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🇯🇵 | Former Yoshikaze's wife “Celebrity” A harsh opinion on SNS “Aunt Misunderstanding Bubble”

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Former Yoshikaze's wife "Celebrity-like" SNS has a bitter opinion "Aunt Misunderstanding Bubble"

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In addition, it seems that the eldest daughter of an elementary school student was wandering around Futakotamagawa in the middle of the night or at a convenience store at midnight without picking up the child's kindergarten, and it is rumored that the childcare was abandoned.

Former sumo wrestler Yoshikaze Nakamura is in divorce arbitration with his sister's wife, Ai, who is three years older than her. → Continue reading


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It publishes about 10 articles every day, and is mainly supported by men and women in their 30s and 40s who are concerned about rumors of entertainers!

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neglect(British: neglect) IsChild abuse,Abuse of persons with disabilities,Elderly abuse,Patient abuseOne of.Neglect for childrenAbandoned childcare(Ikuji broom),Childcare neglect(Ikuji Taima),Abandonment of custodyAlso called (Kango broom).Also,Pet OfAbandoned breedingMay also point to (shiiku broom)[1].

English Neglect's "lazy / rough" "ignore / neglect"[2]Although it is a usage born from, Negligence, which is a synonym as a derivative word, is a negligence of a driver, a captain, a captain, a dangerous substance manager, etc. It means negligence (such as duties).


Psychological abuseandPhysical abuseIt is also a type of illegitimate child, and often refers to "ignoring one's own child" and "especially having low independence and self-help ability, and significantly neglecting to raise infants and young children".Specifically, there are "do not provide food and clothes regularly", "do not properly dispose of excrement and waste", "long-term protection abandonment", etc., and oftenAbuseAccompanied by.As a result, the child is impaired in healthy physical and mental development and can even die in the worst case.With mild neglect, it is difficult to understand on the surface and it is difficult to notice the surroundings, but in reality, there are more mild neglects that occur in our daily lives.It is easy for adolescents to have problem behaviors and for adults to have trouble with work relationships and romance.

Chimpanzee,Japanese macaque,elephant,Dora,A mouse,Penguin,Pelican,フ ク ロ ウOthermammalian,birdsIs also widely recognized.If we include the abandonment of bees and ants due to environmental deterioration, the abandonment of crustaceans during egg-laying, and the phenomenon of plant fruit drop, it is a phenomenon that is widely recognized throughout the biological world.

Positive neglect and negative neglect

The phenomenon called neglect (abandoning childcare) in modern societyAggressive neglectNeglectIt can be divided into two. "Aggressive neglect" refers to abandoning parenting without a clear reason for not being able to raise it.On the other hand, "passive neglect" means lack of financial strength of parents, physical illness, etc.Mental illnessHolding,Intellectual disabilityIt means that you cannot raise a child for some reason, such as having no intellectual disability but not being educated and having no knowledge of childcare.

Case study

For example, the following cases are typical in past cases.

  • EnoughMealDo not give.
  • Even if you get sickhospitalDo not let me see you.
  • Leave underwear etc. unclean.
  • Do not let your child go to school even though they voluntarily want to go to school.
  • Leave it in the parking lot in the hot sun.OrpachinkoAbandon childcare for entertainment such as.
Even in Japan under the weather from March to AprilheatstrokeThere have also been cases of death due to.ChildrenNurserySince it is only necessary to leave the child to a pachinko parlor or a relative, it can be a factor that causes neglect even if the child is not allowed to enter the pachinko parlor.
  • Do not wear enough clothes to protect yourself from the cold, and expose it to the cold outside air.A child left on the balcony of an apartment with only wet underwear in winterHypothermiaThere is a case of death in.

Also in JapanCompulsory educationThere is a system,School ageChildren who have reached the stagePostponement or exemption from school[Note 1] Board of educationI wasn't allowed to go to schoolHouse arrestIn a broad sense, neglecting in the form of is also considered abandonment of childcare.At that time, if there is no other person in the society that the child can rely on other than the guardian (relatives, neighbors, etc.), there is no other way to go and it is not possible to escape from the situation, so it is practical.ImprisonmentAlso considered a state.However, for some reason (BullyingEtc.), so there are many cases where children cannot go to school because they cannot go to school.School refusalCalled.

Heisei 20 yearMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareIn the surveychild consultation centerThe total number of child abuse cases handled by was 42,664, of which 15,905 were neglected, the second highest after physical abuse.[3].

Security and neglect

Especially in Europe, America and developing countriesKidnappingDue to the fact that crimes such as these are likely to occur, children are allowed to play outdoors until late, or children are left in the car.Convenience storeEven if you shop at such places, it will be a problem, and in some casesPolice officerMay be arrested or warned.Actuallyアメリカ合衆国Then, "children under a certain age (age stipulated by state law)" without parental supervision (CaretakerAnd Japanese "Key girlIt is illegal to put it in the "state"), and there are many cases where a police officer goes home and is arrested for child abuse due to a report from the neighborhood.[4].

2014 as an exampleSouth carolinaSo let's have a 9 year old kid play alone in the park,FloridaPolice have arrested parents on suspicion of abandoning childcare, alleging that they sent a 7-year-old child to the park alone.[5]However, not limited to this example, it is routinely reported in each state that parents who have their children stay at home or leave their children in a car parked in a parking lot for shopping are arrested or fined.Unlike playing with friends, playing alone in the park or in front of home is easy for abandoned children to see.

In the past, children were alone because they were considered to be safe in Japan.parkIt wasn't a problem even if I was playing with1980 eraLatter half(ShowaFrom around the end of the term) to the present, aiming for childrenPervertThe existence of the incident caused byMass media,インターネットIt has been widely known due to the development of children, and in recent years, there is a tendency for parents to let their children play outdoors until late and consider the behavior of not caring for them as a problem.

However, my parentsWorking togetherDespite beingNurseryDue to lack of daycare centers and the financial circumstances of the local governmentprimary school OfChildcareSo-called "" for various reasons such as inadequate facilitiesWaiting-listThere are regional disparities as well as differences between rich and poor regarding the fact that we have to spend time alone until late hours, and whether or not we consider it a problem.Compared to nursery schoolChildcareThere is a problem that the end time of the school is "the wall of elementary school 1", and the childcare for school children is also the "wall of elementary school 3", which is often left in the third grade.In particularcareer womanMother suffers from the situation that it is natural to work overtime in Japanese labor practices.

Legal regulation / support

in JapanArticle 217 of the Penal CodeAbandonmentArticle 218Abandonment of the person in charge of protection, etc.Article 219If the abandoned side is injured or died due to a fatal injury such as abandonment, the abandoned side will be subject to punishment.

In the case of a child in the pre-stage of developing a criminal caseChild abuseCase study orChildren requiring protectionAschild consultation centerWelfare support based on the law becomes possible by being notified to.In the case of severe neglect of a child, the parentCustodyMay be restricted and a custody agent may be appointed[6].



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  1. ^ According to Article 18 of the School Education Law, school-aged children and studentsWeakness,UnderdevelopedOtherIf it is found difficult to attend school due to unavoidable reasons, it is stipulated that the obligation to attend school can be postponed or exempted by the decision of the Board of Education at the request of a guardian.


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  1. ^ Fukushima Prefecture Child Starvation Case, No Meals-Wikinews


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