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⚽ | Opposite to China!The secret to the success of Japanese high school soccer is-Chinese media


Opposite to China!The secret to the success of Japanese high school soccer is-Chinese media

If you write the contents roughly
Second, high school soccer is as influential as professional soccer.

The reference news of the Chinese media is that on October 10, the success of high school soccer in Japan is regarded as "a stone of another mountain". → Continue reading

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High school soccer

High school soccer(Koukou Soccer) is soccer played by high school students in the high school soccer club.It also refers to a soccer tournament for high school students.

Educational institutions and club youth

Global tide

EuropeIn the soccer world of South America and South America, it is common for club teams to invest a lot in young talented players and train them individually, and national level tournaments are organized as high school and university soccer. Not done[1].


In Japan, many schools are engaged in soccer as a club activity at school institutions, but in the case of soccer in the high school age,baseballUnlike other sports, there is also the option of so-called club youth in addition to high school club activities.EspeciallyJ LeagueAfter the inauguration, the number of cases of playing in the youth team of the J League club and playing an active part as a professional is increasing, and the trend is that the elite in the junior high school age chooses club youth, and the students who leak from it choose the high school soccer club. It is being completed. 2006AFC U-17 ChampionshipIn the U-16 Japan National Team, which won the championship, there were only 22 registered members and only one member of the junior high and high school soccer club, which was a symbolic result.

But in such a situationShunsuke Nakamura,Keisuke HondaLike, in the junior high school age, although he belonged to the junior youth of the J League club, he was not promoted to the youth team, but there are some players who have developed their abilities in the high school soccer club.In addition, the number of club youth teams is extremely small compared to the high school soccer club, and the number of players who can join them is very limited.Yuji Nakazawa,Kengo NakamuraIn high school, there are some players who are completely unknown but later reach the Japanese national team, and the high school soccer club is extremely important as a fine-grained net to scoop up such talents.Therefore, for J.League clubs, high school soccer is still a valuable source of players, and for players, "Winter National" is still the stage they admire.There is a significant difference in treatment by the media between club youth and high school soccer, and there are almost no opportunities to be featured in sports news in club youth-only tournaments, so promotion from junior youth to youth is definitely seen. , There are still quite a few players who choose the high school soccer club aiming for the national winter.

As a result of excellent talents concentrating on club youth, the status of prestigious schools where elite players have been concentrated has declined, and excellent leaders are increasing not only in the high school age but also in elementary and junior high school generations all over the country. As a result, the level of players is rising nationwide, and high school soccer is entering the “Sengoku period”.

There is an opinion that even in Japan, we should emulate individual-oriented training like European club teams, whileIbiza OsimThere is also an opinion that positively evaluates club activities at school institutions, such as saying that the system of club activities in Japan is a wonderful system from a global perspective.[1].


  1. ^ a b Norifusa Mita "Catch the victory with the pentagon of success!" Daiwa Shobo, 2008, p. 177

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