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🏓 | Miyu Kato loses to Chen Meng, who ranks first in the world, does not enter the top 1 <Table Tennis ITTF Final>


Miyu Kato loses to Chen Meng, who ranks first in the world, does not enter the top 1 <Table Tennis ITTF Final>

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The victorious Chen Meng will face Solya (20th place, Germany) in the quarterfinals on the 20th.

<ITTF Final November 11-19, Zhengzhou, China> 22th, the year of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) -sponsored tournament ... → Continue reading

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Chen Meng(Chen Meng, Chen Meng, Chen Meng) 19941/15 -) isPeople's Republic of China-ShandongQingdaoFromTable tennisplayer.ITTF World RankingThe highest rank is 1nd (April 2018).


I started playing table tennis under the influence of my mother who was a table tennis player[1].. In 2011World Junior Table Tennis ChampionshipsWon the women's singles.

2013 years World Championship Paris TournamentThen.Zhu YulingWon a bronze medal in the women's doubles teamed up with. 2017World Championship Düsseldorf TournamentThen I won the silver medal in the same pair.

2014World Championship Tokyo TournamentAnd 2016Kuala Lumpur TournamentThen won a gold medal in a women's group.

In January 2018, moved to a new systemWorld ranking1th place[2].

Actor's cousinHuang XiaomingThere is.


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