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⚾ | Rakuten's Takahiro Norimoto, 3 million yen to maintain the status quo Next season is the third year of the 7-year contract

Photograph After renewing the contract, Rakuten's Takahiro Norimoto, who holds a colored paper with the word "origin" written on it, is in Sendai City on the 26th (provided by the team).

Rakuten's Takahiro Norimoto, maintaining the status quo 3 million yen Next season is the third year of a 7-year contract

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The spectator mobilization of the team also decreased significantly, and as a player chairman, a sense of crisis was exuded.

On the 26th, pitcher Takahiro Norimoto of Rakuten faced negotiations for contract renewal at the baseball team office in Sendai city, and the annual salary of maintaining the status quo was 3 million yen plus ... → Continue reading

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Sense of crisis


captainWhat is (shusho)General general,SportsIn the teamcaptainAlso known as.In addition, the deputy captain, the position of the deputy captainDeputy generalAlso called.

Captain in a sports team

Representatives of members or athletes in sports teamscaptainOr called captain.

The captaindirected byUnder the guidance of the deputy captain and other officers, he leads and manages teams or clubs and circles, and is also a role that requires great leadership.In the case of student sports, students are basically selected from the highest grade athletes.In the case of professionals and working people, the main players who have a relatively long history of affiliation often serve, but so-called large veterans are rarely employed.

In addition to the sports team uniform, it indicates that he is the captain.badgeMay be added.In soccerArmbandThe captain mark of the mold andhigh school baseballWritten as "Lord" inAppliqueCaptain Mark,Ice hockeyThe captain mark with the motif of "C" is known.volleyballThe captain's uniform in is underlined under the chest number.

In addition,College baseball,Youth baseball,soft ballFixed for some sports such asUniform numberThere is an organization that stipulates thatBaseball jersey numberSee).

OlympicThere is also a captain in the team.

martial arts(judo-kendoEtc.) is similar to and different from the "general".

Captain in soccer

In soccer, there are usually two types of captains.That is,Team captainClub captainIs.The club captain is fixed throughout the season, and the manager appoints players who have a long history of belonging to the club, veteran players, and players who can exert a strong influence on allies during the match. ..The club captain plays a role of acting as an intermediary between the manager and the players, inspires teammates when the match is inferior, and is a spokesperson representing the players to the media and supporters.Club-born players are often nominated as club captains, and some of them are club captains.AC Milan OfFranco Barrage,Paolo MaldiniIn some cases, one team can carry out all of the active life.

The team captain is the leader of the eleven on the pitch.The team captain wears an armband called the captain mark and performs a coin toss before the start of the game.

If the club captain is on the pitch, the club captain will do this.If the club captain cannot participate, it is still fixed throughout the seasonDeputy general(Weiss Captain) Is the team captain.

Captain in the NFL

American FootballProfessional League ofNFLHas introduced its own captain system since the 2007-08 season.

For each team, 1 to 4 captains are appointed for each of the offensive, defensive, and special teams.

Most teams are fixed, but some teams change their allocation weekly.

Athlete chairman

On the other hand, in professional sports, "Athlete chairmanThere is a position called "," which means a representative in a player's union, other than play (such as negotiating with the front desk on behalf of a player or attending a meeting).This system is adopted when an organization (players' association) is established by players in the league, and the player chairman of each team becomes the branch manager.

If the captain also serves as the player chairman, or if a player other than the captain takes office as the player chairman, there may be no captain system and only the player chairman exists.Generally, the player chairman is selected from the background of the team.

In professional wrestling, some groups have set up player associations, which are also headed by the player chairman.The player chairman is a player who also serves as a group representative (president, etc.), a player representative, a player different from the on-site manager, etc.Pro Wrestling NoahIn some cases, the player chairman also serves as a director.There is also an organization that holds a voluntary performance called "Players Association Performance", and the player chairman acts as a promoter.

Players' associations are also set up in public competitions,Japan Bicycle Player AssociationThe chairman is not the player chairman but the chairman.

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