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⚽ | [Socker (Women's)] Musashigaoka Junior College, who misses his first victory of the season due to a goal just before the end of Section XNUMX of the Kanto League


[Socker (Women)] Musashigaoka Junior College, who misses his first victory of the season due to a goal just before the end of Section XNUMX of the Kanto League

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In the 5th minute, Hana Yamamoto (Ri 4, Yokosuka Seagulls) headed for the free-kick, but it was out of the frame.

The XNUMXth Kanto Women's Soccer XNUMXnd Division League Group B Section XNUMX vs Musashigaoka Junior College XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX (Thu) XNUMX ... → Continue reading

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Yokohama FC Seagulls

Yokohama FC Seagulls(Yokohama FC Seagulls,Yokohama FC Seagulls) IsKanagawa横 浜 市Girls based inサ ッ カ ーIt's a team.


The predecessor was the women's top team of Yokosuka Seagulls FC, which was established in 1982.Yokosuka Seagulls FC". On July 2006, 7, "Specified nonprofit corporationIncorporated as "Yokosuka Seagulls Sports Club".

2013 year 2 month,Japan Professional Soccer LeagueJoin the (J League)Yokohama FCThe Yokosuka Seagulls FC Women's Top Team has entered into a business alliance with the Yokohama FC Sports Club, which is an affiliate of the Yokohama Frie Sports Club Co., Ltd.Yokohama FC SeagullsThe name was changed to.

In addition, the management and operation of the top female working team will be an activity base.Yokosukaから横 浜 市After moving to, it was decided that the Yokohama FC Sports Club would perform, and the subordinate organization would be operated by the NPO Yokosuka Seagulls Sports Club.[2][3].

From 2014 after winning the "Challenge League Entry Team Decision Battle" held in November 11Japan Women's Soccer LeagueDecided to enter the Challenge League[4].

In 2015, he won the Challenge League EAST and advanced to a qualification match in 3rd place in the playoffs.Fukuoka J. UnclassHe won the qualification match with 2-2 in total, and was promoted to the second division of the Nadeshiko League.

From 2016JapanWith the conclusion of the sponsorship contract withNHK Spring Yokohama FC SeagullsRenamed to[5].

Yearly results / successive directors

Yokosuka Seagulls / Yokosuka Seagulls Ladies / Yokosuka Seagulls FC

年度Team nameleagueNumber of teamsNumber of matchesPointsWinMinuteDefeatscoreGoalGoal differenceRanking
1999Yokosuka SeagullsKanagawa Prefecture 1st Division9818422127+54 bit
200010933810344+302 bit
2001109287024811+372 bit
2003109287024712+352 bit
2005Yokosuka Seagulls Ladies1094107531-26%9 bit
2006Kanagawa Prefecture 2st Division76822275+24 bit
20078712403129+33 bit
20087610312179+84 bit
200976103121611+52 bit
2010Yokosuka Seagulls FCKanagawa Prefecture 1st Division9816512187+113 bit
2011109227113410+242 bit
2012109186034010+303 bit

Yokohama FC Seagulls / Nippatsu Yokohama FC Seagulls

年度Team nameleagueNumber of teamsNumber of matchesPointsWinMinuteDefeatscoreGoalGoal differenceRankingLeague cupEmpress cupdirected by
2013Yokohama FC SeagullsKanagawa1 part10927900582+56Win-Lost qualifyingJapanese flag Suzuki Ho
2014Kanto2 part814391301617+54WinJapanese flag
2015Challenge League EAST6153411133913+26WinEliminated the second roundJapanese flag Hiroki Nakamura
2016NHK Spring Yokohama FC SeagullsNadeshiko League2 part1018174592233−108 bitGL defeatedEliminated the second round
20171018247382022-25 bitGL defeatedEliminated the second roundJapanese flag
Japanese flag (Acting)
Japanese flag Takuya Jinno
20181018319453224+82 bitGL defeatedEliminated the second roundJapanese flag Takuya Jinno
20191018288462119+25 bitGL defeatedEliminated the second round
2020101832882298+214 bit(Cancel)[6]Eliminated the second round
2021Nadeshiko League Part 11222Japanese flag Yuichi Kaname



ス タ ッ フ

PositionNameDate of birth (age)former jobRemarks
directed byJapanese flag Yuichi Kaname (1977-06-25) 1977May 6(43 years old)Yokohama FC Junior Youth Totsuka directed bynew
Head coachJapanese flag Kosuke Hatta (1982-03-17) 1982May 3(39 years old)INAC Kobe Leonessa Head coach
GK coachJapanese flag??Years??Month??DayYokogawa Musashino FC Junior / Junior Youth GK coach
Physical coachJapanese flag??Years??Month??DayToyo University Graduate School
Assistant coachJapanese flag (1990-02-23) 1990May 2(31 years old)Director Yokosuka Seagulls JOY


LineNo.Player nameDate of birth (age)Previous affiliationRemarks
GK1Japanese flag (1999-03-12) 1999May 3(22 years old)Kanagawa UniversityNew member
19Japanese flag (1996-08-22) 1996May 8(24 years old)Sendai University
30Japanese flag (2004-09-10) 2004May 9(16 years old)Yokosuka Seagulls JOYSub-organization registered player
DF2Japanese flag (1994-06-10) 1994May 6(26 years old)Albirex Niigata Ladies
4Japanese flag (1995-06-02) 1995May 6(25 years old)Yokosuka Seagulls FC
8Japanese flag (1995-06-28) 1995May 6(25 years old)Yokosuka Seagulls FCVice Captain
14Japanese flag (1993-04-03) 1993May 4(28 years old)Waseda University
22Japanese flag (2002-11-02) 2002May 11(18 years old)Yokosuka Seagulls JOYNew member
23Japanese flag (2000-04-14) 2000May 4(21 years old)Murata Girls' High School
25Japanese flag (1997-06-03) 1997May 6(23 years old)Kanagawa University
26Japanese flag (1997-04-24) 1997May 4(23 years old)Kibi International University Charme Takahashi OkayamaNew member
28Japanese flag (1999-11-25) 1999May 11(21 years old)FC Jumonji VENTUSNew member
MF3Japanese flag (1997-11-01) 1997May 11(23 years old)Waseda University
5Japanese flag Nagisa Yoshida (1996-10-26) 1996May 10(24 years old)INAC Kobe LeonessaNew member
6Japanese flag (1992-09-26) 1992May 9(28 years old)Orca Kamogawa FC
7Japanese flag (2001-02-13) 2001May 2(20 years old)Shutoku High SchoolVice Captain
16Japanese flag captain (1996-02-11) 1996May 2(25 years old)Albirex Niigata Ladiescaptain
17Japanese flag (1997-07-07) 1997May 7(23 years old)Jeff United Chiba LadiesNew member
20Japanese flag Yuria Obara (1990-09-04) 1990May 9(30 years old)Albirex Niigata Ladies
24Japanese flag (2003-02-06) 2003May 2(18 years old)Seiwa Gakuen High SchoolNew member
27Japanese flag (2001-08-24) 2001May 8(19 years old)Tokiwagi High School
FW9Japanese flag Miyuki Takahashi (1993-10-07) 1993May 10(27 years old)Albirex Niigata Ladies
11Japanese flag (1999-11-09) 1999May 11(21 years old)Shutoku High School
13Japanese flag (1993-12-24) 1993May 12(27 years old)AS Harima Albion
18Japanese flag (2002-08-27) 2002May 8(18 years old)Shutoku High SchoolNew member
29Japanese flag (2003-10-16) 2003May 10(17 years old)Yokosuka Seagulls JOYSub-organization registered player
31Japanese flag (2003-09-15) 2003May 9(17 years old)Yokosuka Seagulls JOYSub-organization registered player


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)light blueNavy blueNavy blue
FP (2nd)whiteNavy bluewhite
FP (3rd)light bluewhiteNavy blue
FP (4th)whitewhitewhite
GK (1st)pinkpinkpink
GK (2nd)yellowyellowyellow
FP 1st
FP 2nd
FP 3rd
FP 4th
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Club color

  • -2012     绿
  • 2013-     White,    light blue,    Navy blue

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestJapanNHK Spring2017-2016 upper back
Left clavicleMedical corporation Yokohama future healthcare systemTotsuka Kyoritsu
Medical group
2019-2013-2015 pants
2016-2018 sleeves
2013 is written as "Women Totsuka Kyoritsu Specialty Saclass Clinic"
2014-2015 is written as "Totsuka Kyoritsu Women's Saclass Clinic Specialization"
2017 is written as "Totsuka Kyoritsu"
2018 is notation of "Totsuka Kyoritsu Medical"
2019 clavicle left is "Yokohama Kashiwatsumikai"
Right clavicleYokohama future
Healthcare system
Upper backCICCIC2014-2015
2013 sleeves
2016-2018 lower back
In 2013,Clean doctor ㍿ CIC "notation
Lower backダ イ ア ナDiana2019-2013-2016 is chest
2017-2018 is the upper back
2013 and 2015 are "Diana Diana making proportions"Notation
Front of pantsTakematsu ShojiTakematsu2020-
Back of pantsNone--

Uniform supplier itinerary

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

年度chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pantssupplier
2012-Before ban-Before ban-/
Usui Real Estate
-Before banNIKE
Diana making proportions
PrimahamClean doctor
Female Totsuka Kyoritsu
Specialized Saclass Clinic
2014DianaCIC-Totsuka Kyoritsu Women
Sakura Clinic Specialty
Diana making proportions
Tsunashima Italian food
Shunsai kitchen
2016DianaNHK SpringCICTotsuka Kyoritsu
Medical group
Tsunashima Italian food
Shunsai kitchen
2017NHK SpringDianaTotsuka
2018-Totsuka Kyoritsu
2019Totsuka Kyoritsu
Medical group
Yokohama Kashiwa EmbankmentCICDiana-
2020Yokohama future
Healthcare system

Yokosuka Seagulls FC

Soccer clubYokosukaFormed in 1976 by the alumni of Awata's youth soccer team, the top men's team is2000After thatKanagawa Prefecture Soccer LeagueI am enrolled in.The governing body isSpecified nonprofit corporationYokosuka Seagulls Sports Club.

The boys are working teams (top team, Kanagawa league 3rd division, satellite team, Kanagawa prefecture)Miura PeninsulaDistrict League 1st Division), Youth, Junior Youth, Junior Teams are organized, Yokosuka City and nearby横 浜 市,Miura,Zushi,Miura-gunHayama TownYouth are active.

For girls, the satellite JOY team for junior high school, high school students, and working adultsKanagawa Women's Soccer LeagueThe 1st division and MEG team are enrolled in the 2nd division, and girls'teams and ladies' teams (general working team, Kanagawa women's soccer league 2nd division, housewife team, Kanagawa women's league affiliation) are organized.

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