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⚽ | "3 years since foundation, 22 years old director" What is the secret of Fukuyama City during rapid growth ... Hit Tanaka Sho!


"3 years since foundation, 22-year-old director" What is the secret of Fukuyama City during rapid growth ... Hit Tanaka Sho!

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At the Emperor's Cup, defeated Baleine Shimonoseki, Mitsubishi Mizushima FC, and Arterivo Wakayama one after another.

The club that is currently receiving the most attention at the 100th Emperor's Cup is Hiroshima Prefecture's representative "Fukuyama City FC" ... → Continue reading


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Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima FC

Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima FC(Mitsubishi FC, Mitsubishi MotorsMitsubishi Motors Mizushima FC) IsOkayamaKurashikiWorking people working inサ ッ カ ーclub.

Japan Football League (JFL) At the time of participation in the war, "Mitsubishi Mizushima FCWas used, but now it is called "Mitsubishi Mizushima FC".In the media, etc., it is sometimes called by the abbreviation of "Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima".[1].


Mother isMitsubishi MotorsMizushima Plant.Many playersPeriod workWorking as[1].

1946"Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima FCSobu. In the 1990sChina soccer leagueBecame a strong team in 2005, from the XNUMX seasonJFLParticipated in for 5 years.2010Only due to the following historical circumstances, he has been enrolled in the Okayama Prefecture League 1st Division for one year and then in the Chinese League.

The team color is "red".Greek languagediamondIt is the etymology of "", which means "resolute and strong" in English.RedAdamantHas a nickname of ".The mascot character isMomotaro"Momosuke", "Komomo-chan", and "Mamoru-kun" with the motif of.

There used to be a women's soccer team "Red Adamant FC", but it was abolished in 2008.


1946 years,The end of the warEstablished as "Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima FC" with the aim of improving regional recreation in the devastated Mizushima area.1965からOkayama Soccer LeagueEnrolled in.He has been active for many years as a leading team of soccer teams in the prefecture.1979ToChina soccer leagueI was promoted, but1982Relegated to the Okayama Prefecture League.

after that1990After returning to the Chinese League for the first time in eight years, he has always reigned at the top of the league.1992Since winning the first victory in2004Achieved 5 wins. 200428st National Regional League Final TournamentHe won his first victory in Japan and was promoted to JFL.

Taking this opportunity, we decided to aim for community-based team management.However, the results after promotion to JFL were not good, and many players worked two shifts as fixed-term workers and had night shifts every other week, so it was difficult to play with the best members, and the team was sluggish in the lower ranks.[1].

1st year of JFL promotion2005Was the lowest of the 8 teams with eight points.Especially in the second half, only 16 points can be raised, since 3.2006Will suffer 15 consecutive losses.By the way, the 2005 consecutive losses that Mitsubishi Mizushima recorded from 2006 to 15 is the JFL's worst league record.

In 2006, it was a difficult battle and was involved in the remaining battle with 17th place in the first half, but recovered to 12th place in the second half.The final ranking will be 17th,Sagawa Express Tokyo SCSagawa Express Osaka SCDue to the merger of the two teams, only the 18th place team was the target of the qualification match with the top teams in the national regional league finals, and JFL remained.

2007Struggled with 9th place in the previous term and remained in 15th place in the final result.

2008Is sluggish in the relegation zone, but is promoted to J2 of the upper team (Tochigi SC-Catale Toyama-Fagiano Okayama FC), The JFL remains.In the same year with Fagiano Okayama FCOkayama DerbyWas realized.

At the end of 2008,Deterioration of global economic situationTherefore, there was concern about the reduction of operating costs and the reduction of activities in the future.On the other hand, there is a home stadium, Kasaoka Athletics Stadium in Okayama Prefecture.KasaokaHowever, the club requested that the club continue its activities as it is the core of the promotion of regional sports.[2].

2009Although he continued to be enrolled in the JFL, nearly half of the players he belongs to are making a living from employment insurance and part-time jobs.[3], The team is also sluggish at the bottom.Furthermore, because it became difficult to pay the JFL membership fee, let alone the expedition fee, a document to withdraw from the JFL secretariat was submitted on September 9, the same year, and it was approved by the JFL extraordinary council meeting on October 30, the same year. Relegation was decided regardless of grades[4][5]..Due to the prolonged recession at Mitsubishi MotorsCompany Mizushima HospitalIs being forced to close the hospital, and restructuring measures are being promoted, and strict attention has been paid to spending on non-main businesses.

Because it is a JFL withdrawal for reasons other than demotionNational Federation of Adult SoccerBecause the Chinese League side refused to register for participation due to the rules of2010Will participate in the Okayama League 1st Division, which is the prefectural league below it.[6].

In 2010, won the first division of the Okayama Prefecture League undefeated.China Regional Prefectural League Final TournamentSecond place in2011Was promoted to the Chinese League.

2016In June, in response to the problem of falsification of fuel consumption data by Mitsubishi MotorsOkayama Soccer ChampionshipDeclined to participate in (Emperor's Cup Prefectural Qualifying)[7].. July,52th National Adult Soccer ChampionshipWon the championship. NovemberNational Regional Soccer Champions League 2016In the first round, he won all three races, but in the final round, he lost all three races and finished the tournament in 1th place.

2017, Champion of the Chinese League for the first time in 13 years.National Regional Soccer Champions League 2017Then, in the first round B groupFC TIAMO Hirakata,Amitie SC KyotoLost in a row.It was decided to lose the group league without waiting for the final race.

Yearly results / successive directors

年度AffiliationRankingNumber of teamsPointsmatchWinMinuteDefeatscoreGoaldifferencedirected byClub name
1978Okayama1 part2 bitMitsubishi Motors Mizushima FC
1979Chugoku7 bit871431102022-2
19807 bit811143561222-10%
19818 bit8614149828-20%
1982Okayama Prefecture 1st DivisionWin
19852 bit
Chugoku3 bit92216943412219
3 bit8221464424177
2 bit82614824371621
2 bit8261482434268
2 bit82714761301416
3 bit82614824422220
4 bit8221462 PK wins, 0631283
3 bit8281491 PK loss4381820
Win83514112 PK loss1381820
2 bit8311483PK wins, 1PK losses2462026
2 bit7221271 PK loss4241212
2002Win8291091 PK win037928
Win83714121 PK loss134727
2004Win84114131 PK win040634Japanese flag
2005JFL16 bit1683022262485-61%Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima FC
200617 bit18273476213274-42%
200715 bit183534112213653-17%
200818 bit18163437243076-46%
200918 bit18183446242869-41%
2010Okayama Prefecture 1st DivisionWin133412111044836
2011Chugoku4 bit1037181215473314
20125 bit10261875645432
20137 bit1017184592637-11%
20143 bit1033181035412318
20153 bit1040181314382216Japanese flag
20163 bit1032181026492524
20182 bit1032181026462521
20192 bit1047181521601347
2020Canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus[8]

Main results / title

League match

  • China soccer league
    • Winner (6 times): 1992, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2017
    • Runner-up (7 times): 1993, 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2018, 2019

Cup match



ス タ ッ フ

PositionNameformer jobRemarks
general managerJapanese flagMitsubishi Mizushima FC Director
directed byJapanese flagMitsubishi Motors Mizushima FC Coach
assistant directorJapanese flagMitsubishi Mizushima FC Head Coach
Head coachJapanese flagAustralian flag (English edition playerPlayer and head coach
coachJapanese flagKibi International UniversityPlayer-coach
coachJapanese flag Toshiya YamashitaMitsubishi Mizushima FC Head Coach
trainerJapanese flagMitsubishi Mizushima FC player


PosNo.Player namePrevious affiliationRemarks
GK1Japanese flagSoshi Gakuen High SchoolNew member
21Japanese flagShujitsu High SchoolNew member
30Japanese flag Hironori TakiKochi United SC
31Japanese flagMomoyama Gakuin UniversityNew member
DF2Japanese flagFagiano Okayama U-18
3Japanese flagPacific Rim University
4Japanese flagKibi International UniversityPlayer-coach
5Japanese flagShugakukan High School
14Japanese flagRK Classic
16Japanese flagShugakukan High SchoolNew member
22Japanese flagSenshu UniversityNew member
23Japanese flagSakuyo High School
27Japanese flagAustralian flag (English edition
28Japanese flagFagiano Okayama FC U-18
MF7Japanese flagPacific Rim University
8Japanese flag captainOkayama Ryukoku High Schoolcaptain
9Japanese flagPacific Rim University
13Japanese flag
15Japanese flagKibi International University
17Japanese flagSakuyo High School
18Japanese flagFagiano Okayama FC U-18New member
19Japanese flagSakuyo High School
20Japanese flagPanasonic Okayama Soccer ClubNew member
24Japanese flagKawasaki University of Medical WelfareNew member
25Japanese flagPanasonic Okayama Soccer ClubNew member
33Japanese flagKibi International University
34Japanese flagShodoshima Central High School
FW6Japanese flagDezzolla Shimane EC
10Japanese flagAustralian flag (English editionPlayer and head coach
11Japanese flagShugakukan High School
26Japanese flag Ryuta IshikawaPanasonic Okayama Soccer ClubNew member

Change of uniform number


2018Toshiya YamashitaTakushi Maruyama
2017Haruka SakaguchiNaoki Nishibayashi
2011Haruka Sakaguchi
2009Hirotaka NagatomiShinya HagiudaToshiya YamashitaHiroshi HatanoKeisuke KumadaMasato KawaguchiYu HigasayamaToshinori Shimizu
2008Kazunori MiyakeTakushi MaruyamaShinpei NakagawaYuichi Sone
2007Masakazu NomuraShinpei WatanabeYuichi SoneTakushi MaruyamaRyuta Takahata
2006Satoshi WatanabeNobuyoshi HigakiNaoyuki Okimoto
2005Atsuo OnoKatsumasa SoybeanKeisuke Haraga


2021Supporters number
2014Atsushi Yamamoto-
2013Hiroto Iwayama
2011Kota Karaki-
2010--Kawamura Masaki-
2009Kosuke KanDaisuke AraiKeisuke Inoue
Katsu Kawamura
Kentaro IdaShinya Matsushita
Takayuki Watanabe
Daisuke KimuraYuma Goto
2008Atsushi OgonukiKazuyoshi MatsunagaKentaro IdeKen MorimaeYuta Ichikawa
2007Daisuke MatsuokaKosuke KanYasunori KobayashiKota Karaki
Kazunobu Ohara ExhibitionKimura Takuya
2006Gotaro TakamatsuArata IzumiKoji Takahata-Katsumasa Soybean
2005Naoki IwataYuki WatanabeYosuke KokeguchiShubara KawaharaKentaro TakamatsuToshikazu Kato


2021Ryuta Ishikawa-Hironori Taki
2017Ryotake Watanabe-
2014Takafumi Marui-
2013Yuki Ishikawa-
2011--Hiroto Iwayama--Yo Sasaki
2009Takahiro UedaHiroaki MatsuokaJun SetoYasutaka SuzukiYuzuru TabiraKazuya ShinoharaShinri Ikenoya
2008Kenji OrimiMyonjun Din
2007Kentaro TakamatsuEi IkedaKentaro IdeShinpei NakagawaShigeki KishidaTakuma TasakiKazuyoshi MatsunagaKen Morimae
2006Ishikawa University-Kentaro Ida--
2005Gotaro TakamatsuToshiya YamashitaYuichi SoneMasato Kawaguchi


2011Moriyasu Hirofumi
2009Takafumi MaruiRyohei SaitoNaofumi ShimomuraTsutomu SuzakiYuya Onoe
2008Xu XiaofeiMakoto TamaruNaoto AbeTakuro OkuyamaMitsutada Ikeda
2007Kenji OrimiDaisuke KimuraYu HigasayamaYuzuru TabiraHiroto IwayamaTakahiro UedaShogo TakaharaJun Seto
2006Hirotaka Nagatomi-Takushi Maruyama-Yuta Ichikawa--
2005Masao MutaYukinori GotoMasakazu Nomura


2009Yu Tomie
2006Kosuke Kan
2005Taiyo HigashiYamato AkiyoshiKentaro Tsuchiya


The Chinese League era is as follows.

In the JFL era, there was a demand for a stand that can accommodate more than 5000 people, so the official battle venues are as follows.


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)"Red"blackRed x black
FP (2nd)whitewhitewhite
GK (1st)light bluelight bluelight blue
GK (2nd)yellowyellowyellow
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Club color

  •   "Red"

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
Upper backRyobi HoldingsRyobi Bus
Lower backIchii KogyoICHiI2018-
sleeveCar Freak MAXCar Freak
PantsMeiji Yasuda Life InsuranceMeiji Yasuda Life2008-2011 sleeves and pants

Uniform supplier

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

年度chestclavicleUpper backLower backsleevePantssupplier
2006(OH! -kun bus)-Ryobi Bus-ISPMeiji Yasuda LifeKARDERI
2008OHKMeiji Yasuda LifeASICS
2012SOUTAKUCar Freak

Official sponsor


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Related item

外部 リンク

Emperor's cup

Emperor's cup(Tenno Yes)JapanIn variousCompetitionEtcWinAwarded to those whoToast(Trophy). Also, the name of the tournament where the gift will be awarded.


OriginallyEmperor's Cup(EmperorThe name (commemorative cup given by) is correct,Grand Sumo,BaseballIt is common to call it the Emperor's Cup (cup) except for[Annotation 1].Chrysanthemum flower emblemWas arrangedMade of silverTrophy.

Imperial Household AgencyThe Emperor's Cup has been given to the organization that manages the competition by the Imperial Household Agency, and therefore gives authority to the competition. As a general rule, one gift is given per competition[Annotation 2]So, it is given to the organization that controls the country and of each competitionJapan ChampionshipWonplayer(OUR TEAM) Is often awarded. As an exceptionBaseball The1926(Taisho 15nd year)Crown princeRegent PalaceHirohito (laterEmperor Showa) ByTokyo Roku University Baseball FederationDue to the fact that the Regent Cup was given to the league, the Emperor's Cup was given to the federation and given to the winning team of the league.volleyball,サ ッ カ ーIn some cases, the tournament that awards the gift will change.

What is the competition here?SportsNot only competitions, but also competitions such as agriculture and forestry technology are included. As a general rule, when the gift of the Emperor's Cup was being heldamateurIt was only for competitions, but now it isProfessional・ Amateur is no longer relevant.

In gender-separated competitions, if a boy is given the Emperor's Cup, the girlQueencupThere are also cases where is given. However, it is not always given to both men and women, and depending on the competition, it is given only to boys.[Annotation 3]. Also,wrestlingIn some cases, the Emperor's Cup is given to athletes selected by both men and women.


The first case in the history of modern sports that received the gift of the Emperor's CupHorse racingIn1880(Meiji13 years)May 6ToYokohama OfForeign ResidentOrganized inJapan Race ClubSponsored byEmperor MeijiMade of silver花瓶Was given to usMikado's Vase"The race is the beginning[1].. Emperor Meiji, who was deeply interested in horse racing in general, often gave prizes such as sake cups and vases to Yokohama horse racing, and all the races in which these were contested were in English.The Emperor's Cup"Or"The Emperor's GiftWas called[2].. Horse racingEmperor AwardIs an inheritance of these races and has a direct origin1905The Japan Race Club opened in (Meiji 38)Kikuhana Imperial SealReceived the gift of the attached silver flower arrangementYokohama Racecourse"Emperor's Cup (later) held atImperial Award)”[3].

Pacific WarUntil soon after, direct trophies andShieldIn addition to the cases where the gift was given, the trophy created based on the gift was also called, but now only the trophy and the plaque given are called the Emperor's Cup.

Possession group

Emperor's Cup (Sake Cup), Empress's Cup (Sake Cup)

Organization nameDate of giftTarget to be awarded
Public interest incorporated foundationJapan Football AssociationEmperor's Cup:1948(23) April
Empress's Cup:2012(24)May 10
Emperor's Cup:Emperor's Cup JFA All Japan Soccer ChampionshipWinning team
Empress's Cup:Empress Cup JFA All Japan Women's Soccer ChampionshipWinning team
Public interest incorporated foundationJapan Sports AssociationEmperor's Cup:1948(23)
Empress's Cup:1948(23)
Emperor's Cup:National Athletic MeetNo. 1 overall male and female results throughout all winter, summer and autumn tournamentsPrefectures
Empress's Cup: The prefecture with the highest overall score for women
Public interest incorporated foundationJapan Volleyball AssociationEmperor's Cup:1950(25)
Empress's Cup: 1950 (Showa 25)
Emperor's Cup:All Japan Volleyball ChampionshipMen's winning team
Empress's Cup: Women's winning team
Public interest incorporated foundationAll Japan Judo Federation1952 year (Showa 27 year)Emperor's Cup:All Japan Judo ChampionshipWinner
Empress's Cup:Empress Cup All Japan Women's Judo ChampionshipsWinner
General FoundationAll Japan Kendo FederationEmperor's Cup:1958(33)May 7
Empress's Cup:1997(9)
Emperor's Cup:All Japan Kendo ChampionshipWinner
Empress's Cup:All Japan Women's Kendo ChampionshipWinner
Public interest incorporated foundationAll Japan Archery FederationEmperor's Cup:1960(35)May 11
Empress's Cup:1997(9)
Emperor's Cup:All Japan Archery ChampionshipMen's winner
Empress's Cup: Women's Winner
Public interest incorporated foundationJapan Table Tennis Association1948(23)Emperor's Cup:All Japan Table Tennis ChampionshipsMen's Singles Winner
Empress's Cup: Winner of the Women's Singles
Public interest incorporated foundationJapan Soft Tennis Federation1948 year (Showa 23 year)Emperor's Gift Cup:All Japan Soft Tennis ChampionshipMen's Division Winner
Empress Gift Cup: Winner of the Women's Division
InstituteJapan Wheelchair Tennis AssociationEmperor's Cup / Empress's Cup:2018(30) NovemberEmperor's Cup:Iizuka International Wheelchair Tennis TournamentMen's Singles Winner
Empress's Cup: Winner of the Women's Singles
Public interest incorporated foundationJapan Basketball Association1948 year (Showa 23 year)Emperor's Cup:Emperor's Cup All Japan Basketball ChampionshipWinning team
Empress's Cup: Empress's Cup All Japan Basketball Championship Winners
InstituteJapan Wheelchair Basketball FederationEmperor's Cup / Empress's Cup: March 2018 (Heisei 30)Emperor's Cup:Japan Wheelchair Basketball ChampionshipWinning team
Empress's Cup:Japan Women's Wheelchair Basketball ChampionshipWinning team
Public interest incorporated foundationJapan Athletics FederationEmperor's Cup / Empress's Cup:2009(21)May 8Emperor's Cup:Emperor's Cup National Prefectural Competition Men's Ekiden Race TournamentWinning team
Empress's Cup:Empress Cup National Prefectural Women's Ekiden Race TournamentWinning team
Public interest incorporated foundationAll Japan Karatedo FederationEmperor's Cup / Empress's Cup:2016(28)May 5Emperor's Cup:All Japan Karatedo ChampionshipMen's Individual Kumite Winner
Empress's Cup: Women's Individual Kumite Winner

Only the Emperor's Cup

Organization nameDate of giftTarget to be awarded
Public interest incorporated foundationJapan Sumo Association1925(Taisho 14)[Annotation 4]Sumo HonbashoInMakuuchiBest winner
General FoundationTokyo Roku University Baseball Federation1946(21)The winning team in the Tokyo BigXNUMX Baseball League match
Japan Central Horse Racing1947(22)[Annotation 5][Annotation 6]Emperor AwardOf the winning horseHorse owner[Annotation 7]
Public interest incorporated foundationAll Japan Softball Baseball Federation1948(23)Emperor's Gift Cup All Japan Softball Baseball TournamentWinning team
Public interest incorporated foundationJapan Sumo Federation1966 year (Showa 41 year)All Japan Sumo ChampionshipWinner
Public interest group corporation corporationJapan Student Athletics Association1947 year (Showa 22 year)Japan Student Track and Field ChampionshipsMen's overall victory school
Public interest incorporated foundationJapan Swimming Federation1947 year (Showa 22 year)Japan Student Championship Swimming TournamentMen's Championship Winning School
Public interest incorporated foundationJapan Gymnastics Association1977 year (Showa 52 year)All Japan Gymnastics ChampionshipsMen's individual overall winner
Public interest incorporated foundationJapan Tennis Association1947 year (Showa 22 year)All Japan Tennis Championship OfMen's Singles Winner
Public interest incorporated foundationJapan Wrestling Association1977(52)All Japan Wrestling ChampionshipBest player among the winners of
Public interest incorporated foundationAll Japan Ski Association1951 year (Showa 26 year)All Japan Ski Championships Nordic Skiing DistanceMen's relay winning team
Public interest incorporated foundationJapanese Para-Sports AssociationMay 2018National Wheelchair Ekiden Race TournamentWinning team
Public interest incorporated foundationJapan Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Promotion AssociationTop performers in each department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Festival

Empress's Cup only

Organization nameDate of giftTarget to be awarded
Public interest incorporated foundationAll Japan Naginata Federation1995(7)All Japan Naginata ChampionshipWinner

Emperor's Cup other than sports competition

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries 

  • 7 divisions of agriculture, forestry and fisheries (agricultural products,sericulture,Gardening,Livestock,forestry,Fisheries, Diversified management, Mura-zukuri), the Emperor's Cup is given to producers who have achieved particularly excellent results at the agriculture, forestry and fisheries festival participation commendation event throughout the year.[4].


注 釈

  1. ^ In the case of sumo wrestling, it is often called a "gift cup". Also, in sumo wrestling, it was once called "Kikuhana Daiginban".
  2. ^ SumoIt is,Grand Sumo(Japan Sumo Association)WhenAmateur sumo(Japan Sumo Federation).
  3. ^ The only exception is the women-centered competition, "NaginataIs given only to the Empress's Cup.
  4. ^ Crown princeRegent PalaceHirohito (laterEmperor Showa) Created as a regent palace gift cup.
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  6. ^ At the Japan Racing Association1937(Showa 12) In the fallTokyo RacecourseThe Imperial Awards held in Japan are the first of the Emperor's Awards.
  7. ^ Wooden championship for ownersShield(Rotating) is awarded.


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