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🏓 | [Table Tennis] Women's World Cup Mima Ito DEEP commentary on the fateful rival confrontation & bronze medal deciding match!


[Table Tennis] Women's World Cup Mima Ito DEEP commentary on the fateful rival confrontation & bronze medal deciding match!

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This is a DEEP commentary with Kenji Matsudaira, the bronze medal of the World Table Tennis 2012 Men's Team, as a guest.

In "Table Tennis Japan!" Broadcast on December 12, the Women's World Cup 5 <8 ... which was the first international tournament in eight months ... → Continue reading

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Kenji Matsudaira

Kenji Matsudaira(Matsudaira Kenji,1989May 4 -) isIshikawaNanao CityFromTable tennisplayer.The second son of the Matsudaira brothers.CurrentlyKyowa Hakko KirinBelongs to, 2018-19 seasonT League OfRyukyu AstidaWas also participating in the match as a player of[2]..Toshifumi Matsudaira to his brother, 200950th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchTo my younger brotherKenta MatsudairaParticipated with.

2006 yearsAll Japan Table Tennis ChampionshipIn the singles, it was the best 16 and in the doubles it was 3rd. Second place in the 2007 All Japan Table Tennis Championships, JuniorInter HighThen.Jun MizutaniIn doubles withKenta Matsudaira,Hitoshi UedaDefeated the group and won the championship. In 2008All Japan Student Table Tennis ChampionshipWin singles[3],In SeptemberKita-ku, TokyoThe following year at the Japan National Team selection meeting held at the National Training Center in Japan50th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchWas elected as the representative of[4].

At the 4th Japan League Big Tournament held on April 12, just before the World ChampionshipShinnosuke Kikata,Kai Yoshida,Hanyang,Jun MizutaniDefeated and won[5][6].

In the second round of singles at the world championshipWang LiqinI took one game from, but lost, and the doubles were paired with Jin UedaKure Shoto,Liu ChengminAlthough he took two games first from the group, he lost 2-2 and finished in the best 4.[7]..From the fall of the same yearTable tennis bundesligaHas been decided to participate in[3].

2010, which was held in January 1All Japan Table Tennis ChampionshipThen I lost to Yoshida in the semi-final, but it was my first best four[8].

2013 in ParisWorld table tennis championshipWith his younger brother Kenta and his younger sister Shiho Matsudaira, he became the first Japanese national team to select three brothers and became a hot topic.[9].

Become a VICTAS contract player in 2017[10].. Joined Ryukyu Asteeda in the T-League, which was launched in 2018.[11].


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