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🇯🇵 | Otoya Grand Sumo Tournament Held with No Audience New Corona Infected Persons Rapidly Increased ...


Otoya Grand Sumo Tournament Held Without Audience New Corona Infected Persons Rapidly Increased ... Suddenly Decided [Ehime]

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Only about 30 adult wrestlers from Seiyo City participated.

The traditional Otoya Grand Sumo Tournament is back at the Otoya Kaikan in Seiyo City, which has revived from the heavy rains in western Japan this year.But the new Coronaui ... → Continue reading

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Seiyo City

Seiyo City(Seiyoshi) isEhimeLocated in the southwestern part ofCity.


Seiyo City is in Ehime PrefectureNanyo districtLocated in 2004Higashiwa District4 townsUwa Town-Nomura Town-Shirokawa-Akehama TownとNishiuwa DistrictBorn by a new merger of 5 towns in Mikame-cho[1]..Former Uwa TownEdo PeriodThanUwajima Domain OfPost townProsper as, in the centerUnomachiThe historic landscape that remains inImportant traditional buildings preservation areaHas been selected as[2] ..In addition, Unomachi is the center of the Uwa district in the city,JR ShikokuYosan lineUnomachi Station,Matsuyama ExpresswaySeiyo Uwa InterchangeThere is also high convenience of transportation.

It is expected to develop as a wide-area distribution base in the southern part of Ehime Prefecture, but the population decline in the surrounding area has not stopped, and the population has decreased by 15% in the 1990 years before and after the merger (2005 to 13.4), and the city system At the same time as the enforcement, it is designated as a depopulated area in the entire city area[3].


Seiyo City has a long city area from the sea to the mountains.WestUwa SeaIn the eastern partShikoku karstIn the mountainsKochiIt is in contact with the border.From September 2013, 9 due to diverse terrainJapan Geopark(Shikoku Seiyo Geopark) Certified[4] .


oldHigashiwa DistrictWith all the towns (4 towns)Nishiuwa District OfSanbe TownBecause of the merger with, it has a horizontally long shape from east to west.The east borders the mountains on the border of Kochi prefecture, and the westUwa SeaIt faces the sea, and the altitude difference is 1,403m.In the meantime is the Uwa Basin.

  • Mountains: Goishigamori 1,185m (Onogahara), Amatsutsumiyama 1,111m (Noigawa), Obanzan 799m (Tojigano), Onoyama (Oh) Nozan) 797m (white beard), Mt. Gozaishoyama (Amatsutsumi) 669m (Takase)
  • basin:Uwa Basin
  • River :,Hajikawa(Upstream area)
  • Lake:Lake Asagiri(Nomura damLake), Lake Kanogawa (Lake)Kanogawa DamUpper lake basin)


A plateau with more than 2m of snow in winter (Onogahara), Warm coasts, and foggy basins due to the effects of two dams.During the typhoon season, coastal areas are often damaged by storm surges and high waves, and mountainous areas are often damaged by landslides due to heavy rain.There are days when the temperature differs by more than 2 degrees between the coast and Onogahara.


Most of the area in Seiyo CityChichibu beltBelongs to.In the Nakatsugawa district of Shirokawa TownLimestone"The lime component that flows in the area with a lot of water is precipitated and deposited.TufaThere is.With a length of 280m, it is considered to be one of the largest in Japan and is designated as a cultural property of Seiyo City.Onogahara, one of Japan's three major karsts and part of the Shikoku karst, has beautiful white limestone on the green meadows.Komatsu has Rakanana, one of the largest caves in Shikoku.The length that people can reach is about 700m.

Reference Seiyo City,Seiyo City Shirokawa Geological Museum

Occurred at 2014:3 am on March 14, 2Iyo NadaThe epicenter (about 78 km deep,magnitudeA seismic intensity of over 6.2 was recorded in the earthquake of 5).

Origin of place name

What is "Seiyo"?Yi予(EhimeOld country name)WestIt is a term that refers to a departmental area.

Ehime prefectureToyo-Chuyo-NanyoIt can be divided into 3 areas,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euDue to the influence of "Nanyo ="UwajimaThe image was strong.for that reason,Yawatahama City-Ozu City-Kita-gun-Nishiuwa District・OldHigashiwa DistrictTogether with (disappeared when Seiyo City was established), "Seiyo" was invented as a term to refer to the entire area, and was used in tourism campaigns and public relations papers.In addition, Yawatahama City and Ozu City have made a move to set up "Seiyo" in the weather forecast, but it has not been realized.For this reason, there was a sense of resistance to those involved other than the original Seiyo City, as only one of them named the area name that (should) refer to the entire area.Similar problems in the prefectureToyo CityThere was also, but this is due to the merger of cities, towns and villagesSaijo CityBecame a part of.


  • 2004(Heisei16 years)4/1 - Higashiwa DistrictUwa Town-Nomura Town-Shirokawa-Akehama Town,Nishiuwa DistrictSanbe TownWas born by the merger.The population at the time of its inauguration was about 4, and the city hall was the former Uwa Town Hall.
  • 2004(Heisei16 years)4/17 - Matsuyama ExpresswayOzu Kitatada IC - Seiyo Uwa ICThe space is open.
  • 2005(17) June- Otsukai KaikanOpened.
  • 2006(18)
    • 2 --As a symbol of the city, flowers: astragalus, trees: beech, birds: warblers, fish: horse mackerel, insects: fireflies are selected.
    • 4 month - HokkaidoKuromatsunai TownSigned a sister city-town agreement with.
    • July --Seiyo City Regional Vocational Counseling Office opens.
  • 2007(19) April --The sea station "Shiosaikan" opens.
  •   2008(20) June- Seiyo CATVIs established.
  • 2010(22) April-Village Support Team,Community revival cooperation corpsStarted installation.
  • 2011(23)
    • April --Renovated the Mikamecho Health and Welfare Center and relocated the Mikame branch.Established Forestry Revitalization Center.
    • November-The new city hall is completed.
  • 2012(24) March --Matsuyama Expressway Seiyo-Uwa IC- Uwajima Kita ICThe space is open.
  • 2013(25)
    • 5 month - DIO JapanOpened Seiyo Call Center.
    • September-The entire city is certified as a Japanese Geopark, and the Shikoku Seiyo Geopark is born.
  • 2014(26)
    • April-Started "Seiyo Club Manager"[5][6]..Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the merger, the city name has become established in the prefecture, but its name recognition is low outside the prefecture.Therefore, in order to publicize the city, we recruited in 2013, selected 7 members, and conducted public relations activities.[7]..Integrated water supply business.
    • June-Seiyo Call Center Closed[8].
    • 9 month - Municipal Seiyo Municipal Hospital(Former Municipal Uwa Hospital) opened.
    • October-In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the merger, the city song "Everyday" was created (song: lyrics: composition :)
  • 2015(27)
    • 7/2 --City morning hall is completed[9].
    • 8/3 --Ehime Prefecture Offsite Center (Ikata TownMoved from the government office) opened[10].
  • 2017(29) April-City Sanitation Center "Mizusumashi" is completed[11].
  • 2018(30) July-Due to heavy rainHajikawaIs flooded and about 650 households are inundated in the Nomura area.Heisei 30 year 7 month heavy rain).
  • 2019(31) June- Hakata salt industryAkahama factory closed.
  • 2019(31) April-Chinuya Holdings Shikoku Factory is completed.The City Library Exchange Hall (Manabian) opens.


Successive mayors

代NamePhoneticInauguration dateRetirement date
1-3Kanji MiyoshiMiyoshi Kanji2004/5/162016/5/15
4Kazuo KankeKazuo Kanke2016/5/16Incumbent
Administrative reform
Originally, towns with a small population gathered and took the merger promotion policy of Heisei and became a "city" by applying the special provisions for promotion to the city, so the administrative power and financial power were strengthened according to the size of the population. Is an issue.In particular, the reduction of staff with a large number of staff compared to the size of the population is a mere situation.Since it is too late to replenish retirement, we are leading the top in cities and towns in Ehime prefecture, and we are recommending early retirement by giving preferential treatment by adding retirement allowance (since 2005).[Source required]..Another issue is the consolidation and integration of the seven third-sector companies that have been used in the old town.

National administrative agency

Prefectural government agencies and public facilities

sister city

Former: It was a sister city even during the Nomura-cho era.Kuromatsunai Town is known for its northernmost beech forest, and its edge. 2006(Heisei18 years)4Signing ceremony.


The industrial base is weak and the economic power is poor.[3].

Formerly, the Uwa district (as a distribution center for rural supplies)Unomachi), There was an accumulation in the Nomura area, but especially in the Nomura area, it is declining due to the development of transportation and the exhaustion of the rural economy.For the Uwa area, the oldPost townExcept for Nakamachi, where the historic townscape remains, the roadside service industry has developed and attracts shoppers from the neighborhood.The economy is centered on the primary industry, and the concentration of manufacturing industries is scarce.For details, see the page of each old town.

Primary industry

  • citrus,Rice,ChestnutEtc. are mainly cultivated.AlsoLivestock(Pigs, dairy cows, beef cattle) are also practiced.
  • Citrus cultivation is flourishing in coastal areasUnshu mandarinIn addition to (each place)Iyokan(Akihama area, etc.),New Summer Orange(Sanpei area) etc. are cultivated.IshigakiThe orchard made by stackingRural landscapeIt plays a role in the formation of.Livestock (dairy cows) are practiced in the Nomura area.
  • In the fisheryHamachiAquaculture,Bastard halibutAquaculture, pearl farming, and crepe farming and fishing are actively carried out.

Secondary industry

The shipment value of manufactured goods (business establishments with 4 or more employees) was 2017 billion yen as of 244, and the food and ceramic industries occupy the top positions.[12]..For groceries, factories such as sake breweries are located, 2019Hachinuya Holdings establishes Shikoku factory in the cityFrozen foodIs being manufactured.

Tertiary industry

  • Unomachi(Old:Uwa Town)supermarket-Home center・ Commercial agglomeration of home electronics mass retailers and drug stores can be seen.Nomura (former:Nomura Town) Also used to form a mini-core in the commercial center of the former: Nomura-cho and the former: Shirokawa-cho, but with the improvement of roads, the Uwa district and even moreUwajima CityorOzu CityPurchasing power is leaking.
  • In the service industry, in the cityCall centerIs advancing.

Headquartered company

Major companies with factories and offices



Seiyo city areaHigh economic growthSince the 1960s, which is the period of the period, the population has been declining due to population outflow (social decline).However, the former Uwa Town is located in Higashiuwa District, taking advantage of the location of a transportation hub.Commercial-Service industryThe population has been maintained at around 1970 since the 1s by increasing the base of the company.Therefore, the population ratio of the former Uwa Town in Seiyo is on the rise. In 7000, the population ratio of the former Uwa Town in the former 1960 towns was 5%, but in 28.7 it increased to 2015%. It is predicted that it will reach 42.6% in 2060, and it is expected that the population will continue to be concentrated in the former Uwa Town.

In 2013, the social decline of 125 people (920 people moving in and 1045 people moving out) caused a population outflow.Capital Area-KeihanshinThe population migration is almost balanced with that of the major cities of Nanyo such as Yawatahama and Ozu.Most of the social decline occurred with Matsuyama City, resulting in an excess of 132 people moving out.

Seiyo City and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Seiyo City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
■Purple-Seiyo City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Seiyo City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


high school

Junior high school

Special school

primary school

On March 2009, 3, the Seiyo City / Seiyo City Board of Education proceeded with the consolidation and abolition of 31 elementary schools in the city, and compiled and announced a reorganization plan to increase the number to 27 schools by 2021. The nine schools are Akahama, Uwagami, Uwacho, Uwashita, Nomura, Onogahara, Sokawa, Shirokawa, and Sampei (including tentative names). It is a reorganization plan to[13].. (This is because the two schools in the former Nomura-cho, Onogahara and Sokawa, have to be extremely long commuting distances even if they are consolidated into neighboring schools).


Railway line

Iyo-Iwaki Station - Kami-Uwa Station - Unomachi Station - Shimouwa Station
  • Central station: Unomachi station
At the representative station of the former Uwa Town, Uwajima-Matsuyama Limited ExpressUwa SeaAlways stops.For this reason, long-distance commuters to Matsuyama and other places often use it, and there is a vast parking lot near the station that commuters use.Of the five former towns before the merger, only the former Uwa town had a railroad at the time of the merger.

Transit Bus

  • Uwajima Motor
  • Seiyo City Bus (including the Asagiri Bus service of the Nomura area abolished alternative bus)[1]



22 Seiyo Uwa IC

General national road

National Route 56
National Route 197
National Route 378
National Route 441

Prefectural road

Road Station

Main facility

Akahama district

Uwa district

Nomura district

Shirokawa district

Sanpei district

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Refer to Seiyo City's sightseeing, historic sites, and event information

Sightseeing spot


  • Otsuya Sumo(Sumo) Held every year at the Otoya Kaikan after the end of November in Kyushu
  • Outback Sea Carnival (Pig Rodeo, Maritime Fireworks)-August 8
  • Adventure school (6 nights 7 days highland camp for elementary and junior high school students during summer vacation)
  • Uwa Renge Festival-April 4
  • Doronko Festival
  • Nomura Dam Festival-May 5
  • Tom Sawyer Program (2 nights 3 days cycling for elementary school students during summer vacation)
  • Nomura Town Protection Team Walk Rally Tournament-February every year
  • Z-1 Grand Prix
Pig rodeo problem

A local industry in the Sanpei areaPig farmingIn the name of promotion of 1990For events held every year led by the Seiyo City Chamber of Commerce[16], Domestic and foreignAnimal welfare groupsProtests by the government and problems that have developed into signature activities throughout Japan calling for abolition[17][18][19]..Seiyo City 20158/13, Held the same event as usual[20]..In addition, the Seiyo City Chamber of Commerce, which organizes the event executive committee, said that the pigs screaming and rampaging "will be a whirlpool of laughter for both riders and viewers."[16].

Special product


Honorary citizen

Taken over from the local government before the merger
Among those who were "honorary citizens" in the old town, those who were alive at the time of the merger were taken over as "honorary citizens" in the new city)
  • Tsunetoshi Tanaka --Former Akehama Town Honorary Citizen Former Member of the House of Representatives
  • --Former Nomura Town Honorary Citizen Former Chairman of Higashiuwa District Doctor, Former Nomura Town Council
  • --Former Shirokawa Town Honorary Citizen Former Shirokawa Mayor
  • --Former Mikame Town Honorary Citizen Company President Movie chain "Cinema Sunshine" management
Since the inauguration of Seiyo City
  • --Former Mayor of Nomura, member of the prefectural assembly
  • --Former Mayor of Akehama
  • --Former Mayor of Uwa

Special Honor Award Winner

Celebrity of origin (place of birth)

Place name

The expression "former XX town" is used several times in the notation of each section, but this is just to clarify the name of the relevant old municipality in the place of origin.Before the merger, there were 4 towns of Higashiuwa-gun (Uwa, Nomura, Akahama, Shirokawa) and 1 town of Nishiuwa-gun (Sanbin). It became a "city", and even if the county notation is changed to the city notation, the town name up to that point remains the same for each town.[21].

People outside the town may misunderstand that "Uwa-cho is also called Unomachi" and "Uwa-cho = Unomachi", but the name of the central area in the town of Uwacho, Seiyo City is It's just "Unomachi", and this is due to the confusion due to the place name of XX town. Called "Uwacho, Seiyo City"House displayIs not present, so it is correct to write the address in Unomachi as "○○ address of ○ chome ○, Uwacho, Seiyo City".However, the elementary school in the same town is written as Uwamachi Elementary School and read as "Uwamachi Elementary School".

Area code

0894 in the whole area.However, in Mikame Town and other areasMessage Area (MA)Is different.

  • Uwa Town, Nomura Town, Shirokawa Town, Akehama Town → Uwa MA
  • Mikame Town → Yawatahama MA

Mutual calls and communications are treated as adjacent, and when dialing, it is necessary to dial from the area code.


Disaster prevention administrative radio

Disaster prevention administrative radio digitization work is underway throughout Seiyo City, and maintenance is scheduled to be completed throughout the city in the second year of Reiwa.[22].

In addition, the time signal will be unified in all districts.

Time signal

Time signal after unification of the whole area
06:00Westminster Bell
12:00Seiyo City Song "Everyday"
15:00Wild rose
17:00Moon river
18:00Small sunset (summer vacation only)

As shown below, the broadcasts were disjointed in each region because they were operated at the facilities of the old towns and villages for a while after the merger.

Music that was once broadcast
Former Uwa TownFormer Nomura TownOld Shirokawa TownFormer Akehama TownFormer Mikame Town
06:00Westminster BellScottish bell grassWestminster BellWestminster BellWild rose
10:00Love is light blueEdelweissEdelweissOldness
12:00Wild rosecoconutWestminster BellWestminster BellWild rose
15:00Green sleevesSong of delightRadio gymnasticsMoon river
17:00Moon riverSinging voice time signalWestminster BellScottish bell grass
17:03Small sunset (October-March only)
17:30Small sunset (April-September only)
17:45Ningen is nice ・ Small sunset (summer vacation only)
18:00Small sunset (summer vacation only)Home roadNingen is nice ・ Small sunset (summer vacation only)Small sunset (summer vacation only)Hometown (summer vacation only)

In addition to these, in the former Akehama Town and the former Shirokawa Town, "radio exercises" were broadcast only in the morning of summer vacation.[23].


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  • Downtown Heroes ――Matsuyama High School, which is the stage in the play, uses Seiyo City Uwamachi Elementary School (at that time Uwamachi Uwamachi Elementary School).The school building at that time was the old school building before rebuilding, and now part of the old school building has been relocated and preserved as the Uwa Town Rice Museum.

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