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⚽ | Local player Ando plays Kansta's first large-scale soccer tournament


Local player Ando plays Kansta's first large-scale soccer tournament

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Urawa Reds Ladies, to which Ando belongs, won the league match this season.

The Empress's Cup of Soccer was held at Kanseki Stadium Tochigi in Utsunomiya City on the XNUMXth and XNUMXth.In Kansta ... → Continue reading

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Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies

Urawa Red Diamonds > Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies

Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies (Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies)SaitamaSaitama(OldUrawa) Is basedWomen's footballIt's a team.


Saitama Reinas era

1998年, "I used to belong to the L LeagueUrawa Ladies FCSome members withdrew from ""Urawa Reinas FCEstablished.It was a founding department aiming at team management with full support of citizens without the support of companies.

Next day1999年ToL leagueJoined.Initially I was content with the lower ranks,2001年From onceJ League OfUrawa Red DiamondsHe was active as a DF in Japan, and later served as a member of the Urawa City Assembly and a member of the Saitama Prefectural Assembly.Tadashi TaguchiSucceeded in steadily improving the level by appointing as a director.2002年From the team name "Saitama Reinus FC",2003年ToJapan Women's National TeamGK who grew up to be the guardian deity ofYamago NozomiHe has accumulated victory centered on, and has joined the battle for victory.This year, he ended up in 4th place in the final (higher) league, but this breakthrough led to the next2004年Reinas, who became a member of the first division (L1) due to the league match system by level, was also selected as the Japan Women's National Team midfielder.Kozue AndoIn the 6th year of participation, he won the long-awaited league victory for the first time.

Urawa Reds Ladies Era

2005年Will be active as a subordinate organization of Urawa Reds, and the team name is also "Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies(Urawa Reds Ladies) ”."Saitama Rainita FC", a subordinate organization (equivalent to satellite) that is active mainly in prefectural conventions, is also "Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies Junior YouthWas changed to (in the L league)UrawaIs revived2001年It's been 4 years since then).

2006年Yamago, Ando,Miyuki Yanagita(TASAKI Perule FCTransferred from) 3 peopleProfessionalContract as a player.further2007年Of new membersKyoko YanoIn 2009, he won the league title for the first time since becoming Reds Ladies.

After that, he moved away from the victory, and especially in 2013, six people including the main players left the team, and the average age of the players rejuvenated sharply.[2], Was forced to struggle from the opening of the league, and after a residual battle, he finished 6th.However, in 2, when the two-season system was adopted, he won the exciting series, which decides the third place in the regular season in the first half and the first place in the year, with the defensive haste as a weapon, and won the league championship for the first time in five years since 2014. Was[3]..From the achievement of victoryAya no Kuni Service AwardAward.

2021年Will be launched this yearWE LeagueWill be active in.

Successive directors and grades

Times年度Team nameleagueRanking
(Number of teams)
matchPointsWinMinuteDefeatdirected by
111999Urawa Reinas FCL. League7th place (8)1431013Japanese flag Mikio Miyashita
1220006th place (9)1014424
1320015th place (10)1325814Japanese flag Tadashi Taguchi
142002Saitama Reinus FC3th place (11)1114425
1520034th place (13)22341354
(16)2004L League 1st Division
(17)2005Urawa Reds Ladies5th place (8)21331038Japanese flag
(18)2006Nadeshiko League Div.1
(Nadeshiko League Division 1)
2th place (8)17381223Japanese flag Yoshikazu Nagai
(19)20073th place (8)21481533
(20)20083th place (8)21431344Japanese flag Hiroshi Muramatsu
(22)2010Nadeshiko League2th place (10)18431413
(23)20113th place (9)16331033
(24)20124th place (10)1828846
(25)20136th place (10)1821639Japanese flag Takako Tezuka(Section-9)
Japanese flag (Section 10)
Japanese flag Yasushi Yoshida(Section 11-)
(26)2014Win(10)28551675Japanese flag Yasushi Yoshida
(27)2015Nadeshiko League Part 16th place (10)23287610
(28)20168th place (10)18196111
(29)20173th place (10)18321026Japanese flag Takahisa Ishihara
(30)20184th place (10)1829927Japanese flag Takayoshi Ishihara (verse-14)
Japanese flag Hiroshi Masaki(Sections 15-18)
(31)20192th place (10)18391305Japanese flag Eiji Mori
  • The results of 1999, which adopted the front-back system, are the annual rankings.
  • The results from 2000 to 2003, when the qualifying (district) league and the final league were adopted, are the annual rankings.The number of teams is the total number of teams in both districts.
  • Since 2004, it has changed to a two-part system. The number of teams is only in the league they belong to.
  • Until 2003, the season name was written as "○", but from 2004, it has been written in the Christian year.
  • In 2006, after the "Regular League" (RL) for the 8 rounds of the 2nd round, the "Playoff" (PO) for the 4st round of the rounds was carried out by each of the top and bottom 1 teams based on their ranking. The number of games is the sum of RL and PO. Grades are annual rankings.
  • In 2014 and 2015, after the "regular series" (RS) of 10 teams round robin, the top 2 teams and the bottom 6 teams were divided into 4 leagues, and each of them was "exciting series (ES)" of round robin of the 2nd round. Implemented.The number of games is the total of RS and ES.Grades are annual rankings.


Domestic title

International title

Other titles

Team color

Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)"Red"whiteblack
FP (2nd)white"Red"white
GK (1st)绿绿绿
GK (2nd)yellowyellowyellow
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Team color

  •      "Red"

Uniform supplier

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotation
backMitsubishi MotorsMITSUBISHI MOTORS
Below the backJapanese Kentucky Fried ChickenKFC
sleeveToshin PartnersToshin
PantsDHL JapanDHL

for practice

Other official sponsors

  • Eco plan


2021-22 season


PositionNameDate of birth (age)Year of employmentformer jobRemarks
general managerJapanese flag Eiji Mori (1959-06-19) 1959年6/19(61 years old)2019 -浦和レッドダイヤモンズ・レディース 監督
directed byJapanese flag Naoki Kusunose (1964-04-17) 1964年4/17(56 years old)2021 -浦和レッドダイヤモンズ・レディースユース 監督new
Head coachJapanese flag Hiroshi Masaki (1979-01-22) 1979年1/22(42 years old)2017 -浦和レッドダイヤモンズ・レディース 監督
GK coachJapanese flag 立石典久 (1980-09-15) 1980年9/15(40 years old)2019 -大阪経済大学体育会サッカー部 GKコーチ
Assistant coachJapanese flag 下山薫 (1977-01-10) 1977年1/10(44 years old)2019 -浦和レッドダイヤモンズ・レディースユース 監督
trainerJapanese flag 林佐保 (1992-01-30) 1992年1/30(29 years old)2020 -


LineNo.Player nameDate of birth (age)Year of enrollmentPrevious affiliationRemarks
GK1Japanese flag Sakiko Ikeda (1992-09-08) 1992年9/8(28 years old)2007 -Japanese flag Urawa Reds Jr Youth Ladies
12Japanese flag (2002-06-13) 2002年6/13(18 years old)2021 -Japanese flag Urawa Reds Ladies YouthNew member
21Japanese flag 文道美音??Years??Month??Day2020 -Japanese flag VONDS市原FCレディース
DF2Japanese flag Kana Osafune (1989-10-16) 1989年10/16(31 years old)2015 -Japanese flag Vegalta Sendai Ladies
3Japanese flag Minami Moeka (1998-12-07) 1998年12/7(22 years old)2016 -Japanese flag Urawa Reds Ladies Youth
5Japanese flag Saki Ueno (1994-11-20) 1994年11/20(26 years old)2020 -Japanese flag Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba Ladies
7Japanese flag Hana Takahashi (2000-02-19) 2000年2/19(21 years old)2016 -Japanese flag Urawa Reds Ladies Youth
13Japanese flag (1998-09-12) 1998年9/12(22 years old)2017 -Japanese flag Urawa Reds Ladies Youth
20Japanese flag (2001-10-08) 2001年10/8(19 years old)2020 -Japanese flag Urawa Reds Ladies Youth
25Japanese flag (2002-05-05) 2002年5/5(18 years old)2021 -Japanese flag Urawa Reds Ladies YouthNew member
MF4Japanese flag Mayu Sasaki (1993-01-12) 1993年1/12(28 years old)2018 -Japanese flag Mynavi Vegalta Sendai Ladies
6Japanese flag Akari Kurishima (1994-09-14) 1994年9/14(26 years old)2013 -Japanese flag Urawa Reds Ladies Youth
8Japanese flag Hikaru Naomoto (1994-03-03) 1994年3/3(26 years old)2012 - 2018


German flag SC Freiburg
15Japanese flag (1996-05-05) 1996年5/5(24 years old)2019 -Japanese flag Waseda University A-style kicking ball girls
16Japanese flag Yuki Mizutani (1996-04-11) 1996年4/11(24 years old)2019 -Japanese flag 筑波大学女子サッカー部
17Japanese flag Yu Endo (1997-10-29) 1997年10/29(23 years old)2014 -Japanese flag Urawa Reds Ladies Youth
18Japanese flag Hanae Shibata (1992-07-27) 1992年7/27(28 years old)2011 -Japanese flag Kamimura Gakuen High School
19Japanese flag (1997-11-01) 1997年11/1(23 years old)2014 -Japanese flag Urawa Reds Ladies Youth
22Japanese flag (2001-05-16) 2001年5/16(19 years old)2020 -Japanese flag Urawa Reds Ladies Youth
23Japanese flag (2000-04-13) 2000年4/13(20 years old)2019 -Japanese flag Tokiwagi Gakuen High School
FW9Japanese flag Yuka Sugazawa (1990-10-05) 1990年10/5(30 years old)2017 -Japanese flag Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba Ladies
10Japanese flag Kozue Ando (1982-07-09) 1982年7/9(38 years old)2005 - 2009

2017 -

German flag SGS Essen
11Japanese flag Kiko Seike (1996-08-08) 1996年8/8(24 years old)2014 -Japanese flag Urawa Reds Ladies Youth
14Japanese flag (1993-08-17) 1993年8/17(27 years old)2019 -Japanese flag Nistai University FIELDS Yokohama
24Japanese flag (2002-05-08) 2002年5/8(18 years old)2021 -Japanese flag Urawa Reds Ladies YouthNew member

Change of uniform number

directed byIzumi SakabaYoshikazu NagaiHiroshi MuramatsuTakako Tezuka
Yasushi Yoshida
Yasushi Yoshida
1Yamago NozomiSakiko Ikeda
2Kumiko TashiroYuki TsuchihashiRiho Sakamoto
3Yue KasashimaKyoko YanoShiho Kohata
4Yuri YamamotoMaiko MorimotoAkemi NishidaAkane Saito
5Nishiguchi pattern earlyEri MomotakeSaki KumagaiNatsuki Kishikawa
6Kihara treetopAyano Dozono
7Mitsue IwakuraFujita Nozomi
8Saiko TakahashiAkiko NiwataHikaru Naomoto
9Chisa ItoAyako Kitamoto-Yuki Yasuda-
10Kozue Ando-Chinatsu Kira
11Momoko NakaikeAsuka KubotaMichi Goto
12Kaori KasaiAkemi NishidaYuko TakeyamaSaki Ishii
13Maiko MorimotoAkiko NiwataFujita NozomiShiho KohataNaoko Wada
14Nodoka HosakaChinatsu KiraYuki YasudaShiho Tomari
15Mika HoshitoSaki KumagaiAyano DozonoNatsuki KishikawaRiho SakamotoNozomi Takeuchi
16Sachie KoganemaruYumi Tajiri
17Hiromi MakiChisa ItoMichi GotoHanae ShibataHitomi Nariai
18-Miyuki YanagitaHanae Shibata
19Eri Wakabayashi-Riho SakamotoHitomi NariaiRina Suzuki
20Mai Yoshida-Eriko HottaChika Kato
21Nanako MutoNoriko MatsudaSakiko IkedaShimizu ShioriMamiko Matsumoto
22Nanako MachiiYuki TsuchihashiNaoko SakuramotoKo NagashimaNaoko WadaYuna TakaiAkari Kurishima
23Noriko MatsudaEri MomotakeAyano DozonoOmiya ReonaAkane SaitoRina SuzukiAkari KurishimaMinori Chiba
24Ayako KitamotoSatomi ShibataEriko HottaAkiko ChinoChika KatoNozomi TaharaHikaru NaomotoMizuki Nakamura
25-Asuka KubotaMinori ChibaNatsuki Kishikawa-Nozomi TakeuchiSaki IshiiRuka Norimatsu
26--Kyoko YanoYuko TakeyamaMizuki NakamuraYuna TakaiAmi Otaki
27--Sakiko IkedaAkari Kurishima--Haruka Oto
28--Amano Misaki-Eriko Arakawa-Sayaka Mitani
29------Saki Ishii--Rie Usui
30------Yumi Tajiri-Chika Hirao
31---------Kiko Seike
32---------Yu Endo
33---------Yuzu Shiogoshi
34---------Fuka Nagano
directed byYasushi YoshidaTakahisa IshiharaTakahisa Ishihara
Hiroshi Masaki
Eiji MoriNaoki Kusunose
1Sakiko Ikeda
2Kana Osafune
3Shiho KohataMinami Moeka
4Rie UsuiHikaru KitagawaMayu Sasaki
5Natsuki KishikawaAkari KurishimaRuka NorimatsuSaki Ueno
6Ruka NorimatsuAkari Kurishima
7Fujita NozomiRisa IkadaiAkari ShirakiHana Takahashi
8Hikaru Naomoto-Hikaru Naomoto
9-Kiko SeikeYuka Sugazawa
10Chinatsu KiraKozue Ando
11Michi GotoKiko Seike
12Saki Ishii-Anna YamamoriMaya Ino-Saki UenoShiori Fukuda
13Naoko WadaAkari ShirakiKizaki AoiReina Nagashima
14Sayaka MitaniHikaru KitagawaShoko Uemura
15Nozomi TakeuchiHikaru KitagawaFuka Nagano-Rana OkumaSaki Yanagisawa
16Yumi TajiriChika HiraoAnna YamamoriYuki Mizutani
17Haruka OtoYu Endo
18Hanae Shibata
19Rina SuzukiYuzu Shiogoshi
20Chika KatoMiki Takahashi
21Mamiko Matsumoto-文道美音
22Akari KurishimaKo NagashimaSaki YanagisawaIchiboshi Oka
23Minori ChibaKizaki AoiHana TakahashiFumina Shibayama
24Kiko SeikeFuka NaganoMinami Moeka-Seira Kojima島田芽依
25Akari ShirakiAnna YamamoriReina Nagashima-Miki Takahashi河合野乃子
26Chika HiraoYuki MizutaniRana Okuma-Ichiboshi Oka-
27Fuka NaganoMinami MoekaSeira KojimaShiori Fukuda-
28Hikaru KitagawaReina NagashimaHana TakahashiYuki Mizutani-
29Yu EndoSeira KojimaYuki Mizutani-
30Yuki MizutaniHana TakahashiKozue Ando-
31-Maya Ino-
33-Emily Gilnick-
34Fuka Nagano-

Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies Youth

The national titles won areAll Japan Women's Youth (U-18) Soccer ChampionshipIt is one victory.


Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies Junior Youth

A total of 10 national titles have been won,Most women's junior youth teams nationwide.



  1. ^ 2011年Degree is for repair workSaitama Stadium 2002,NACK5 Stadium Omiya,Konosu City Athletics Stadium3 games will be held at each of the 3 venues.In 2012, when the renovation work was completed, Komaba was the venue for the 2012 FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup, so until the end of the tournament, Saitama Stadium 2002, NACK5 Stadium Omiya,Kumagaya Sports Park Athletic Field, One game was held at each of the four venues of Konosu City Athletics Stadium.
  2. ^ Nadeshiko L ​​Urawa Tezuka new system started "Expectations are greater than anxiety"Sports Nippon, January 2013, 1 (viewed November 20, 2014)
  3. ^ Urawa 5 seasons V defensive haste "results of stacking"Tokyo Shimbun, November 2014, 11 (viewed on November 25, 2014)[Broken link]

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