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⛳ | Ayaka Furue leads V for 2 consecutive weeks Daio Paper Ladies Day 3

On the 3rd day of the photo, Ayaka Furue, who is the leader with a total of 13 under. Shoot a tee shot at No. 16 = Elleair GC Matsuyama

Ayaka Furue leads V for 2 consecutive weeks Daio Paper Ladies Day 3

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Erika Kikuchi was in 5rd place, 3 strokes behind the top, followed by Yuna Nishimura and Ayaka Watanabe in 1th place, 4 stroke behind.

Daio Paper Elleair Ladies Day 3 (21st, Ehime Prefecture Elleair GC Matsuyama = 6545 yards, par 71) 3 ... → Continue reading

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Ayaka Watanabe

Ayaka Watanabe(Ayaka Watanabe)

Kikuchi Erika

Kikuchi Erika[1](Erika Kikuchi,1988年7/12 -) isHokkaidoTomakomaiFromJapanGirlsProfessional golferIs. AffiliationOnward Holdings.. My sister, Akisami Kikuchi, who is 3 years older, is also a professional golfer.[2].


At the age of 6, he started playing golf under the influence of his father, a teaching professional.[2].

June 2003 when I was in junior high schoolJapan Women's Amateur Golf ChampionshipBecome a semi-finalist[3]..Held in Hokkaido in July of the same yearJapan Women's Professional Golf Association(LPGA) Tour "Toyo Suisan Ladies HokkaidoFirst appeared as an amateur on the same tour[4].

After graduating from junior high school, he left Hokkaido and became a prestigious golfer.Tohoku High SchoolGo on to[1].. One grade higherChie Arimura,Erina HaraBut in the first gradeKido AiBut in the first gradeKaori OeWore[5].

Major achievements in high school were winning the "Tohoku Junior Golf Championship" (1 to 2004 years old for girls) in 3 when he was in the first grade and 2006 when he was in the third grade, and the 15 "National High School Golf Championship" ( Women's individual division) There is a championship etc.[6].
In 2007, after graduating from high school, he took the LPGA protest but failed, and entered the LPGA third qualifying tournament in the same year.[7].

In 2008, turned professional with the qualification of a third QT advancer[7]. "Yokohama Tire Golf Tournament PRGR Ladies CupWas the first appearance on the LPGA tour as a professional[8]..In the same year, he advanced to the LPGA final protest and passed the second challenge in 10th place Thailand.[9], LPGA 80th generation[1].

In 2012, he became his first seed in the 43rd place in the annual prize money ranking (prize money rank).[10].

Became a member of Onward Holdings from 2014[11].

February 2015KKT Cup Vantellin Ladies Open』And decorate the LPGA tour first victory in the form of not giving up the lead from the first day[7], 8th in prize money rank in the same year[10].. same yearInformation Professional Sports Award・ Received the Fresh Award[12].

February 2016Studio Alice Women's OpenMarked the tournament record of the tournament and won the LPGA tour for the second time.[13].

February 2017T-Point Ladies Golf Tournament3rd victory of LPGA Tour[14]..Stopped the consecutive wins of foreign players from the previous year at 8[Note 1].

In 2018, he will be ranked 7th, which is his highest prize money rank.[10].

In 2019, he was ranked 25th in prize money, and has been seeded for eight consecutive years until this year.[10].


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  1. ^ From October 2016 "NOBUTA GROUP Masters GC Ladies" Jeon Mi-Jeong to March 10 "Yokohama Tire Golf Tournament PRGR Ladies Cup" Jeon Mi-Jeong, it was the championship of eight consecutive foreigners.


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