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[Special Feature] Oriental Witches-56 Years of Glory and Conflict-

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At Himeji Gakuin Women's Junior College, he started a team from scratch as a manager and has a track record of raising from the lowest league to the first division.

Nobuko Usui (76), who is the leader of the volleyball class for moms in Kobe.Based in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture when he was a player ... → Continue reading

 Sun Television

"Sun Television" is a TV station in Kobe that celebrates its 50th anniversary with beard and glasses familiar under the trademark "Oh! Sun". People on Sun TV will deliver such things in Hyogo prefecture.

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Himeji Gakuin Women's Junior College

Himeji Gakuin Women's Junior College(University of Himeji)English: Himeji Gakuin Women's Junior College) IsHyogoKanzaki-gunFukusaki TownHeadquartered in Takaoka Shioda 1966-5Japan Ofprivate university.1973年Installed in2001年Obsolete.Abbreviation of universityIs a princess study.Student recruitment1999年Up to degree.2000年Than degreeKinki University of WelfareBy the installation ofJunior collegeStopped recruiting students,2001年5/29Abolished[1].


Whole university

Education and research

  • The Department of Child Education included not only training for kindergarten teachers and elementary school teachers, but also music teacher training courses, physical education courses, and secretarial courses.The English Communication Department had courses for "English and American Literature," "International Tourism," and "Secretary."

Academic style and features

  • Himeji Gakuin Women's Junior College had an educational policy of fostering "independent women."


  • 1973年 Himeji Gakuin Women's Junior CollegeOpening of school.
  • 1975年 Number of students[Note 2]Will be announced for the first time.
    • Department of Child Education: Number of Students Girls 232[2][3]
    • English Department: Number of Students Female 54[3]
  • 1997年 Renamed English Literature Department to English Communication Department.
  • 1999年It will be the last recruitment with a degree.Number of students[Note 2](Child Education Department 117, English Communication Department 19[2][4]) From the next yearKinki University of WelfareIt became.
  • 2001年5/29Abolished[1].

basic data


  • 1966-5 Takaoka Shioda, Fukusaki Town, Kanzaki District, Hyogo Prefecture

Education and research



  • Department of Child Education
  • Department of English Communication: There were courses of "English and American Literature", "International Tourism", and "Secretary".


  • None

Another course

  • None

About qualification

Student life

Club activities, club activities, club activities

School festival

  • The school festival of Himeji Gakuin Women's Junior College is called "Himeji Gakuin Festival" and is generally called "Himeji Gakuin Festival" every year.11Was done in.


  • Basketball club ranked 24rd in the 3th Kido Cup Hyogo Prefectural Tournament, Kansai Female Student AutumnTournamentHas a track record of 3rd place in the tournament[5].
  • The volleyball club has a track record of winning the Hyogo Prefectural Volleyball University Championship and the Kansai University Volleyball University Championship.[5].
  • The soccer club has a track record of winning the 5th All Japan University Women's Championship, 5rd place in the 3th consecutive year, the Kansai student autumn league championship, and the spring league runner-up.[5].

University personnel and organizations

List of university personnel

University personnel

Successive presidents



  • There were many facilities on campus such as a sports club called "Himegaku Sports Club", a pony ranch, a bamboo museum, a doggie college, and a beauty salon.


  • It was installed near the junior college campus.

Foreign relations

Agreements with other universities

Relationship with society

  • An extension course called "Lively Learning Course" was held.

About the course after graduation

About employment

Transfer / advancement record

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注 釈

  1. ^ Himeji Gakuin was established in 1998Tsuzuki Gakuen GroupAfter the Himeji Gakuin Junior College was reorganized into Kinki Welfare University, it was merged into the school corporation Tsuzuki Gakuen in 2009.
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