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🏃 | Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon virtually disappears in 21 years Osaka Marathon and integrated announcement course is Osaka

Photo Hiroshi Yokokawa, Chairman of Japan Association of Athletics Federations

Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon virtually disappears in 21 years Integrated announcement with Osaka Marathon Course is Osaka

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It is the second largest marathon in Japan after the Tokyo Marathon.

On the 25th, the Japan Association of Athletics Federations held the Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon every February and March, and held the tournament after 2 as "Osaka Ma ... → Continue reading

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Tokyo marathon

Tokyo marathon(Tokyo Marathon,English: Tokyo Marathon) Is2007Started onTokyoDone inmarathonTournament.The official name has the year of the event at the end, and it is "Tokyo Marathon 1" at the first competition.Held every March (held in February until the 2007 Games). From the 3 tournamentWorld Marathon MajorsJoined and became one of the major marathon events in the world[1][2].. The name of "Tokyo Marathon" isJapan Athletics FederationByTrademark registration(Registered trademarkJapan No. 4952187).

This item describes the outline of the tournament.Please refer to each article for the details of the competition for each year.



The marathon event that was held in central Tokyo before the event was held was "Tokyo International Marathon"(Men) and"Tokyo International Women's Marathon, "10km road race for general citizen runners and disabled people"Tokyo City Road Race"was there.Integrate them into oneNew York City Marathon","London marathon","Boston MarathonThe Tokyo Marathon was planned as a large-scale citizen participation type comparable to. In 2010, under the World Road Race Rating System of the International Athletics Federation (IAAF), it was the first large-scale race in Japan to participate in citizens, along with the New York Marathon, etc.[3] Won.Furthermore, from 2020World athleticsCertified as a platinum label road race.

Nippon FoundationAnd the city centerPublic roadThere were voices requesting a large-scale citizen marathon event using.Citizen-led in the hope of achieving thisNPO corporationSponsored by "SidewalkUsingsignalCitizen's marathon event "Comply with"Tokyo Yumemai MarathonHas been carried out since 2001.In realizing that wish in the form of the "Tokyo Marathon,"Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Especially at that timeGovernor of Tokyo OfShintaro IshiharaPlayed a leading role.At that time, he advocated the Tokyo citizen marathon conceptNippon FoundationChairmanAyako SonoAndSasakawa Sports FoundationWith the help of Managing Director Fujimoto[4]In 2003, Ishihara announced a plan to run on main streets such as Ginza, stating that it would lead to economic spillover and promotion of sports and tourism.The deputy governor at that time consulted with the JAAF executives to consider a large marathon in Tokyo as Governor Ishihara's intention and coordinated it.[5], The first tournament was held.

Also, "The Tokyo MarathonTokyo Olympics conceptIt also serves as an appeal for people, "says Ishihara.This is the high degree of perfection of the London Marathon2012 London OlympicsIt is also a statement that follows the hypothesis that it worked in favor of the bid.

From the beginning of the plan, the secretariat set the road regulation to 7 hours, but until then the time limit for the general citizen marathon was 5-6 hours, and the Metropolitan Police Department guarding public roads was 5 hours.[6] Requested.IshiharaNew York City MarathonAt the time of the inspection, a local runner said, "Please set the time limit for the Tokyo Marathon to 7 hours."[7] The deputy secretary general of the Tokyo Marathon said, "Don't give up seven hours."[7] Instructed the person in charge.Negotiations are difficult, but due to Ishihara's support[6] The secretariat's claim has been adopted.

Approximately 2011 people participated in the 30 tournament by lottery from approximately 3 applicants, and 6 million spectators gathered along the road.[8] Prosper as a big event.Koji Sakurai, Managing Director of Japan Association of Athletics Federations, who was involved in the founding[9], Executive Committee Chairman at the 1st Convention, Secretary-General at the 4th and 5th Conventions[10] Is serving. Donations from charity runners and the general public from the 2011 tournamentGreat East Japan Earthquake,Hurricane SandyVictim support[11] It is devoted to such things.

The 2018/2019 (2017/2018) tournament2020 Tokyo OlympicsTo decide the candidate for the Japanese marathonMarathon grand championshipDesignated as a target race for the (commonly known as MGC) series[12].

Entry / Schedule

Participation entry is men's and women's marathon,Wheelchair marathon, Junior & Youth (16 to 18 years old on the day of the tournament), Disabled (Wheelchair section,Visually impaired,Intellectually Handicapped Individual,Transplanter) There is 10km.The course has been significantly changed from that of the "Tokyo International Marathon", and you can drive on the roads in the city center that you cannot normally drive.

The men's marathon (selection) is positioned as the successor to the Tokyo International Marathon, which ended at the 2006th competition in 27.World Athletics ChampionshipIt is a representative selection race for international competitions such as.Also, with this tournamentFukuoka International Marathon,Lake Biwa Daily MarathonIn the 3 tournaments of the men's marathonJapan ChampionshipIt is also done[13]..On the other hand, regarding the women's marathon, the "Tokyo International Women's Marathon" was held in parallel with the "Tokyo Marathon" until 2008, and from 2009, it was the de facto successor to the "Tokyo International Women's Marathon".Yokohama International Women's MarathonWas held, but it was abolished in 2014, and from 2015 to 2019, ``Saitama International MarathonWas that role, so the "Tokyo Marathon" has become a de facto open competition.However, the "Saitama International Marathon"2021 World Athletics ChampionshipsSince it was reported by the people involved in the tournament that the event was scheduled to be held in December 2020, which was scheduled to be held in December 12, we are considering making it a selection race in the future.In addition, the men's and women's marathon (selection) will be held in the summer Asian Games since 2006, the odd-numbered years after 2007, and the summer Olympics after 2008.2016Subsequent Summer Paralympic Games will be held in each yearWorld Athletics Championships-Summer Olympics-Asian GamesIt is positioned as the 4th round for both men and women (only for girls, it is treated as a reference race except for some women. In that case, the decision is left to the selection meeting).

The 1st and 2nd competitions were held on the 2rd Sunday of February according to the schedule of the "Tokyo International Marathon".2009The 3rd tournament3/22It was held later.In addition, it is said that women will be adjusted to be held as a representative selection race in this tournament.However, since it is difficult for top players to participate in the event after mid-March, there is a possibility that changes including the course will be made after the 3th tournament if necessary.The 4th to 4th competitions were held on the 12th Sunday of February[14].

From the 10th tournamentDisabledOfPhysically handicappedThe wheelchair section is limited toSummer ParalympicsIt is positioned as a representative selection race of.

Following the world's major marathon events, it was the first prize money race in Japan since 2009.[15]..The total prize money is 1 million yen including the bonus prize money with the condition that the world record is set.

石原都知事が2009年3月19日の定例会見で「多額の参加費を支払う人の別参加枠を 1,000人ほど設けて、参加費を超える部分をチャリティに使いたい」と目標を述べ、2010年10月15日の定例会見で、チャリティ枠を1,000人募集すると発表。2011年大会からチャリティ参加枠が実現し、2011年にはチャリティ枠707名が参加し、約7,300万円の寄付金が集まり、Great East Japan EarthquakeIt was used for reconstruction support.

From the 2013 tournamentBoston Marathon,London marathon,Berlin marathon,Chicago Marathon,New York City MarathonJoinsWorld Marathon MajorsJoined and became the opening race of the tour for a year[1][2].

In response to the popularity of the Tokyo MarathonOsakaBut2011It is a citizen participation type marathon event of 3 people from "Osaka MarathonIs being implemented, and the pioneer of the urban citizen full marathon, "Hokkaido MarathonHas also affected various parts of the country, such as expanding the scale.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayCrown Prince NaruhitoBecame the emperor from 2020Emperor's birthday holidayが2月23日になることを受け、2019年の第13回大会より開催時期を3月第1日曜日に変更することになった(第13回大会は2019年3月3日に開催)。理由は天皇誕生日には皇居で一般参賀などが行われ、近辺の行幸通り周囲を交通規制して会場設営を行ったり、警備態勢を確保したりすることが困難になるためである[16].

The 2020th tournament in 14New coronavirusIn view of the global trend of the world, the general participants section will be canceled and only the elite section and the wheelchair elite section will be held.In addition, general participants who are eligible for cancellation will be given priority participation in the next competition.[17].

The 2021th competition in 15 will be postponed from the originally scheduled March 3th to October 7th due to the lack of convergence of the new coronavirus.10 will be held in March as before.[18].

Incorporated as a general incorporated foundation

In the form of progressive dissolution of the organizing committee of Tokyo and Japan Association of Athletics Federations on June 2010, 6"General FoundationTokyo Marathon Foundation "(British: Tokyo Marathon Foundation) Was established. Since the 2011 Games, it has been sponsored by the foundation, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Japan Association of Athletics Federations, which had been sponsored so far, have become co-sponsored organizations.

The officers of the Tokyo Marathon Foundation are as follows.


Free of charge for about 1 people each time the "Tokyo Marathon" is runvolunteerParticipated in the tournament, and about 3 citizen volunteers supported about 1 citizen runners.Volunteers are mainly involved in support services for citizen runners such as water supply stations, and guidance and guidance for onlookers along the road.Also with student volunteersParamedicbyAEDA corps is deployed. At the "Tokyo Marathon 2009", the Asakusa Fire Department carried out special firefighting alerts in cooperation with the fire brigade and volunteer organizations such as the Tokyo Asakusa Rotary Club for the purpose of rescue of injured people and immediate response in the event of a fire.In addition, in training volunteers, it was also an opportunity to establish the tournament.Nippon FoundationAnd we are focusing on training sports volunteersSasakawa Sports FoundationWith the support of. It was on a first-come, first-served basis until the 2016 tournament, but from the 2017 tournamentComplete lottery systemBecomes

University of Tokyo Marathon Festival

As a linked project with the "Tokyo Marathon", the event "Tokyo Marathon Festival"[20]Is being implemented.

It is divided into local support events, base events, open recruitment events, student events, etc.Japanese drum,Brass bandSupporting events will be held at more than 20 locations in Tokyo, such as performances.

Our Courses

From 2017

TaiziIs a modified course.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government BuildingPrevious → (Tocho street) → Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building North Crossing → (North street-Prefectural Shinjuku Subcenter No. 8) → Shintoshin Pedestrian Bridge intersection → (Ome Highway-Yasukuni Dori-Sotobori Street) → Iidabashi intersection → (Mejiro street) → Iidabashi XNUMX-chome intersection → () → Nishikanda intersection → (Sendai-dori) → Sendai-mae intersection →(Yasukuni Dori) → Sudacho intersection → (Chuo-dori) →Nihonbashi Crossing → (Eitai street) → Kayabacho XNUMX-chome intersection → (Shinohashi Street) → Hamachonakanohashi intersection → (Kiyosubashi Street) → Higashinihonbashi intersection → () → Asakusabashi south intersection → (Edo street) → Kuramae XNUMX-chome intersection →Komagata BridgeNishizume →Sensoji TempleKaminarimonPrevious →AzumabashiNishizume → Komagatabashi Nishizume →Kuramae XNUMX-chome intersection → (Kuramaebashi Street) → Ishiwara XNUMX-chome intersection → (Kiyosumi Street) → Monzennakacho intersection → (Eitai-dori) →Tomioka Hachimangu ShrineFront (turn back) → (return to the same route) → Kuramae XNUMX-chome intersection → (Edo-dori, Kiyosugi-dori, Kiyosugi-dori, Shin-ohashi-dori, Eiyo-dori) → Nihonbashi intersection → (Chuo-dori) → Ginza XNUMX-chome intersection → (Harumi Street) → Hibiya intersection → (Hibiya Street) → Shiba XNUMX-chome intersection → (Daiichi Keihin) →Shinagawa StationFront (turn back) → Shiba XNUMX-chome intersection → (Hibiya-dori) → Hibiya intersection → (Hibiya-dori) → Wadakuramon →Tokyo StationPrevious·Gyoko Streetfinish (42.195km)

Until 2016

In front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building → [Same as the course after 2017] → Senshu University intersection → (Senshu Dori ...Uchibori Street) → Iidabashi intersection → (Uchibori street) → Hibiya intersection → (Hibiya street) → Shiba 2017-chome intersection → (Daiichi Keihin) → Shinagawa station front (turn back) → (Daiichi Keihin) → Shiba XNUMX-chome intersection → (Hibiya street) ) → Hibiya intersection → (Harumi-dori) → Ginza XNUMX-chome intersection → (Chuo-dori) → Nihonbashi intersection → [Same as the course after XNUMX] → Komagatabashi Nishizume → Asakusa Temple Raimonmae → Azumabashi Nishizume → Komagatabashi Nishi Stop → (return to the same route) → Ginza XNUMX-chome intersection → (Harumi-dori) →Tsukiji→ (Tsukuda Ohashi-Asashio Ohashi・) →Toyosu→Shinonome XNUMX-chome→ () →Tokyo Big Site(Koto WardAriake) Finish (42.195 km)


  • 10km starts in front of Tochomae and finishes in Nihonbashi (Hibiya finish until 2016).
  • The course up to 2016 does not have the steep uphill slopes of the Tokyo International Marathon, but as a marathon that runs in the city, such as the early slopes that go down about 7m at 40km from the start and the ups and downs before and after the bridge after 35km. Is a varied course. The course after 2017 is expected to be a higher speed course because the bridge at the end of the course was off the route.
  • Initially,Coastal subcenterOne of the factors that chose the marathon finish is the capacity of the finish facility used by more than 3 runners and their family members.In the trial calculationTokyo DomeAlsoNational StadiumI knew it was difficult.In the city center like a major overseas tournamentparkThere was a plan to finish it, but at the first tournament, it became stormy weather in the middle of winter, and as a result, there was a roof and a vast accommodation facility.Tokyo Big SiteWas successful in setting the finish[7].
  • 2017The course has changed significantly from the Tokyo Marathon (Official WebsiteFrom (PDF file).The reason for the change in the course and finish point is that Tadaaki Hayano, the director of the Tokyo Marathon Foundation's business and also the race director, has been accumulating know-how on the management side and spreading understanding by increasing awareness since it was founded 10 years ago. Based on this, "((London marathonOf the goalBuckingham PalaceWhere you can seeNew York City MarathonOf the goalCentral ParkChanged to a place suitable for the face of Tokyo. "[21]..However, in reality, the goal disappeared due to the expansion of the floor space at Tokyo Big Sight, which was the original goal point.I was forced to change the course.


(All belowJapan time notation)

  • 9: 05 - wheelchair
  • 9:10-Marathon (42.195km and 10km)
The national anthem "Kimigayo" by the Roppongi Men's Chorus Club is sung in front of the gun.At the start, a large amount of silver confetti flies over the Tochomae Square.Even when the runners are seen off, choruses such as "I'm awake and athlete" by the club will add glamor.

Time limit

* The time limit is based on the gun.


The following qualifications are for Tokyo Marathon 2016.

Full marathon

Below, a total of 36,500 men and women.

  • Elite (Marathon 31st Olympic Games (2016 / Rio de Janeiro) Men's Marathon National Team Player Selection Competition)
    • Male and female athletes who are registered and registered by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations over the age of 19 on the day of the competition and who have set the following records at the official competitions of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations by the application deadline.A maximum of 100 men and women combined.
      • Men-Marathon 2 hours 21 minutes, Half Marathon 1 hour 01:00, 10 km (road) within 28:00
      • Women-Marathon 2 hours 52 minutes, Half Marathon 1 hour 11:00, 10 km (road) within 32:00
      • Domestic and foreign male and female athletes recommended and invited by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations
    • Unlike general participation, player reception is on the afternoon of the previous dayTokyo Metropolitan GovernmentDone in[22]..It is the same that reception is not held on the day of the tournament.
  • Semi-elite RUN as ONE
    • Recommendations from affiliated competitions, such as 2 hours 55 minutes for boys and 3 hours 45 minutes for girls. 1000 people.
  • General participation section
    • Those who are 19 years old or older on the day of the race and can complete the race within 6 hours and 40 minutes.
    • Some of the "RUN as ONE" affiliated tournament slots have been set, and the lottery and selection of participating players from the relevant slots will be done by the affiliated tournament side (1 players per tournament).
  • General participation section (charity runner)
    • Those who are eligible to participate in the general participation section and who wish to donate to the Tokyo Marathon Foundation under specified conditions.The first 3000 people.
  • General participation section (premium member)
    • "ONE TOKYO Premium Members" who pay an annual membership fee of 4200 yen will be given priority in the lottery. 3000 people.
    • You can also take a second lottery if there are unpaid people.
    • Therefore, you can receive the rights of premium members, general participation, and secondary lottery with one entry.
  • Wheelchair (elite)
    • Domestic and foreign male and female athletes recommended and invited by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations.
    • Those who have a record of less than 1 hour and 50 minutes for men and less than 2 hours for women at IPC official competitions.
  • Wheelchair (general)
    • Those who can complete the race within 2 hours and 10 minutes.


Below, a total of 500 men and women.

  • Junior & Youth-Those who are 16 years old or older and 18 years old or younger on the day of the race and can complete the race within 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Visually impaired-Those who can complete the race within 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Persons with intellectual disabilities-Persons who can complete the race within 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Transplanter-Organ transplanter or bone marrow transplanter who can complete the race within 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Wheelchair-Those who can complete the race within 35 minutes


Participants will be decided by lottery after pre-entry, which will be held from June to August of the previous year.Every time, there are more applications than the capacity, and it is a lottery with a high magnification.The lottery rate is as follows.

Number of timesGeneralPremium10 km
1 times3.1 times3.5 times
2 times5.2 times5.2 times
3 times7.5 times7.1 times
4 times8.5 times13.1 times
5 times9.2 times13.6 times
6 times9.6 times1 person-5.4 times
Pair-1.9 times
2.9 times
7 times10.3 times8.2 times2.6 times
8 times10.3 times9.1 times2.4 times
9 times10.7 times9.4 times2.3 times
10 times11.3 times9.1 times2.5 times
11 times12.2 times9.6 times3.1 times
12 times12.1 times9.1 times2.5 times
13 times12.1 times8.8 times2.35 times

Charity runner

Charity runner systemWorld Marathon MajorsIt is a system introduced from the 2011 tournament (5th) following each tournament.Unlike regular general participation slots, it is on a first-come, first-served basis.For those who wish to donate 10 yen or more as an individual to the donation organization specified by the Tokyo Marathon Foundation within the designated period.

The number and amount of donations for charity runners are as follows.The number of donors below includes active charity.The following donations include donations other than charity runners.

Number of timesNumber of donorsCapacity arrival datethe amount
5 times70773,253,580 Yen
6 times1,743181,973,159 Yen
7 times2,250225,546,156 Yen
8 times2,593265,799,815 Yen
9 times2,930303,917,339 Yen
10 times3,00011/2[23]314,711,592 Yen
11 times3,0009/17[24]313,015,238 Yen
12 times4,0007/8[25]


Participants who have won the lottery and completed the application will be pre-evented until the day before."Tokyo Marathon EXPO"A form in which the reception is completed at the venue and the number card (number) is received.No reception will be held on the day of the competition.This is one of the largest in Japan, with 3 citizen runners participating, so this is a measure to avoid confusion on the day.

Overview of Tokyo Marathon EXPO
Number of timesEvent DatesVenue
1 timesFebruary 2007-2, 16 17: 10-20: XNUMXTokyo Dome
2 timesFebruary 2008-2, 14 16: 10-20: XNUMXTokyo Big Site
3 timesFebruary 2009-3, 19 21: 10-20: XNUMX
4 timesFebruary 2010-2, 25 27: 10-20: XNUMX
5 timesFebruary 2011-2, 24 26: 11-21: XNUMX
6 timesFebruary 2012-2, 23 25: 11-21: XNUMX
7 timesFebruary 2013-2, 21 23: 11-21: XNUMX[26][27][28][29][30][31][32][33]
8 timesFebruary 2014-2, 20 22: 11-21: XNUMX
9 timesFebruary 2015-2, 19 21: 11-20: 30 (last day 19:30)[34][35]
10 timesFebruary 2016-2, 25 27: 11-20: 30 (last day 19:30)
11 timesFebruary 2017-2, 23 25: 11-20: 30 (last day 19:30)
12 timesFebruary 2018-2, 22 24: 11-20: 30 (last day 19:30)
13 times2019年2月28日-3月2日 11時〜20時30分(最終日は19時30分)Odaiba special venue (Odaiba Aomi area NOP section)
14 timesCanceled due to general club cancellation[36]

Start alignment

In principle, the order of number cards is the order of self-reported records so that the start can be made smoothly.Unlike many overseas competitions, the time is self-reported, so if you apply for a faster time, you will start in a faster block.

A start block of "A to K" is provided by the number card, and each designated block is printed on the number card. All 10km are E blocks. Block A is assigned to the quasi-elite of RUN as ONE-Tokyo Marathon.

TV/radio relay

Following the Tokyo International Marathon, the TV broadcast will continueFuji Television Network, Inc(FNS)WhenNippon TV(NNS) Is in charge every other year.In addition to being broadcast on satellite broadcasts (BS / CS) related to both stations, radio relay is also a radio station related to both stations.Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.とR/F Radio JapanIs broadcasting every other year (that is, Nippon Broadcasting System is in charge of TV broadcasting in the year when Fuji TV is in charge of TV broadcasting, and RF Radio Japan is in charge of radio broadcasting in the year when Nippon TV is in charge of TV broadcasting).

Before 2016, Fuji TV was fixed at odd-numbered years (times) and Nippon TV was fixed at even-numbered years (times), but on June 2016, 6, the extraordinary board of directors of the Tokyo Marathon Foundation decided to review the rotation, and 29 From year to 2017, Nippon Television will be in charge of odd-numbered years (times), Fuji Television will be in charge of even-numbered years (times), and from 2020 to 2021, Fuji Television will return to odd-numbered years (times), and Nippon Television will return to even-numbered years (times). is what happened[37].

The terrestrial nationwide network is only Part 1 (selection section).Since the 2nd (2008), the 2nd part has been broadcasted only on key stations by terrestrial broadcasting and CS broadcasting until the final finish of the general runner's part, but the 11th (2017) Since the TV broadcast time of the second part on Nippon Television will be significantly shortened, the TV broadcast was limited to CS broadcasting until the final finish of the general runner's section.

Fuji Television Network, Inc,Nippon TVInvolved inCross net stationThen, each time each station is in charge, the regular program that is normally broadcast on the key station is transferred to another day (it cannot be broadcast at a later date due to the nature of the program, and in the case of a live information program, it is temporarily returned to the net) and broadcast. I do.

Please refer to each article for the details of each broadcast.

Online delivery

  • 1th competition
Fuji TV "recorded and relayed" the finish scene of all the runners (within 7 hours) of the Tokyo Marathon by making full use of Internet video distribution. PC will be released in 10-minute increments, and mobile will be released in 2-minute increments (it will take some time to publish).Free delivery. (A packet usage fee is required for mobile) It seems that it was generally well received, with about 100 million accesses flooding during distribution.
In addition, this video image isSky Perfect TV!(Currently SKY PerfecTV!) Channel ・Fuji TV 739On December 2007, 12 (currently Fuji TV ONE), a TV broadcast was also made with the title "To you who worked hard-Tokyo Marathon 30 I will show you all the goal scenes with a time limit of 2007 hours!".
  • 2th competition
NTV distributes the finish scene of all runners in the Tokyo Marathon on the Internet.It will be an on-demand system instead of being released in real time like the last time, and if you enter the number of the player you want to see, the image from the fixed point camera from 15 seconds before to 15 seconds after the finish time of that player will be displayed.StreamingWill be played.In addition, streaming playback after that time is also performed by searching at the finish time.
  • 9th competition
For a limited time from February 2nd to February 22th, Fuji TV On Demand will deliver the finish moment to all finishers.

Successive winners

The names, nationalities and affiliations of the winners are those of the time.The women's wheelchair marathon section has been held since the second competition.In addition, the 2km competition held at the same time is omitted here because the course does not meet the standards of the International Athletics Federation and is not an official record. -Numbers-Is the number of wins, Taizi Is the tournament record (at that time).

DateMale athleteNationality / AffiliationRecordFemale playerNationality / AffiliationRecord
12007/2/18Daniel Jenga Kenya-Yakult2 hours 09 minutes 45 secondsHitomi ShintaniJapanese flag Japan-Toyota Loom2 hours 31 minutes 01 seconds
22008/2/17Victor RothrinSwiss flag スイス2 hours 07 minutes 23 seconds(English edition)German flag Germany2 hours 35 minutes 35 seconds
32009/3/22(English edition) Kenya2 hours 10 minutes 27 secondsMizuho NasugawaJapanese flag Japan-Aruze2 hours 25 minutes 38 seconds
42010/2/28Masakazu FujiwaraJapanese flag Japan-Honda2 hours 12 minutes 19 seconds(English edition)Russian flag ロシア2 hours 34 minutes 39 seconds
52011/2/27Hailu MekonnenEthiopian flag エチオピア2 hours 07 minutes 34 secondsNoriko Higuchi[Note 1]Japanese flag Japan-Wacoal2 hours 28 minutes 49 seconds
62012/2/26(English edition) Kenya2 hours 07 minutes 37 seconds(English edition)Ethiopian flag エチオピア2 hours 25 minutes 28 seconds
72013/2/24Dennis Kipruto Kenya2 hours 06 minutes 50 seconds(English edition)Ethiopian flag エチオピア2 hours 25 minutes 34 seconds
82014/2/23(English edition) Kenya2 hours 05 minutes 42 seconds(English edition)Ethiopian flag エチオピア2 hours 22 minutes 23 seconds
92015/2/22(English edition)Ethiopian flag エチオピア2 hours 06 minutes 00 seconds(English edition)Ethiopian flag エチオピア2 hours 23 minutes 15 seconds
102016/2/28(English edition)Ethiopian flag エチオピア2 hours 06 minutes 56 seconds[39](English edition) Kenya2 hours 21 minutes 27 seconds[39]
112017/2/26Wilson Kipsang Kipsang Kipsang Kenya2 hours 03 minutes 58 seconds[40](English edition) Kenya2 hours 19 minutes 47 seconds[41]
122018/2/25Dixon Dickson -2-  Kenya2 hours 5 minutes 30 seconds[42]Belhane Dibaba-2- Ethiopian flag エチオピア2 hours 19 minutes 50 seconds[43]
2019/3/3(English edition)Ethiopian flag エチオピア2 hours 04 minutes 48 seconds(English edition)Ethiopian flag エチオピア2 hours 20 minutes 40 seconds
142020/3/1(English edition)Ethiopian flag エチオピア2 hours 04 minutes 15 secondsRonner Chemtai SalpeterIsraeli flag イ ス ラ エ ル2 hours 17 minutes 45 seconds
Wheelchair marathon
DateMale athleteNationality / AffiliationRecordFemale playerNationality / AffiliationRecord
12007/2/18Masazumi SoejimaJapanese flag Japan-1 hours 32 minutes 21 secondsNo department setting
22008/2/17Masazumi Soejima -2-Japanese flag Japan・ Seeds athlete1 hours 27 minutes 15 secondsWakako TsuchidaJapanese flag Japan-Human trust1 hours 45 minutes 19 seconds
32009/3/22Masazumi Soejima -3-Japanese flag Japan・ Seeds athlete1 hours 33 minutes 11 secondsWakako Tsuchida -2-Japanese flag Japan-Sanofi Aventis1 hours 46 minutes 31 seconds
42010/2/28Hiroyuki YamamotoJapanese flag Japan1 hours 35 minutes 19 secondsWakako Tsuchida -3-Japanese flag Japan・ Sanofi Aventis1 hours 53 minutes 01 seconds
52011/2/27Masazumi Soejima -4-Japanese flag Japan・ Seeds athlete1 hours 25 minutes 38 secondsWakako Tsuchida -4-Japanese flag Japan・ Sanofi Aventis1 hours 40 minutes 08 seconds
62012/2/26Hiroyuki Yamamoto -2-Japanese flag Japan1 hours 29 minutes 26 seconds[44]Wakako Tsuchida -5-Japanese flag Japan・ Sanofi Aventis1 hours 48 minutes 31 seconds[45]
72013/2/24Masazumi Soejima -5-Japanese flag Japan・ Seeds athlete1 hours 27 minutes 53 secondsWakako Tsuchida -6-Japanese flag Japan・ Sanofi1 hours 48 minutes 29 seconds
82014/2/23Hiroyuki Yamamoto -3-Japanese flag Japan1 hours 30 minutes 43 secondsWakako Tsuchida -7-Japanese flag Japan・ Sanofi1 hours 48 minutes 8 seconds
92015/2/22Kota HokinoueJapanese flag Japan-Yahoo1 hours 30 minutes 23 secondsWakako Tsuchida -8-Japanese flag Japan-Yachiyo Industry1 hours 46 minutes 30 seconds
102016/2/28Couto FenleyAustralian flag Australia1 hours 26 minutes 00 seconds[46]Wakako Tsuchida -9-Japanese flag Japan・ Yachiyo Industry1 hours 41 minutes 04 seconds[46]
112017/2/26Japanese flag Japan-Letterpress printing1 hours 28 minutes 01 seconds[47]Amanda MagloryUnited States flag The United States of America1 hours 43 minutes 27 seconds[47]
122018/2/25Hiroyuki Yamamoto -4-Japanese flag Japan1 hours 26 minutes 23 seconds[48](English edition)Swiss flag スイス1 hours 43 minutes 25 seconds[48]
132019/3/3Marcel HugSwiss flag スイス1 hours 30 minutes 44 seconds(English edition)Swiss flag スイス1 hours 46 minutes 57 seconds
142020/3/1Japanese flag Japan-Toyota1 hours 21 minutes 52 seconds[49]Japanese flag Japan・ Tire Land Okinawa1 hours 40 minutes 00 seconds[50]

Related organizations

Tournament management

  • Tokyo Marathon Foundation
Fuji Television Network, Inc·Sankei ShimbunとYomiuri Shimbun・ Nippon Television is sponsored by the Tokyo International Marathon (every other year), and Tokyo Shimbun is sponsored by the Tokyo City Road Race, and it can be said that these have been taken over.
  • Tokyo Athletics Association
Management cooperation
  • Shimizu Oct
  • Metropolitan Police Department
    Approximately 5,000 people are assigned to provide security by regulating and blocking public roads for about 7 hours.In addition, a large number of guards and staff are stationed on the subway premises and pedestrian bridges to organize the audience.
    Japanese detention case by ISIL,Charlie Ebbed attack caseAs part of measures against terrorism caused by such a big incident, the organizer also announced that after the 2015 race, the organizer will adopt a security system with 64 running police and participants running alongside.It is sent to the headquarters in real time by the camera attached to the hat.
  • Sagawa Express
  • Hato bus
    Responsible for staff movement and accommodation of participants who were abstained or disqualified.
    Due to traffic restrictions on the day of the event,Regular sightseeing courseMany of them will be suspended, leaving a surplus for buses and crew.The bus side received a proposal from the executive committee side that took advantage of this, and became an official sponsor.[7].


Special sponsorship

  • Tokyo Metro(Premier partner. The company's commercial, which is normally broadcast only in the Kanto area, will also be broadcast in 47 prefectures during the marathon broadcast.)

Other sponsorship (except for some TV broadcasts)

Past sponsorship

Economic ripple effect

Experts estimate that the economic spillover effect of the second convention in 2008 amounted to 2 billion yen.[51]..It is also said that sales at restaurants along the course will increase from 1.5 times to twice the usual level.

Problems pointed out in the media

  • Due to the large-scale traffic regulation of up to 7 hours in the city center, along the railway lineCollege entrance exam,High school entrance examination, Taxi drivers, logistics delivery companies, etc., were concerned that there were some people who were affected.[52]..Also, around the regulated areahome deliverySome of the vendors have inconveniences in their lives, such as restricting the designation of delivery time during the day (unspecified or delayed understanding in advance).
  • Initially, on the date of the event,Ome marathonWas planned.Ome side who was worried about the decrease of participants will hold the date20072/4Moved up to[53].. In addition,2008Ome Marathon2/3It was planned to be held in, but it was canceled due to heavy snow.2009Is the third Sunday in February (2/15) Returned.
  • At the 2nd tournamententertainerAnd the relay stationNippon TV OfannouncerIt was pointed out and criticized that it became an event instead of a competition due to the participation of many people.Weekly Shincho[54] ,Weekly Hyundai[55],Daily Gendai[56] It is done by such.Several entertainers, celebrities, and announcers also participated in the subsequent competitions.In addition, although the 2013th tournament in 7 was attended by the press (including exclusive announcers), entertainers, cultural figures, etc. as charity runners, except for that, the participation by entertainers was small, and the announcers participated. I didn't.
  • In the second competition, we applied in the name of a family member or acquaintance, and there were cases where the winner and the runner who actually ran were different.In addition, resale acts and illegal races are occurring one after another, such as participating without permission with the number at the time of the first competition and listing the right to run in the auction.[57].


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