 5 monthEast Juryo 211 wins 4 losses
Hisashima SeaMarch 3West Juryo 1211 wins 4 lossesMarch 5East Juryo 310 wins 5 losses
MasaraoApril, the 2th year of Heisei eraWest Juryo 712 wins 3 lossesApril, the 2th year of Heisei eraEast Juryo 210 wins 5 losses
MasayamaApril, the 10th year of Heisei eraWest Juryo 1112 wins 3 lossesApril, the 11th year of Heisei eraWest Juryo 114 wins 1 losses
Ogi NishikiApril, the 11th year of Heisei eraEast Juryo 511 wins 4 lossesApril, the 12th year of Heisei eraEast Juryo 213 wins 2 losses
WakanosatoApril, the 12th year of Heisei eraEast Juryo 1112 wins 3 lossesApril, the 12th year of Heisei eraEast Juryo 113 wins 2 losses
ShotenroApril, the 20th year of Heisei eraWest Juryo 912 wins 3 lossesApril, the 21th year of Heisei eraEast Juryo 111 wins 4 losses
MyogiryuApril, the 23th year of Heisei eraWest Juryo 1211 wins 4 lossesApril, the 23th year of Heisei eraEast Juryo 313 wins 2 losses
TochinoshinApril, the 26th year of Heisei eraEast Juryo 1213 wins 2 lossesApril, the 26th year of Heisei eraWest Juryo 5All 15 wins
ShimanoumiApril, the 31th year of Heisei eraEast Juryo 1113 wins 2 lossesApril, the 31th year of Heisei eraEast Juryo 113 wins 2 losses

Successive wrestlers (since 60)

PlaceStatusFour-pronged nameGradeNumber of timesRemarks
1985(Showa60 years) OctoberWest Juryo 7Terao Setsuo12 wins 3 losses1
December, 1985 (Showa 60) West Juryo 4Tamaryu Daizo12 wins 3 losses1
December, 1985 (Showa 60) East Juryo 3Terao Setsuo12 wins 3 losses2
December, 1985 (Showa 60) East Juryo 4Hiroo Masuhara10 wins 5 losses1Misugi Iso Takuya-Shinji HarunafujiWin the championship deciding match with.
December, 1985 (Showa 60) East Juryo 4Hiroki Satsusu10 wins 5 losses1Hidanohana ShigeeiWin the championship deciding match with.
December, 1985 (Showa 60) East Juryo 11Takemitsu Wakasegawa10 wins 5 losses2Masurao HirooToshishi SatoshiWin the championship deciding match with.
1986(61) AprilEast Juryo 4Ito Masato Mito11 wins 4 losses1Tochimatoi YukoWin the championship deciding match with.
December, 1986 (Showa 61) West Juryo 4Hiroo Masuhara11 wins 4 losses2
December, 1986 (Showa 61) West Juryo 8Takebayama Shinkuni11 wins 4 losses1
December, 1986 (Showa 61) West Juryo 12Similar to Misugi Sato11 wins 4 losses1Phoenix ClubWin the championship deciding match with.
December, 1986 (Showa 61) East Juryo 8Kinoarashi Kazutoshi12 wins 3 losses1
December, 1986 (Showa 61) West Juryo 3Tochino Waka Kiyotaka10 wins 5 losses1Takebayama Shinkuni-Hideaki KobayashiWin the championship deciding match with.
1987(62) AprilEast Juryo 4Tochimatoi Yuko10 wins 5 losses1Win the championship deciding match with Hideaki Kobayashi.
December, 1987 (Showa 62) East Juryo 7Takamisugi Takakatsu13 wins 2 losses1
December, 1987 (Showa 62) West Juryo 11Onohana Taketora11 wins 4 losses1
December, 1987 (Showa 62) West Juryo 7Yasuhito Masudayama11 wins 4 losses1The winner at 36 years and 3 months is the oldest in history.
December, 1987 (Showa 62) West Juryo 9Onohana Taketora13 wins 2 losses2
December, 1987 (Showa 62) West Juryo 7Phoenix Club12 wins 3 losses4
1988(63) AprilEast Juryo 4Akinoshima Katsumi12 wins 3 losses1
December, 1988 (Showa 63) West Juryo 1Takemitsu Wakasegawa13 wins 2 losses3
December, 1988 (Showa 63) West Juryo 13Hidenohana Yukihide11 wins 4 losses1Takaya KotofujiWin the championship deciding match with.
December, 1988 (Showa 63) East Juryo 3Ryuji Taga10 wins 5 losses1Hiroshi Saganobori-Kazuyasu AsahiWin the championship deciding match with.
December, 1988 (Showa 63) East Juryo 5Shinji Takanohama11 wins 4 losses1
December, 1988 (Showa 63) West Juryo 13Hiroo Masuhara11 wins 4 losses3
1989(HeiseiFirst year) JanuaryWest Juryo 5Toshishi Satoshi11 wins 4 losses1
May 1989 (Heisei 3)West Juryo 12Keita Umishima11 wins 4 losses1Konishiki KomuneWin the championship deciding match with.
May 1989 (Heisei 5)East Juryo 3Keita Umishima10 wins 5 losses2Piece Fudo Daisuke-Otoru Tadaaki-Kyokugozan Asahi-Ishinriki KojiWin the championship deciding match with.
May 1989 (Heisei 7)East Juryo 2Toshishi Satoshi12 wins 3 losses2
May 1989 (Heisei 9)East Juryo 9Ryukozan alone10 wins 5 losses1Win the championship deciding match with Ishinriki Koji and Daitetsu Tadamitsu.
May 1989 (Heisei 11)West Juryo 6Kojo no Hana Showa13 wins 2 losses1
1990(2) NovemberWest Juryo 7Masurao Hiroo12 wins 3 losses4
May 1990East Juryo 2Masurao Hiroo10 wins 5 losses5Hoshiiwato YujiWin the championship deciding match with.
May 1990West Juryo 11Naoki Taishoyama12 wins 3 losses1
May 1990East Juryo 2Masaru Wakanohana12 wins 3 losses1
May 1990West Juryo 2Kojo no Hana Showa11 wins 4 losses2Kotonowaka TeruyaWin the championship deciding match with.
May 1990West Juryo 9Terunoumi Masato11 wins 4 losses1
1991(3) NovemberEast Juryo 9Ryogoku Kajinosuke12 wins 3 losses1Win the championship deciding match with Oginohana Showa.
May 1991West Juryo 9Kyokugozan Asahi11 wins 4 losses1
May 1991East Juryo 2Osho Hosho11 wins 4 losses1
May 1991East Juryo 11Musashimaru Mitsuhiro11 wins 4 losses1
May 1991East Juryo 5Tokuo Daizen12 wins 3 losses1Takano SadahiroWin the championship deciding match with.
May 1991East Juryo 9Munemasa Otake10 wins 5 losses1Tatsuhikari Kumagoro-Wakashoyo Shunichi-Tsunemasa YamaneWin the championship deciding match with.
1992(4) NovemberEast Juryo 2Toyonomi Shinji12 wins 3 losses2
May 1992East Juryo 8Enazakura Toru11 wins 4 losses1
May 1992East Juryo 6Takeshi Kotoga11 wins 4 losses1
May 1992West Juryo 1Wakashoyo Shunichi11 wins 4 losses1Koto Lightning YoshihiroWin the championship deciding match with.
May 1992West Juryo 5Kohei Beppu12 wins 3 losses1
May 1992East Juryo 12Piece Fudo Daisuke11 wins 4 losses1
1993(5) NovemberEast Juryo 4Hideki Aoyama11 wins 4 losses1
May 1993West Juryo 2Hironori Togitsu11 wins 4 losses1
May 1993East Juryo 8Takayuki Minato12 wins 3 losses1
May 1993East Juryo 6Tatsuhikari Kumagoro12 wins 3 losses1
May 1993West Juryo 3Hiroshi Hamanoshima11 wins 4 losses1
May 1993West Juryo 4Takehiko Asanowaka11 wins 4 losses1Katsuyuki KotsubakiWin the championship deciding match with.
1994(6) NovemberEast Juryo 6Kazuhiro Naniwa11 wins 4 losses1
May 1994West Juryo 11Shikishima Mori12 wins 3 losses1
May 1994West Juryo 3Kojo no Hana Showa12 wins 3 losses3
May 1994East Juryo 10Tatsuhikari Kumagoro12 wins 3 losses2
May 1994West Juryo 1Naminohana Kazutaka10 wins 5 losses2
May 1994East Juryo 13Tosano Toshio11 wins 4 losses1Wakashoyo ShunichiWin the championship deciding match with.
1995(7) NovemberEast Juryo 2Asahi Toyosho11 wins 4 losses1Toshio TosanoTomoe Fuji ToshihideWin the championship deciding match with.
May 1995East Juryo 1Hironori Togitsu10 wins 5 losses2Win the championship deciding match with Mori Shikishima.
May 1995East Juryo 1Toshio Tosano14 wins 1 losses2
May 1995East Juryo 13Asahi Washiyama Noboru10 wins 5 losses1
May 1995West Juryo 13Wakanojo Munehiko12 wins 3 losses1
May 1995West Juryo 9Wakanoyama Hiroshi11 wins 4 losses1Seiji DaihishōWin the championship deciding match with.
1996(8) NovemberEast Juryo 9Takeshi Rikio10 wins 5 losses1Waka Hayato KojiWin the championship deciding match with.
May 1996West Juryo 8Asahi Washiyama Noboru11 wins 4 losses2Kazuyoshi SaigoWin the championship deciding match with.
May 1996West Juryo 3Takeshi Rikio12 wins 3 losses2
May 1996East Juryo 5Taizen Sonta11 wins 4 losses2Wakashoyo Shunichi wins the championship deciding match.
May 1996West Juryo 3Tochito Daihiro12 wins 3 losses1
May 1996West Juryo 13Taiichi Tochino13 wins 2 losses1
1997(9) NovemberEast Juryo 2Dejima Takeharu12 wins 3 losses1
May 1997East Juryo 9Ryuji Chiumi11 wins 4 losses1
May 1997West Juryo 13Masahiro Togitsu12 wins 3 losses1
May 1997East Juryo 1Ryuji Chiumi11 wins 4 losses2
May 1997West Juryo 8Kojo Nohana Showa12 wins 3 losses4
May 1997East Juryo 12Wakanosato Shinobu10 wins 5 losses1Lake Susa HonorWin the championship deciding match with.
1998(10) NovemberWest Juryo 13Kinkaiyama Ryu12 wins 3 losses1
May 1998East Juryo 9Keita Umishima12 wins 3 losses3StruggleWin the championship deciding match with.
May 1998West Juryo 9Go Okari10 wins 5 losses1Dewa Arashi Daisuke-Otoshi ShingoWin the championship deciding match with.
May 1998East Juryo 6Akinoshū Kenji12 wins 3 losses1
May 1998East Juryo 8Chiyo Tenzan Daihachiro12 wins 3 losses1
May 1998West Juryo 11Tetsuji Masayama12 wins 3 losses1
1999(11) NovemberWest Juryo 1Tetsuji Masayama14 wins 1 losses2
May 1999West Juryo 2Taizen Sonta12 wins 3 losses3
May 1999East Juryo 6Nobuhide Emperor11 wins 4 losses1
May 1999East Juryo 2Kinkaiyama Ryu10 wins 5 losses2Tomonohana Shinya-Taifu KaitoWin the championship deciding match with.
May 1999West Juryo 8Taifu Kaito12 wins 3 losses1
May 1999East Juryo 5Kojo Nishikoshi11 wins 4 losses1Win the championship deciding match with Tsuyoshi Oikari.
2000(12) NovemberEast Juryo 2Kojo Nishikoshi13 wins 2 losses2
May 2000West Juryo 6Tochino Hanajin13 wins 2 losses1Keiji Kotomitsu-Sentoryu HenriWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2000East Juryo 11Wakanosato Shinobu12 wins 3 losses2
May 2000East Juryo 1Wakanosato Shinobu13 wins 2 losses3
May 2000East Juryo 4Keiji Kotomitsu14 wins 1 losses1
May 2000West Juryo 1Kinkaiyama Ryu12 wins 3 losses3
2001(13) NovemberEast Juryo 1Tamanoshima Arata12 wins 3 losses1
May 2001East Juryo 3Wakatsutomu Hiroki10 wins 5 losses1StruggleWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2001West Juryo 1Hidetoshi Kitasakura13 wins 2 losses1
May 2001East Juryo 12Buyuzan Takeyoshi9 wins 6 losses1Your strength-Hamanishiki Tatsuro-Terao Tsunefumi・ Sentoryu Henri ・ Oikari Tsuyoshi ・Tamarikidō Hideki-Wakatoba HiromiWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2001West Juryo 5Hideki Aokiyama12 wins 3 losses2Tamarikidō HidekiWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2001East Juryo 3Go Okari11 wins 4 losses2
2002(14) NovemberWest Juryo 5Morihiko Takami12 wins 3 losses1Norio ShimotoriWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2002West Juryo 1Hiroo Kotoryu12 wins 3 losses1
May 2002East Juryo 9Mt. Iwakisan Ryuta11 wins 4 losses1Gojoro KatsuhiroWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2002West Juryo 8Motoyasu Shiomaru13 wins 2 losses1
May 2002West Juryo 4Tamarikidō Hideki11 wins 4 losses1Kinkaiyama RyuToyozakura YoshitoWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2002East Juryo 6Katsumasa Kasuga11 wins 4 losses1
2003(15) NovemberWest Juryo 1Ryutaro Asaaka11 wins 4 losses1Win the championship deciding match with Buyuzan Takeyoshi.
May 2003East Juryo 8Atsushi Tochi10 wins 5 losses1Hideki AokiyamaHamanishiki TatsuroWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2003West Juryo 7Ryoji Tama Kasuga12 wins 3 losses1
May 2003East Juryo 2Toru Kakizoe11 wins 4 losses1
May 2003East Juryo 5Takekaze Akira13 wins 2 losses1
May 2003West Juryo 2Kokkai Futoshi14 wins 1 losses1
2004(16) NovemberWest Juryo 6Wakanoyama Hiroshi11 wins 4 losses2Chiyo Tenzan Daihachiro-Dew Peng YukioWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2004West Juryo 8White peng sho12 wins 3 losses1Hayateumi HidehitoWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2004West Juryo 10Heaven and sky12 wins 3 losses1
May 2004East Juryo 3Koto European Katsunori13 wins 2 losses1
May 2004East Juryo 4Harumafuji Kohei11 wins 4 losses1Win the championship deciding match with Gojoro Katsuhiro.
May 2004West Juryo 13Yuji Ishide12 wins 3 losses1
2005(17) NovemberWest Juryo 7Nobuhide Emperor12 wins 3 losses2
May 2005East Juryo 4Kotoshogiku Kazuhiro13 wins 2 losses1
May 2005East Juryo 2Atsushi Tochi12 wins 3 losses2
May 2005West Juryo 3Masahiro Togitsu11 wins 4 losses2
May 2005West Juryo 1Toyoshima Taiki14 wins 1 losses1
May 2005East Juryo 13Struggle12 wins 3 losses1
2006(18) NovemberEast Juryo 1Taiichi Tochino13 wins 2 losses2
May 2006East Juryo 11KaitoAll 15 wins1
May 2006West Juryo 3Toyozakura Hokatsu10 wins 5 losses1Hochiyama Kokan-Imperial capitalWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2006East Juryo 6Hochiyama Kokan13 wins 2 losses1
May 2006East Juryo 8Takanowaka Yuki11 wins 4 losses1Toyozakura HokatsuWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2006West Juryo 2Jumonji Akinori13 wins 2 losses1
2007(19) NovemberEast Juryo 14Toyohibiki Ryuta10 wins 5 losses1Toichiroyama Yuichiro・ Win the championship deciding match with Shimotori Norio.
May 2007East Juryo 4Satoyama Kosaku12 wins 3 losses1
May 2007West Juryo 11Kaito14 wins 1 losses2
May 2007East Juryo 1Mt. Iwakisan Ryuta12 wins 3 losses2Asahi Pengsheng-Goei GotaroWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2007West Juryo 9Kaito13 wins 2 losses3
May 2007East Juryo 13Kenichi Sakaizawa13 wins 2 losses1Takayuki IchiharaWin the championship deciding match with.
2008(20) NovemberWest Juryo 12Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi12 wins 3 losses1
May 2008East Juryo 14Kimurayama Mamoru12 wins 3 losses1
May 2008East Juryo 11Chiyohakuho Daiki13 wins 2 losses1
May 2008East Juryo 8Bushūyama Takashi12 wins 3 losses1
May 2008West Juryo 6Aran Hakutora12 wins 3 losses1
May 2008West Juryo 9Shotenro Daishi12 wins 3 losses1
2009(21) NovemberEast Juryo 1Shotenro Daishi11 wins 4 losses2Takeshi HakubaWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2009West Juryo 3Toyohibiki Ryuta12 wins 3 losses2
May 2009West Juryo 13Tamaasuka Daisuke12 wins 3 losses1
May 2009West Juryo 6Wakanosato Shinobu14 wins 1 losses4
May 2009East Juryo 1Ichiro Tamawashi11 wins 4 losses1
May 2009East Juryo 5Akiyoshi Kitatsuki10 wins 5 losses1Koryu Tadaharu-Tokusegawa MasanaWin the championship deciding match with.
2010(22) NovemberEast Juryo 13Gagamaru Masaru12 wins 3 losses1
May 2010West Juryo 4Kimurayama Mamoru11 wins 4 losses2Koryu Tadaharu・ Win the championship deciding match with Tamaasuka Daisuke.
May 2010West Juryo 5Bushūyama Takashi11 wins 4 losses2
May 2010West Juryo 3Masatsukasa Kouji13 wins 2 losses1
May 2010West Juryo 1Toyoshima Taiki14 wins 1 losses2
May 2010East Juryo 6Kaisei Ichiro11 wins 4 losses1Toyohibiki RyutaTochino Waka University-Takayasu AkiraWin the championship deciding match with.
2011(23) NovemberEast Juryo 2Katsumasa Kasuga12 wins 3 losses2Win the championship deciding match with Tochinowaka Michidai.
May 2011Matchfix problemCanceled due to.
May 2011East Juryo 12Hiroyuki Sagatsukasa13 wins 2 losses1
May 2011West Juryo 12Myogiryu Yasunari11 wins 4 losses1Masunoyama TomoharuWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2011East Juryo 3Myogiryu Yasunari13 wins 2 losses2
May 2011East Juryo 14Shota12 wins 3 losses1
2012(24) NovemberWest Juryo 13Chiyo Tairyu Hidemasa13 wins 2 losses1
May 2012West Juryo 7Kimikaze Toshiji12 wins 3 losses1
May 2012West Juryo 2Tamaasuka Daisuke12 wins 3 losses2
May 2012East Juryo 11Chiyonokuni Toshiki11 wins 4 losses1
May 2012West Juryo 3Tsuneyuki Ryu Takayuki11 wins 4 losses1Win the championship deciding match with Ikioi Shota.
May 2012West Juryo 4Sadanofuji Akihiro14 wins 1 losses1
2013(25) NovemberEast Juryo 13Yoshinobu Takanoiwa12 wins 3 losses1
May 2013East Juryo 2Asahi Hidepeng Kyoku12 wins 3 losses1Toryu strengthWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2013West Juryo 3Kotoyuki Ichiwa13 wins 2 losses1
May 2013West Juryo 13Endo Seiji14 wins 1 losses1
May 2013West Juryo 11Terunofuji Haruo12 wins 3 losses1Kagamio HideokiWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2013East Juryo 2Yuki Chiyo13 wins 2 losses1
2014(26) NovemberEast Juryo 6Kazuki Chiyomaru13 wins 2 losses1
May 2014West Juryo 2Masayuki Toyoma14 wins 1 losses1
May 2014West Juryo 10Ichinoseki Hayao11 wins 4 losses1Blue wolf samurai・ Win the championship deciding match with Kagamio Hideoki and Kotoyuki Ichiwa.
May 2014East Juryo 12Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi13 wins 2 losses2Win the championship deciding match with Ichinojo Takashi.
May 2014West Juryo 5Tochinoshin TsuyoshiAll 15 wins3
May 2014East Juryo 1Heaven and sky12 wins 3 losses2
2015(27) NovemberEast Juryo 3Akiyoshi Kitatsuki13 wins 2 losses2
May 2015East Juryo 3Fujika Waka12 wins 3 losses1
May 2015East Juryo 9Kagamio Hideoki12 wins 3 losses1
May 2015West Juryo 12Kyou Mitake11 wins 4 losses1New Juryo.
May 2015West Juryo 6Yuya Matsutori13 wins 2 losses1
May 2015West Juryo 5Shodai Naoya13 wins 2 losses1
2016(28) NovemberWest Juryo 2Enoumi Takuya11 wins 4 losses1
May 2016East Juryo 1Ohsago Arashi Kinro13 wins 2 losses1
May 2016East Juryo 3Chiyonokuni Toshiki12 wins 3 losses2
May 2016West Juryo 11Koji Amakaze13 wins 2 losses1
May 2016West Juryo 6Daiki Myodo12 wins 3 losses1
May 2016West Juryo 3Takanobu Sato12 wins 3 losses1
2017(29) NovemberWest Juryo 2Daieishō Hayato12 wins 3 losses1
May 2017West Juryo 3Toyohibiki Ryuta10 wins 5 losses3Osuna Arashi KintakaroAsanoyama HidekiWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2017East Juryo 3Tetsuya Nishiki10 wins 5 losses1
May 2017East Juryo 8Motonori Amami11 wins 4 losses1Ryota Toyoyama・ Win the championship deciding match with Asanoyama Hideki.
May 2017West Juryo 11Masanori Aen10 wins 5 losses1Ryuji Amishi・ Kotoyuki Ichiwa ・Honor Fuji YoshiyukiWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2017West Juryo 7Eikichi Aoki14 wins 1 losses1
2018(30) NovemberEast Juryo 1Myogiryu Yasunari10 wins 5 losses3Win the championship deciding match with Hidenoumi Takuya.
May 2018East Juryo 4Sadanoumi Takashi11 wins 4 losses1Akiseyama MitsuhikoWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2018West Juryo 1Abu Sakiya12 wins 3 losses1
May 2018West Juryo 3Yoshinobu Takanoiwa13 wins 2 losses2Takanosho NobuakiWin the championship deciding match with.
May 2018East Juryo 11Deokatsu Ryusei11 wins 4 losses1Win the championship deciding match with Daiamami Genki.
May 2018West Juryo 14Yuta Tomokaze12 wins 3 losses1New Juryo.
2019(31) NovemberEast Juryo 11Shimanoumi Koyo13 wins 2 losses1
May 2019East Juryo 1Shimanoumi Koyo13 wins 2 losses2
August 2019East Juryo 2Kigen Jiken13 wins 2 losses1
August 2019East Juryo 6Tsurugishō Momotaro13 wins 2 losses1
August 2019West Juryo 12Shota12 wins 3 losses2
August 2019East Juryo 1Toryu strength11 wins 4 losses1Ikioi Shota, Kaisei Ichiro,Kiribayama TetsuoWin the championship deciding match with.
2020(Reiwa 2nd year) JanuaryWest Juryo 13Terunofuji Haruo13 wins 2 losses2
March 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)East Juryo 6Kotoshoho Yoshinari12 wins 3 losses1
March 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)East Juryo 1Meisei Chikara10 wins 5 losses1Asahi Hoshiboshi-Hoshoryu Tomokatsu-Miyohito Chiyono-Sky Sea Shouma-Mitoryu TakayukiWin the championship deciding match with.
March 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)West Juryo 11Chiyonokuni Toshiki14 wins 1 losses3
March 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)East Juryo 2Midori Fuji Kazunari10 wins 5 losses1Asahi Hidepeng KyokuWin the championship deciding match with.
Consecutive win record

There are almost no records of consecutive wins during the ten-car reign, but Tochinoshin has left a record of 4 consecutive wins because he finished with four consecutive wins in the final stage before he achieved the all-win victory.

Consecutive loss record

There have been 6 people in the past since the 7-place system a year for all defeats in Juryo. 1960年のXNUMXFutatsu RyuRecorded 9 consecutive losses from the 10th day of September to Chiakiraku in November, which is a record of consecutive losses to Sekitori in a 11-place system a year. 21年6月のSeptember 2020King KaikiSumo continues to be lackluster due to injury while being a new JuryoAll 15 races lostIt became.This is the first time in history that a new Juryo wrestler has lost all.In addition, Fujiazuma also lost all 11 races in November the following day, so it was a rare event that 15 cars had all 2 races in a row.Also in May 15KusunokiHas taken a full rest due to a knee injury in the new Juryo area and closed the business without the opportunity to re-enter the Juryo, so even though he is a Juryo wrestler, he has no victory in Juryo.

New Juryo results

RankingFour-pronged nameGradeHighest rank
1 bitEndo Seiji14 wins and 1 loss ◎summary
2 bitTaiichi Tochino13 wins and 2 loss ◎Sekiwaki
Takayuki Ichihara13 wins 2 losses13th front
Chiyo Tairyu Hidemasa13 wins and 2 loss ◎summary
5 bitNaoki Taishoyama12 wins and 3 loss ◎2th front
Wakanojo Munehiko12 wins and 3 loss ◎6th front
Masahiro Togitsu12 wins and 3 loss ◎3th front
Kinkaiyama Ryu12 wins and 3 loss ◎6th front
Tetsuji Masayama12 wins and 3 loss ◎Ozeki
Kaito12 wins 3 lossesOzeki
Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi12 wins and 3 loss ◎Ozeki
Shotenro Daishi12 wins and 3 loss ◎2th front
Shota12 wins and 3 loss ◎Sekiwaki
Terunofuji Haruo12 wins and 3 loss ◎Ozeki
Yuta Tomokaze12 wins and 3 loss ◎3th front
  • As of the end of January 2020.
  • TaiziThe wrestlers are active wrestlers as of January 2020.
  • The result of ◎ indicates the new Juryo victory.


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ Meanwhile, the new announcement will be made immediately after the Banzuke meeting.YokozunaAnd newOzekiIt is,Promotion transmissionFrom the day of the event, you will be treated by Yokotsuna and Ozeki.
  2. ^ Although the salary is cheaper than the Makuuchi wrestlers, there are many battles with the lower Makuuchi wrestlers.
  3. ^ However, during this periodSumo match-fixing problemIt should be noted that it coincided with the time when there were a large number of vacancies in Sekitori, etc., and the ranking was more likely to increase than usual. In July 2011, the 7th place under the West Makushita was 9 wins and 5 losses, which was a result that could not normally be promoted to 2 cars.
  4. ^ The association has commented that "the 15th piece is not within the 15th piece", and it is unclear whether the internal rules actually apply to the 15th piece.
  5. ^ 1927 OfEast-West mergerから 1932 OfShunjuen IncidentUntil the outbreak, it was a four-place system in which Tokyo and Kansai were held alternately, but the results of each place were not reflected in the ranking of the next place as it is now, and the ranking was raised and lowered in Kansai. Only two times after the place, it was organized with the total result of the last two places, so there were many cases where it was left in the same position even though it won ten cars.



Supervised by the Japan Sumo Association, "Hakkiyoi! Sekitori-kun Waku Waku Grand Sumo Guide" 71p

Midori Fuji Kazunari

Midori Fuji Issei(Midori Fuji Kazunari, 19968/30 -) isShizuokaYaizu CityI'm fromIsegahama roomActive affiliationSumo wrestler.. My real name isKazunari Anhara(Ihara Kazunari).Height 171.5 cm, weight 101 kg, blood type O[1].. West is the highestFrontal14th sheet ( 2021September place).


The reason why I decided to devote myself to sumo was because my mother felt frustrated when she won the second place in the sumo tournament in the second grade of elementary school.[2]..After that, the originalMakushita・ Aoma (Anjigawa roomIsegahama room) From his father, he practiced more than 1 times a day and participated in the national naughty sumo tournament in the fifth grade of elementary school.[2]..Yaizu Municipal Yaizu Junior High School[3]In the first grade when going on toNational Junior High School Sumo ChampionshipI participated in (all), but since I started playing during the summer vacation, I stopped practicing sumo and stopped going to school.[2]. But,Hiryu High SchoolGuided by the director of the sumo club, Daisuke Kurihara, he returned to the path of sumo from the third year of junior high school, and although he had two members, he finished in the top eight in all team competitions.[2]..Second year after entering Hiryu High SchoolNational High School General Sports Tournament Sumo TournamentIn the same grade, Takanobu Sato (at that time,Saitama Sakae High School2 years.LaterNoble scenic) To defeat Saitama Sakae High School and prevent it from winning the 4th consecutive title[2]I won the 3rd place in the group[3], I couldn't make a record in the 3rd year due to injury[2].. After graduating from high schoolKinki UniversityHe entered the Faculty of Business Administration, and in the first year he won the national student sumo individual weight-based championship in the less than 1 kg class.[3], Dropped out of the sumo club in the second year and dropped out of college[2]..After dropping out of college, he returned to his hometown, but he went to his hometown for sumo wrestling Isegahama stable (63rd generation).Yokozuna-Asahi Fuji) Visited for a scout and accepted the introduction with his mother, Kurihara, and former Aoma, who was a disciple of Isegahama stable during his active career.[2].

2016In September, the first bale at the age of 9.Kinki University was also in sync with the fellow students in the same roomNishiki FujiThere is[3]..In addition, Masaru Uehara, a one-year junior who dropped out of Kindai University, is also in the same place.Musashigawa roomIntroduced to, but retired in January 2017 only in place[4].. At the location in November 2016Introduction, January 2017 at the place of the first two stepsChampionship matchI played against Nishiki Fuji and lost both.After being promoted to the Makushita in May of the same year, it became established in the Makushita ranking. 2020The place in January will be 1 wins and 2 losses with the second piece under the eastern Makushita, and at the ranking organization meeting after the place, the new place will be in the next March placeTen carsPromotion has been decided[5]..As a person from Shizuoka prefecture, in March 2013TochihiryuSince then, it has been seven years since the birth of the new Juryo.[5]..Third person from Hiryu High SchoolSekitoriWith promotion, from Yaizu City(I.e.Second since[6]..When promoting the new Juryo, "As a goal,TerutsuyoshiHe said, "I want to use the force to push forward like Seki, and take a sumo wrestling that pushes forward." That ’s why. ”[7].. November place is 11 wins and 10 lossesAsahi HidepengHe won the championship deciding match with Juryo.Before this number 18th AjigawaHe advised me to "go from my chest", and thanks to this, I was able to win without taking a pull.When he won the Juryo, he said, "I longed for Mr. Washuzan and Mr. Kita Harima."[8].


  • The coach who coached at the Yaizu Shonen Sumo Club in Yaizu City, who was enrolled until junior high school, commented on Midori Fuji when he was promoted to the new Juryo.[6].
  • Director Daisuke Kurihara, a teacher of the Hiryu High Sumo Club, described it as "a hard worker who has high aspirations and is dedicated to practicing."[6].

Main grades

As of the end of July 2020

  • Overall result: 123 wins and 77 losses (25 places)

・ Juryo results: 36 wins and 24 losses (4 places)

Each stage win

  • Juryo championship: 1 time (January 2020 location)
Midori Fuji Issei
January place
First place (Tokyo
March place
Spring place (Osaka
May place
Summer place (Tokyo)
July place
Nagoya place (Aichi
September place
Autumn place (Tokyo)
November place
Kyushu Place (Fukuoka
xxxx(Former sumo)21th piece
West Ordinal 10nd XNUMXst
West third row 19th sheet
West Makushita 57th sheet
West Makushita 46th sheet
57th piece
46th piece
39th piece
West Makushita 48th sheet
West Makushita 20th sheet
36th piece
23th piece
West Makushita 32th sheet
/ Reiwa first year)
West Makushita 26th sheet
19th piece
13th piece
West Makushita 11th sheet
4th piece
12th piece
(2nd year of Reiwa)
2th piece
Nishi Juyo 11th piece
New coronavirus
Canceled due to expansion
East Ten Ryo 12th piece
Nishi Juyo 10th piece
East Ten Ryo 2th piece
(3nd year of Reiwa)
West Front 14th
The numbers in each column areWin-Loss-ClosedIs shown.    Win Retirement Closed Ten cars Makushita
Three awards : Daring=Fighting award,Especially= Distinguished Service Award,Skill= Skill Award Others:=Venus
Numbered class : Makuuchi - Ten cars - Makushita - Third stage - First two steps - Introduction
Makuuchi rank : Yokozuna - Ozeki - Sekiwaki - summary - Frontal("#Number" is the rank within each place)

Rename history

  • Kazunari Ihara September 2016 Place-November 9 Place
  • Kazunari Midori Fuji January 2017 Place-


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