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🏀 | Pistons, Detroit Pistons, who lost the opening two consecutive games, mentioned the response and conflict "Now I'm experiencing the pain of birth ...


Detroit Pistons, HC, who lost the opening two games in a row, mentioned the response and conflict. "Now I'm experiencing the pain of birth ...

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However, Blake Griffin, a big black pillar who struggled with 44 points, 26 rebounds, 6 assists and 4 steals after playing for 3 minutes, the most in the team, said, "That's just an excuse."

Detroit Pistons played against the Cleveland Cavaliers on December 12th (26th Japan time) ... → Continue reading

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Pillar(Hashira) is the material垂直Stand upBuildingThe support of.

The pillars will be the building components of the building,Telephone pole,PillarFor example, it may be a structure itself (not a building because it has no internal space).

Pillar of building

The material is ancientwood,Stone,bambooMaterials are used,The early modern periodLaterSteel,concrete,Reinforced concreteThe one made also appeared.

The name varies depending on the use, place, and role.TokonomaDecorative pillars used forFloor pillar, What supports the gateGatepost, The pillars that support the fenceHolding pillar,Also,Large wallThe真 壁To pretend toStanchionEach is named. The thick pillar that becomes the center of the houseDaikoku Pillar/Great Polar PillarIt is called (daikokubashira).

Physics(Structural mechanics), an elongated linear bar that resists axial compressive loads.[1] Is called a pillar,Beam((A bar that resists a load that acts in a direction orthogonal to the).

Religious meaning


"Japanese calligraphy』Suiko 28 (620) October articleEmperor KinmeiKenshiohimeBuriedOld tombIt is said that the temple was restored and pillars were built for each clan, and there is a view that there was a "pillar" ritual during the Kofun period.[2].

When constructing Miyagi, it is important that the central point connecting with heaven (God) is important for the monarch to rule the worldTai ChiBuilt[3]. Typical of those built after that time,Heian ShrineOutside hallThere is[3]. Tai Chi(Center point) is the root of all things,陰陽It is thought that it will be connected to the root of theTai poleWill be called[4]. Depending on the region,PowerhouseFrom worshiping the god ofmainstayHowever, it is not the case that a thick pillar is generally called a Daikoku pillar.[3].

Ise ShrineSeen in the main hallPillar of the heart(Shin-no-Mirahashi), Japanese godRelianceGod haunts to do (more)Kamikaze (Himorogi)[5].


"Pillar" is used to count God or BuddhaClassifierBut also[2][6]. There is a theory that the reason is derived from the "pillar" rituals of the Kofun period.[2]. There is also a theory that it was likened to the pillars standing in a house. The culture of counting gods is not common in monotheism or polytheism[2]. "Pillar" as a classifier is "Record of Ancient Matters, But it is not used as a classifier in the Nihon Shoki,Enki ceremony], the classifier "Za" is used[2]. In the past, it was also used when enumerating noble people.[7].

Figurative expression

Plays the same role as a pillar in a building in society or organizationexample(metaphor) Is also often used. EspeciallymainstayIs called the owner of a family.

Utility pole

For public useTelephone pole, Lighting columns, signal columns, etc. may be grouped as utility poles[8].


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