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⛷ | Skating Nana Takagi accidentally bruised while training in Aomori

Photo Nana Takagi

Nana Takagi skates accidentally bruised while training in Aomori

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Takagi took the lead in overtaking the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics speed skating women's group and mass start.

At around 24:11 am on the 25th, speed skating Nana Takagi (28) got on the prefectural road in Oirase Town, Aomori Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Speed ​​Skating Women's Group Overtaking

Mass start

Mass start(British: Mass start) Is performed in a groupcompetitionIn competition, it means that the group starts at the same time.Athletics OfLong distance,marathon,Bicycle road race,Cross country skiing,Biathlon,speed skateIt is done in such. The word "mass" means a group[1].

Cross country skiing


speed skate


Adopted at the World Single Distances Speed ​​Skating Championships in 2015[2],2018 Pyeongchang OlympicsWas adopted for the first time in the Olympic event[3][1][4][5][6][7].


About 20 players started all at once[1][4][8], About 1 per lap m[3][1][5]16 laps for both men and women on the course[3][1][4][5][9]、4の倍数の周回数(4、8、12周目)に上位3選手がそれぞれ5ポイント・3ポイント・1ポイントを得る事ができ、ゴール時に上位3選手がそれぞれ、60ポイント・40ポイント・20ポイントを得て[3][4][8], Determine the final ranking by the total of the points[3][4]..You will be disqualified when you are one lap behind the beginning[4]..In order to prevent a fall accident immediately after the start, the first lap is a group run, and acceleration to get a good position is prohibited.Violation will result in disqualification[4][8].. It will be possible to accelerate from the second lap onwards[4][8]..In addition, athletes wear helmets and gloves as in short track speed skating.

1 people in the first round at the Pyeongchang Olympics[2][4], 1 players from each group in the first round[4]A total of 16 people will participate[2].


For athletes who have difficulty in finishing in the top 3 (podium) at the time of goal, they can get a passing point every 4 laps by pulling away from the following in the early part of the race.Winning a prizeThere are cases where the strategy is aimed at.actually,Pyeongchang OlympicIn the women's mass startエストニアHas achieved 4th place with this method[10].

Although this competition is an individual event, players from the same country and team will skate together and aim to advance to the top of the race while suppressing the air resistance of the rear players.Team competitionIt is also possible to take the strategy as.

Medium- and long-distance athletes of 1500m or more will participate, but in terms of cooperation and tacticsTeam pursuit,Short trackClose to, the representative players of Team Pursuit and the players from the short track are doing well.Won a gold medal in team pursuit at the Pyeongchang OlympicsTakagi NanaWon a gold medal at the women's mass start and also won a gold medal at the men's mass startSeung Hoon LeeWon a silver medal at the women's mass startKim Bo ReumIs a player who turned from short track.


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