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⚽ | [Socker (Men)] Goal is far away until the end and loses with no score Section XNUMX Vs Juntendo


[Socker (Men)] The goal is far away until the end and the game is defeated with no score.

If you write the contents roughly
I couldn't get the points just one step away from 0-1.

In the previous section, Keio, who was caught up just before the end of the match and missed three points, decided to win the second half of the league for the first time. → Continue reading

 Keio Sports Newspaper Association

We publish the only sports newspaper in Keio University. A member of an active college student will report on each part of the sports club, and will inform the “now” of sports at Keio University, including not only the state of the game but also information closely related to each part and the real faces of the players.

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One more step

"One more step] (After)J☆Dee'ZThe firstMini album2018May 3Released by Sony Music Records.


J ☆ Dee'Z's first mini-album "Ato Ippo" is packed with lyrics and new challenges unique to high school girl vocal and dance groups.With this one piece, you can enjoy all of the current J ☆ Dee'Z.

Music description

One more step

For the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020, a song drawn based on "actual player's experience" as an official support song [W league] of the domestic top league of women's basketball that is expected to win medals .. It's a hot and rushing sound, and it's a song that can be called the true value of J☆Dee'Z.  


Girls ska rock bandORESKABANDIt is a rock tune number produced by the song that seems to overturn the image of the past.

I like everything.

YusukePopular song "I like everything.The cover of

Dance Dance Solution

The lyrics that are packed with "JK aruaru" in retro disco sound are fun songs


First ballad song in graduation song

recorded music

First Press Limited Edition [CD+DVD]


  1. One more step
    • Lyrics: KOUDAI IWATSUBO・Ryo Nakamura / Composition: Ryo Nakamura
  2. Crazy for you
    • Lyrics: tae / Composition: iCas
    • Lyrics: tae / Composition: iCas
  4. I like everything.
  5. Dance Dance Solution
    • Lyrics: Yuto Ogawa・Shoko Hamano / Composition:Kimura Yuki
  6. March


Includes 9 songs from the one-man live performed at Shibuya duo EXCHANGE on 22/10.

  1. Fun Time Funk !!!
  2. Dream Arch
  3. Let the music flow
  4. I want to convey what I want to convey
  5. Secret Summer
  6. Feel Good
  7. Answer
  8. Colorful jump
  9. Love
  10. Melody

Normal board [CD]



One more stepBasketball Japan Women's League W League official support song
TBS series"Tocoton digging party! Thank you to creatures!!" January-March ending theme


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