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⚽ | European CL, B Munich final T defeated by Marseille

Photo Sakai of Marseille competing in the first half of the match against Porto (above) = Marseille (joint)

European CL loses Marseille to B Munich final T

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Bayern Munich defeated Salzburg (Austria), where Masaya Okugawa was off the bench, 3-1.

[Marseille (France) joint] The European Champions League (CL) of soccer will be the first league in various places on the 25th ... → Continue reading

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Masaya Okugawa

Masaya Okugawa (Okugawa Masaya,1996年4/14 -) isShigaKoka CityFromsoccer player.Austrian Bundesliga-Red Bull SalzburgBelongs.position TheFW,MF.


Kyoto Sanga FCFrom the academy. In April 2014Type 2 registered playerRegistered as a top team[2], It was announced in September of the same year that it will be promoted to the top team from 9[1].

2015 year 6 month,Austrian Bundesliga OfRed Bull SalzburgAnnounced full transfer to[3].. June 6, AustriaAir stelligaIs the second team in SalzburgFC LieferingIt was announced that he would transfer to Japan for a limited time. August 8, Section 28SC Austria LustenauFirst goal after transfer in the battle.

Austrian Bundesliga in June 2017SV MattersburgIt was announced that the transfer will be for a limited time[4].. March 8, Section 6SK Sturm GrazPlayed for the first time after transferring in the war[5].. Aug. 11,FK Austria ViennaScored the first goal of the season from the middle of the game[6].

August 2018, Germany 8nd DivisionHolstein KielLoan transfer to[7].. March 2, Section 23VfL BochumContributed to victory by scoring the first goal after transfer in the battle[8].

August 2019, 5,Red Bull SalzburgIt was reported that the return to[9].. July 7th will be the opening roundSK Rapid ViennaScored a goal from the middle of the game, and also in the second round against SV MattersburgTakumi MinaminoTogether, he scored a goal for the second consecutive game since the opening.

August 2020, 11,UEFA Champions LeagueSection 3Bayern MunichIn the match, he scored his first CL goal.[10]

2020 year 11 month,MoriichiThe national team coach called A for the first time, but the call was canceled due to a cluster of new coronaviruses in his club.

Play style

Accurate from dribbling and left and right feetPlace kickIs a feature[1],Brazil national team OfNeymarIts play style similar to "The ancient city of NeimarIs called[11][12].

Affiliation club

Youth career
Professional career

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
オーストリアLeague matchLeague cupAustrian CupTotal period
2015-16Liefering9Air Ste303-00303
ドイツLeague matchLeague cupDFB PokalTotal period
2018-19keel112. Bundes195-20215
オーストリアLeague matchLeague cupAustrian CupTotal period
オーストリアAir Ste648-00648
ドイツ2. Bundes195-20215
  • No participation as a 2nd class registered player

Other official games

International competition individual results
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberParticipationscore
Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchTotal period
JapanLeague matchTotal period

Representative history

  • U-17 Japan National Team
    • UAE Junior Friendly Tournament (2013)
  • U-18 Japan National Team
    • Valentin Granatkin International Football Tournament (2014)
  • U-19 Japan National Team
  • U-18 J League selection



Red Bull Salzburg


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