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🏓 | "World Table Tennis 2020 Korea" will be canceled due to the influence of Corona


"World Table Tennis 2020 Korea" will be canceled due to the influence of Corona

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It was discussed and officially decided by the executive committee of the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) held on December 12st.

On the 22nd, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) postponed from February 2th to March 28th next year, "World Table Tennis 3 Korea (Team ...) → Continue reading

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International Table Tennis Federation

International Table Tennis Federation(Kokusai table tennis,English: International Table Tennis Federation, Abbreviation:ITTF) IsTable tennis OfInternational FederationAndWorld table tennis championshipIs an organization that sponsors.

Headquartersスイス-LausanneIt is in. In May 2017, the number of member countries / regions reached 5.[1],International FederationBecame the sports federation with the largest number of affiliated associations[2].. As of September 2019, Thomas Vikat is chairman.


The first international competition1926In 1 monthGermany-BerlinIs held inオーストリア,Germany,ハンガリー,スウェーデンThe alliance was established by the efforts of the four countries.Later, the first World Championships were held in London.

1988 when Roy Evans was chairmanSeoul OlympicsRealized to make table tennis an Olympic event[3].

Ichiro OgimuraDuring his time as chairman, the blue table tennis table was introduced and the large ball was founded.He also supported the formation of a unified Korean team at the 1991 World Championships in Chiba.[3].

Since Adham Sharara became chairman, the rules have been changed in the TV era, such as changing the ball from 38 mm in diameter to 40 mm, changing from 1 points per game to 21 points, etc. ..

August 2004, 3,DohaBanned the use of adhesives in the venue after September 2006, 9 and the use of adhesives after September 1, 2007.[4].

It was decided at the 2005 General Assembly to become Vice Chairman[5].

At the 2013 general meetingMasahiro MaeharaHas been decided to become Vice Chairman[6].

On April 2014, 4, at a press conference at the Annual General Meeting, it was announced that Chairman Adham Sharara would resign from his post on September 30.Until the 9 presidential election, Deputy Chairman Thomas Weikat will serve as chairman.In addition, Adham Sharara will be appointed to the role of newly created chairman. [7]

The number of affiliated associations1st World Table Tennis ChampionshipsWas only 1926 in 9, but exceeded 1951 in 50, exceeded 2006 in 200, and increased to 2017 in 226.International FederationBecame the first sports federation to join all countries and regions that can be registered with[8][1].

World championship held

As of 2014, the number of member associations of the International Table Tennis Federation is 220.Due to the huge size of the world championships, the International Table Tennis Federation has decided to reduce the tournament.In an interview, President Adham Sharara has historically made table tennis a way for any association to participate in the world championships.If the Organizing Committee can accept it, I would like to maintain it, but at the scale of the 2014 Tokyo Games, even the Japan Table Tennis Association was in a difficult situation.It states that what is difficult in Japan means that it cannot be done in other countries.[9].

Successive presidents

  1. England flag England 1926 - 1967
  2. Wales flag Wales 1967 - 1987
  3. Ichiro Ogimura Japanese flag Japan 1987 - 1994
  4. (German version)  ã‚¹ã‚¦ã‚§ãƒ¼ãƒ‡ãƒ³ 1994-1995 (died in October of the same year)[3]
  5. (English edition) Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku 1995 - 1999
  6. (English edition) Canadian flag カナダ 1999 - 2014
  7. (German version) German flag Germany 2014-present


Current ITTF and Olympic Games:[10]

Tournament nameStart yearAt the time of holdingEvent[A]
Olympic1988Once every four years<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
World Table Tennis Championships Individual Battle1926Odd year<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
World Table Tennis Championships Team Battle1926Even years<br>•<br>•
Men's World Cup19801<br>•
Women's World Cup19961<br>•
World team cup1990Odd year<br>•<br>•
China vs. World Challenge20091<br>•<br>•
ITTF World Tour19961<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
ITTF World Tour Grand Final19961<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
ITTF Challenge20171<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
Youth olympic20104<br>•<br>•<br>•
World Junior Table Tennis Championships20031<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
ITTF Global Junior Circuit19921<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
ITT Global Cadet Challenge20031<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
ITTF Para Table Tennis World Championship19904
ITTF World Veteran Tour20191

a. ^ MT / WT: Men's / Women's Team; MS / WS: Men's / Women's Singles; MD / WD: Men's / Women's Doubles; XD: Mixed doubles


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